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Kirk the Border Collie is unable to include herself as she watches her personal successful run from the 2017 Small Canine Agility competitors on the 2017 Unimaginable Canine Problem Western Regionals along with her handler, Channan Fosty. Whereas fixated on the video for the 32 seconds of her run, Kirk jumps up and down over 3 dozen instances—greater than as soon as a second. Her enthusiasm is contagious and with every leap, I discovered her extra endearing.

It’s a pleasure to see her clear run on the agility course however equally enjoyable to watch her watching that run. Seeing two distinct moments within the lifetime of this canine is a reminder of the context-dependent nature of conduct. Whereas watching her personal run, she is bouncy, excitable and verging on being uncontrolled. It’s laborious to say whether or not she merely finds the sight of a canine on an agility course stimulating, or whether or not she acknowledges both Fosty or herself on movie. It appears extra seemingly that she would acknowledge her handler than herself as she hardly ever, if ever, sees herself.

Regardless of her excessive power and velocity whereas competing, she doesn’t appear wild and loopy in any means. Although she fees at and assaults every impediment, she is totally in management emotionally, which is what I discover most placing in regards to the video. It’s particularly straightforward to see the calmness of her focus in gradual movement. Although she is amped up for the competitors, all of her power is channeled in the direction of every impediment and to hitting her contacts. She is a real consultant instance of a canine who wants a job and is healthier off for having one.

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