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Prime 10 attention-grabbing information in regards to the Biewer Terrier, a sublime, playful and devoted canine breed.

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Brief Biewer Terrier description:
The Biewer Terrier is tricolored canine in white, black and tan coloration mixture. They should have all white legs, white tip of the tail, white chest and stomach.

Aside from the colour, Biewer Terrier has the identical look as Yorkies and the scale is analogous as effectively. Usually, their peak is between 7-11 inch, which is 17-28 cm and weight is often between 4-8 kilos, which is 2-4 kg.

Biewer Terrier information VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:31 Piebald Yorkie
1:00 Purebred breed
1:41 Recognition
2:13 Colour
2:26 Persona
3:00 Coaching
3:29 Dimension
3:44 Hypoallergenic
4:05 Upkeep
4:42 Well being

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Proprietor: Dovilė Pasnovaitė
Land of Standing: Lithuania)


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  1. Great video. My Biewer, Mikey (Prince Michael) is a little over one year old and is the first one of this breed I have owned. He is a real character. He loves chasing his small tennis balls and all of hi stuffed toys.

  2. My Biewer, Rudy, is 9 years old. He is the most wonderful companion. ….I just love him. I couldn’t have asked for a better pup in every way. And at 9, he still looks like a little puppy.❤️

  3. I'm looking for a trusted breeder for them. IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE AKC, CKC, OR ANNY C'S register cuz it's soo expensive. Preferably a toy breed but if not I really dont mind.., PLEASE. Ive been looking for a trusted breeder for the past 2 yesrs.

  4. I have a soon to be 10 year old Biewer Yorkie. Her name is Genny, she is so bright and aware, I love her to pieces. She and my Bichon Frise who will be 12 this year play all the time and sleep together, BFF’s for sure.

  5. We have an eight month old female Biewer. She's wonderful! Personality more like a big dog than a toy. She loves kids, and loves to play. She does have the terrier stubbornness, but is bright, and picks up training if we're patient and consistent. Great video.

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