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  1. I have one it has the same birth date as me 09/20/2009 I love how when he sees me after 2 or 3 weeks he just comes to the door leaps into my arms and licks me tbh these dogs are caring adorable and loving it's the best choice for a dog

  2. I had mine for 18 years dog years. He bonded with me we were close. He was delightful fun.smart always wanted me around him he slept on my chest just before he passed away. They get lonely ,they love to play he had a red train he chased and a red fire engine POUNDS of stuffed animals. He like to toss the train off its track the fire engine he barked at it constantly. His stuffed animals his Barney was his favorite. l.would put hats on him and take his picture he loved attention. When I would get on the floor (before My ms) looking for something l lost he got right into it with me. He cried once when he was naughty l only barely touched him with the fly sweater on his behind l through that thing away far away l felt so bad never heard him cry but only when he had some surgery and he was brought home
    scared to give him pain meds afraid l might give him too much so l held.him and he stopped crying and fell asleep he was my baby. Joey was the cutest puppy teddy bear face was ADORABLE. l miss him so much
    Christmas time he loved the lights pulling bulbs off the tree trying to get the cat we had to come down out of the tree, that was funny. Rest in peace Joey love and kisses from mama.

  3. Hahaha my yorkie when I'm going to work she running to her little house . I love my puppy she is so fun we play football inside the house…..😂😂😂😂😂😂.💖🐕💖💖🐕💖🐕

  4. i have mine for 6 years.. yes he really follows us from room to room, he has no fear to unkown threats most of the times, he licks everything,and he barks when we talk in the house..it's really annoying..but this is how it is,but we love him a lot

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