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Carrying Bags of Poop Makes People Friendly – The Dog Lovers

Just lately, I observed that the folks I see when I’m operating or strolling with a canine are listening to one thing surprising. They REALLY discover whether or not I’m carrying a bag of poop or not. When the canine has but to make a deposit, my luggage are tucked out of sight in a pocket or elsewhere, however as soon as I’ve had the enjoyment of cleansing up after a canine, I’ve my shiny blue newspaper bag in hand. With out the bag, folks smile somewhat or nod, or say a short “Whats up.”


But as soon as I’ve a full bag in hand, the friendliness of individuals reaches a brand new stage. I’m greeted heartily with cries of “Good morning!” “Lovely day, isn’t it?” and “What a stunning canine!” Plainly carrying a bag of poop tells folks what a great particular person I’m, or at the very least a stable citizen and a great neighbor. It’s very attention-grabbing that I can see such an enormous distinction within the conduct of strangers primarily based on whether or not or not they’ll confirm that I’m a picker-upper or a leaver-behinder.


This means to me that as a group, folks with canine aren’t perceived as being dependable about cleansing up after their canine. And it’s little marvel. I do know that in my neighborhood, virtually all people cleans up after their very own canine, however there may be nonetheless quite a lot of poop left mendacity round. A couple of slackers actually do spoil it for the remainder of us, which is probably why when you may have proof that you simply’re one of many good guys, folks reply so positively.

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Have you ever observed a rise in friendliness when you’re carrying a full poop bag?

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