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This weekend I’ll be the keynote speaker on the fifth Worldwide Symposium on Non-Surgical Contraceptive Strategies of Pet Inhabitants Management. The convention title is a little bit of a mouthful, however the primary thought is that this: Can scientists develop a drug that can completely sterilize canines and cats? Or, put much more merely, can we make “the tablet” for pets?

Now lots of it’s possible you’ll be asking, “Don’t we have already got contraception for our companion animals?” Effectively, sure. Spay/neuter has been round for many years. Nevertheless it’s not an ideal answer. For one, it’s costly. Meaning not everybody can afford to sterilize their pet, even at a low-cost clinic. For an additional, it’s time consuming. That’s been an enormous downside for non-profits attempting to sort out America’s feral cat downside. With tens of thousands and thousands of those felines on the streets, volunteers can’t catch and sterilize them rapidly sufficient to maintain up with their numbers. And should you suppose issues within the U.S. are dangerous, take into account China and India, that are house to tens thousands and thousands of stray canines that chew and unfold rabies, but these international locations lack the sources to implement even meager spay/neuter packages. Because of all of those limitations, thousands and thousands of cats and canines are euthanized in U.S. shelters yearly, and thousands and thousands extra are shot and poisoned across the globe. If scientists may develop an injection or tablet that will work in addition to spay/neuter surgical procedure, we would have a shot at eliminating the world’s homeless pet downside.

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Enter the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Canines (ACC&D). Based in 2000, the Portland, Oregon-based non-profit has been working with scientists and animal welfare advocates to create a non-surgical sterilant for pets. In late 2009, the mission bought an enormous enhance from a U.S. billionaire named Gary Michelson, who introduced $75 million in grants and prize cash for the event of such a product. The announcement spurred dozens of analysis groups to start brainstorming an answer. Some have proposed medication that will kill the cells that produce sperm and eggs, treating them, primarily, like most cancers. Others hope to go after the mind, shutting down pathways concerned in fertility and replica. I coated these efforts in my award-winning 2009 article in Science, A Remedy for Euthanasia?

ACC&D is behind subsequent week’s symposium. Will probably be giving an replace on these efforts and describing some new approaches to the issue of pet overpopulation. I’ll be speaking in regards to the matter of my e-book and what feral cats educate us in regards to the altering standing of pets in society. I hope you’ll take a look at the necessary work this group is doing!


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