Yorkshire Terrier

🐶 Yorkshire Terrier Needs Double Knee Surgery ASAP! | FULL EPISODE | S03E18 | Vet On The Hill – The Dog Lovers

This poor canine has been masking immense ache inside two of their legs and be operated on.
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  1. Ahh! Those ferrets are absolutely adorable! I wonder if the girls were named Hermione, Luna, and Ginny! I would've loved to see more of those adorable ferrets such cuties!!! 🥰

  2. I love Scott. You are the light in my Day. I love to see the Love you have for the Animals and the people who care for these precious Beautiful Animals!!!! This in my favorite show in the World!!! The best show I have ever seen. You make me want to a better Person. You are a Beautiful Soul. I wish our World had many more Amazing People like you. You are Absolutely Brilliant!!!!! Absolutely Brilliant!! Your wife and Children are Absolutely Brilliant as well. Beautiful family. Thank you for doing this show and showing us how Awesome you are.

  3. YouAre the best! Coolest show anywhere on the Internet TV I don’t care just lovely and well put together I love the hole. I love the whole combination of all the different stories because your good day today

  4. I got tears of happiness for Megan and her Husband because our 14 year old Yorkie is about to go through the exact same thing and I hope for the same outcome they have had with Oliver.

  5. my parents had a yorkie that needed knee surgery on both knees… twice. he kept leaping off a bed that was far too tall for him. yeah… he wasn't the smartest dog

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