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Yogurt is a very well-liked meals that’s accessible in quite a lot of varieties and flavors. Folks take pleasure in plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, soy yogurt, and even frozen yogurt, however what about your mèo? Can cats eat yogurt? Is it a sensible choice for a snack or a deal with in your feline good friend? Or is it greatest averted? Effectively, the reply isn’t simple.

Fast Overview: Can Cats Eat Yogurt?

On the one hand, a small quantity of plain, low-fat yogurt shouldn’t do your furry household thành viên any hurt. Nevertheless, cats are lactose illiberal, which means that every one dairy merchandise could cause an upset abdomen, vomiting, or diarrhea. Due to this fact, you must solely give your mèo yogurt often and in small quantities.

Yogurt Dietary Stats

The dietary make-up of yogurt will range between manufacturers, after all. Nevertheless, the data within the desk beneath ought to give an thought of the dietary nội dung of 30ml of low-fat, plain yogurt.

Energy (kcal) 19.3
Protein (g) 1.60
Fats (g) 0.48
Carbohydrate (g) 2.16
Fiber (g) 0
Sugar (g) 2.16
Sodium (mg) 21.44
Calcium (mg) 56.04
Phosphorous (mg) 44.10
Zinc (mg) 0.27
Potassium (mg) 71.66
Magnesium (mg) 5.21

Yogurt Dietary Info For Cats

As you’ll be able to see from the desk of dietary stats, yogurt is a wonderful supply of calcium and phosphorus, which maintain your furry feline’s bones and tooth wholesome. It’s additionally excessive in vitamin A and retinol, which have important features of their immune system and imaginative and prescient. And, so long as you select a low-fat model, the fats nội dung gained’t cancel out all these advantages!

The primary dietary draw back to yogurt is its sodium nội dung, as your mèo mustn’t devour an excessive amount of salt or sodium. An excessive amount of sodium can adversely have an effect on blood strain, and hypertension means the next threat of coronary heart issues.

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Advantages Of Yogurt For Cats

Apart from the dietary advantages listed above, plain yogurt will also be useful for giving treatment to your mèo. When you’ve got a feisty feline or one which simply gained’t take tablets, you would use a small quantity of low-fat, plain yogurt to disguise it.

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Take care with long-term treatment, although, as an excessive amount of yogurt may upset your mèo’s tummy, resulting in vomiting or diarrhea. It may additionally trigger them to achieve weight, so when you’ve acquired a pudgy puss, you may need to select a more healthy snack!

How A lot Yogurt Can A Mèo Eat?

How Much Yogurt Can A Cat Eat

A superb rule of thumb, in case your mèo has by no means tried yogurt earlier than, is to offer a small quantity, the scale of your little fingernail, first. and monitor for any potential signs.

Cats shouldn’t have an excessive amount of yogurt as a result of they’re lactose illiberal. Which means they lack the enzyme lactase, which breaks down the sugar present in dairy merchandise. Each mèo is totally different, so some could deal with a bigger quantity, whereas others may get signs lượt thích vomiting or diarrhea after even the tiniest quantity.

A superb rule of thumb, in case your mèo has by no means tried yogurt earlier than, is to offer a small quantity, the scale of your little fingernail, first. In case your mèo doesn’t get any signs, you’ll be able to strive a barely bigger quantity subsequent time.

Nevertheless, a teaspoonful of plain, low-fat yogurt is greater than sufficient to offer a mèo at anyone time. Keep in mind, though we’d take pleasure in cherry yogurt, blueberry yogurt, peach yogurt, or some other taste, your mèo ought to solely have plain yogurt.

How Typically Can A Mèo Eat Yogurt?

As a pet father or mother, you’ll most likely have regarded into which mèo meals is greatest to feed your furry good friend. Good-quality, nutritionally full mèo meals will comprise all of the vitamins your mèo wants in the correct portions and steadiness.

Should you feed your mèo too many little extras, you don’t simply threat them gaining weight; you may also threat upsetting the finely tuned steadiness of their weight-reduction plan. So, when you’re questioning how typically you must give your mèo yogurt, round as soon as per week or much less could be affordable.

Is Yogurt Used In Business Mèo Meals?

Though it’s not utilized in industrial mèo meals, sure mèo treats comprise yogurt. In case your mèo’s common treats have yogurt, you don’t want to fret – they’re unlikely to trigger any drawback. Nevertheless, please don’t give them too typically, as treats shouldn’t make up greater than ten % of your mèo’s day by day calorie consumption.

The Dangers Of Consuming Yogurt For Cats

The Risks Of Eating Yogurt For Cats

It’s greatest to offer your mèo yogurt by itself, relatively than as a part of a pre-made meal or dessert, so that you simply’re certain there are not any additional components that would hurt your mèo.

There are just a few dangers with feeding your mèo yogurt, and other than the danger of an upset tummy from dairy intolerance, most may be averted. Firstly, to keep away from by chance giving your mèo a poisonous ingredient, you must select plain, unflavored yogurt varieties.

It might sound boring, however your mèo ought to have plain yogurt relatively than vanilla yogurt, strawberry yogurt, or different flavored varieties. You must also kiểm tra the components to make sure they don’t comprise any sweeteners, together with xylitol, which can be toxic.

It’s greatest to offer your mèo yogurt by itself, relatively than as a part of a pre-made meal or dessert, so that you simply’re certain there are not any additional components that would hurt your mèo. Selecting a low-fat possibility can be smart as a result of meals which might be excessive in fats may trigger your kitty to get pancreatitis.

Do Cats Lượt thích The Style Of Yogurt?

Many cats love the style of yogurt, which appears a bit unlucky contemplating they’re lactose illiberal. You may really feel a bit imply proscribing the quantity and kind of yogurt they’ve, but it surely’s of their greatest curiosity.

In spite of everything, an excessive amount of yogurt may trigger them vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, or fuel, in addition to inflicting them to pile on the kilos. On the plus facet, the truth that cats are inclined to benefit from the style signifies that yogurt may be the right resolution for a mèo that doesn’t need to take their treatment!


Though cats are lactose illiberal, they’ll usually eat small quantities of plain, low-fat yogurt with none unwell results. Nevertheless, it’s greatest to not give them an excessive amount of, regardless of how a lot they lượt thích it, as a result of it’d upset their tummy.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

How a lot yogurt can I feed my mèo?

It’s normally okay to feed your mèo a small quantity of plain yogurt as an occasional deal with. Nevertheless, it’s essential to not give it too typically. In a super world, you shouldn’t give your mèo greater than a teaspoon of yogurt per week.

Why does my mèo love yogurt?

Wouldn’t or not it’s nice if cats may inform us what they’re pondering and why they lượt thích sure issues and never others? Sadly, the reality is nobody can actually know why some cats love yogurt, milk, and different dairy merchandise.

What occurs if a mèo licks yogurt?

If a mèo licks plain, low-fat yogurt, it shouldn’t trigger any issues. It’s price preserving it out of attain sooner or later, although, so that they don’t commonly assist themselves. If the yogurt comprises sweeteners lượt thích xylitol, is excessive in fats, or is flavored, it may make your mèo unwell. Due to this fact, you must converse to a veterinarian as quickly as doable.

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