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【Yorkie Teddy Bear Face 】2 months old Yorkshire Terrier looks like a teddy bear | Yorkie PRINCESS – The Dog Lovers

That is when our Yorkie ‘Princess’ was a 2 months outdated pet.
Sep 1, 2019
ヨークシャーテリア 2ヶ月
ヨークシャーテリア ‘プリンセス’ が仔犬の時

【about our Yorkshire Terrier】
Identify: Princess
DOB: June 7, 2019
Gender: Feminine
Delivery Place: Georgia (U.S. state)
Persona: Delicate, playful, energetic, pleasant, likes to be with individuals, does not prefer to be alone.
Favourite exercise: Enjoying with different canine at canine daycare.

生年月日:6月7日 2019年
出生地:ジョージア州 (アメリカ)

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When our Yorkie was a pet/ウチのヨーキー’プリンセス‘が子犬の時の様子


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