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Capstar is a tên thương hiệu for an over-the-counter oral grownup flea insecticide known as nitenpyram, made by the corporate Elanco. On this article, you’ll study what Capstar does for cats, the way it works, potential unwanted effects, dosing info, and a few steadily requested questions.

Medicine Kind:

Oral neonicotinoid insecticide

Prescription Required?:


Life Stage:

Cats and kittens 4 weeks of age and older (and weighing 2lb or extra)

Out there Dosages:

Oral tablets in 11.4mg and 57mg.

Expiration Vary:

Must be saved at room temperature. Shelf life is reported to be 3 years if saved under 25 levels C (76 levels F)

About Capstar For Cats

Capstar is a tên thương hiệu for the lively ingredient nitenpyram, which is an oral insecticide treatment that targets solely grownup fleas. 

Nitenpyram is within the class of neonicotinoid pesticides. When the treatment enters a flea’s circulation after it bites a handled cát, the drug binds to receptors within the flea known as nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. 

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter answerable for many capabilities together with muscle motion and central nervous systemic operate. When nitenpyram blocks acetylcholine’s operate, this results in paralysis and demise of the flea. 

What Does Capstar Do For Cats?

applying flea treatment to cat

Capstar type of will get the ball rolling on treating a cát for fleas, but it surely solely kills grownup fleas and has no impact on flea eggs or larvae. Nonetheless, it’s thought of very protected to make use of and begins working inside half-hour. Reportedly, it has a 99% kill price for grownup fleas inside 3 to six hours of being given.

Capstar is most frequently used as a fast-acting approach of killing grownup fleas on a kitty to supply some rapid reduction from their biting, forestall adults from leaping over to different pets, and cease egg-laying and perpetuation of the flea life cycle. 

Virtually, a single dose of Capstar is usually utilized in a veterinary workplace if fleas are seen on a cát, so that each one the grownup fleas may be killed and the chance of any leaping to different sufferers within the hospital is lowered, conserving any potential unfold of fleas in a clinic or hospital remoted. 

Capstar additionally makes it simpler to wash and clear a cát with a foul flea infestation, when the entire grownup fleas are useless.

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Capstar is simply efficient for about 24 hours, making it not the only option for eliminating a full flea infestation, as a result of it is vitally short-acting and has no impact on eggs or larvae.

If Capstar alone was used to deal with for fleas, all of the eggs laid and larvae that exist on a cát or within the home page setting would grow to be adults days or a pair weeks later. When flea eggs or larvae are usually not being handled, it typically takes for much longer to rid a cát and the home page setting of fleas.

Aspect Results Of Capstar For Cats

cat lying on the floor

Regardless of being a really protected drug, some opposed results have been reported, together with hyperactivity, panting, lethargy, itching, vocalizing, vomiting and decreased urge for food.

Capstar tablets are labeled to be used in cats and kittens weighing 2lb or extra and older than 4 weeks of age.  

Capstar is taken into account to be a very protected drug to make use of. Reportedly, nitenpyram is 3500 occasions extra selective for the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in bugs in comparison with vertebrates lượt thích cats, canine, and people, making it not possible to exert any of its results on a number kitty.

Capstar has additionally been studied utilizing 10 occasions the labeled dosage for 30 days with out opposed results being seen. 

All the identical, opposed results have been reported, together with hyperactivity, panting, lethargy, itching, vocalizing, vomiting, decreased urge for food, hypersalivation (drooling), incoordination, seizures, dilated pupils, elevated coronary heart price, and trembling. 

It’s thought that no less than a few of these indicators could also be extra related to the die-off strategy of affected fleas vs. being secondary to the treatment itself. As a result of Capstar kills fleas shortly and has a brief, 24 hour vary of efficacy, the unwanted effects are normally self-limiting and resolve with none remedy. 

Extra severe unwanted effects had been extra generally seen in cats weighing lower than 2 kilos, and people who are skinny or emaciated. Though labeled for cats older than 4 weeks of age, Capstar ought to nonetheless be used cautiously in cats lower than 8 weeks outdated

Nitenpyram has additionally been thought of one of many most secure flea medicines to make use of for breeding, pregnant, and lactating animals. Whereas start defects and neonatal loss have not often been reported, the chance is significantly decrease in contrast to make use of of different flea medicines. 

Capstar for cats is protected to make use of with different flea remedy/preventative medicines, and actually concurrent use is widespread given Capstar’s restricted vary and length of impact. For instance, it’s common to provide a cát a dose of Capstar to supply a fast kill of grownup fleas, adopted by use of a topical treatment that may final for no less than 30 days, lượt thích Revolution, Benefit II, or Frontline. 

Capstar For Cats Dosage

cat receiving a flea treatment

In cats which might be troublesome to manage a pill to, Capstar may be crushed or dissolved in a really small quantity of water and given orally by syringe.

In line with the producer, cats weighing 2-25 kilos of toàn thân weight ought to get one of many 11.4mg tablets as soon as by mouth. It’s protected to repeat this dosage as typically as each 24 hours, and could also be given with or with out meals. 

Anecdotally, in cats which might be troublesome to manage a pill to, Capstar may be crushed or dissolved in a really small quantity of water and given orally by syringe. 

When Capstar is the only real methodology of flea remedy (which as talked about is much less efficient than different strategies), protocols could vary from giving it as soon as per day to as soon as per week to regulate the presence and re-emergence of grownup fleas as eggs hatch and larvae mature.


Capstar for cats is a superb, protected treatment to make use of as a part of a flea remedy program for cats. Nonetheless, its quick length of impact and restricted potential to solely kill grownup fleas makes it a much less very best selection as a sole technique of treating fleas. 

Incessantly Requested Questions

How Lengthy Does Capstar for Cats Final?

Capstar solely lasts for about 24 hours after it’s given. Nonetheless, as per the label, it may be redosed each 24 hours if wanted. 

Do Vets Suggest Capstar for Cats?

Veterinarians do typically make the most of and advocate Capstar for cats, however it is very important perceive its use and limitations. It may be very protected to make use of for very younger kittens so long as they’re no less than 4 weeks outdated and 2lb in weight. It can be helpful to make use of for pregnant or lactating queens. 

Because it begins working in half-hour, we regularly use it as a “fast kill” methodology when a cát within the vet workplace is discovered to have fleas, as a approach of killing the adults and limiting the chance of a flea outbreak within the hospital. It is usually a great way of getting the ball rolling so to talk on treating fleas by shortly killing off all grownup fleas in only a couple hours.

Nonetheless, it isn’t nice to make use of by itself to regulate a flea infestation within the home page. Utilizing a product lượt thích Revolution, Frontline, Benefit II, or different accredited flea remedy/preventatives for cats that work for no less than 30 days are extra profitable at addressing infestations as a result of they work longer and goal different components of the flea life cycle. 

Does Capstar Kill Fleas or Simply Make Them Bounce Off?

Capstar positively kills fleas, however it is very important keep in mind that fleas do need to chew and eat a blood meal to get the treatment into their system. Since that is principally all that fleas do, they nonetheless die in a short time from Capstar, however Capstar doesn’t present any “kill on tương tác” or repellency. 

How Usually Can You Give a Cát Capstar?

Per the producer, Capstar may be given each 24 hours if wanted. Cats given 10 occasions the prescribed dosage for 30 days in trials confirmed no opposed results. Nitenpyram has about 3500 occasions extra selectivity for bugs and ranges are usually not thought to build up over time within the toàn thân, making it a usually protected treatment to make use of.

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