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French writer Francois de la Rochefoucauld stated that “to eat is a necessity, however to eat intelligently is an artwork.”

Feeding a cát appears easy sufficient at first look. You purchase a bag of meals with an image of a cát on it, dump it in a bowl, and wait on your cát to eat when he’s hungry. It’s an method that may work, nevertheless it doesn’t all the time deliver out the very best in your kitten or cát.

Feeding your cát effectively—very well—includes somewhat extra thought.

On this cát feeding information, you’ll discover ways to nourish your cát from kittenhood by means of his senior years. You’ll learn how a lot to feed your cát at completely different life levels, what number of meals he’ll want per day, and which forms of meals are greatest.

We’ve damaged down your cát’s dietary wants by age group, providing you with a roadmap for good diet at each stage of life.

Your Cát’s Dietary Wants Evolve Over Time.

As your cát strikes by means of kittenhood, early maturity, and past, his dietary wants will change. Assembly these necessities at each part of life units the stage for good well being.

Your first cease when choosing the proper meals on your cát? The dietary adequacy assertion.

Normally positioned on the again of the bag or can, this assertion signifies whether or not or not the meals is nutritionally full and balanced for its meant life stage. The label will learn, for instance, “…formulated to fulfill the dietary ranges established by the AAFCO cát meals nutrient profiles for all life levels”.

Meals that aren’t nutritionally full and balanced will normally be labeled “for supplemental feeding solely”. These meals don’t comprise the suitable steadiness of macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (nutritional vitamins and minerals) and shouldn’t be your cát’s sole supply of diet.

When you’re wanting on the label, kiểm tra out the feeding directions as effectively. For the common home cát, the suitable feeding directions are normally already positioned on the packaging of the cát meals.

The dietary tips on the package deal will level you in the fitting path, although you could have to make some modifications to suit your cát’s actual wants.

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Right here’s a information on the way to feed your cát throughout the completely different phases of his life.

#1 New child Kitten, Age: 0-4 weeks

0-4 weeks old kitten

Throughout this stage, most kittens depend on their mom’s milk as their solely supply of diet. If their mom is current, you gained’t have to feed kittens in any respect—they’ll know the way to feed themselves! That stated, if you happen to’ve rescued an orphaned kitten, you’ll have to bottle feed him. Kittens require a kitten milk replacer, which replicates the diet present in mom cát’s milk. Don’t feed a kitten cow’s milk—it doesn’t have the fitting dietary steadiness to nourish a new child kitten.

How A lot Ought to You Feed Your New child Kitten?

In case your kitten’s mom is offered to nurse, he’ll nurse freely. In case you’re bottle-feeding, observe the directions in your package deal of kitten milk replacer. Normally, you’ll feed about 2 tablespoons of liquid kitten method per 4 ounces of toàn thân weight.

How Usually Ought to You Feed Your New child Kitten?

New child kittens feed regularly, latching on to nurse as soon as each 1-2 hours. Mimic this feeding schedule when bottle feeding, steadily decreasing the feeding frequency to 4-6 feedings per day by the point your kitten reaches three weeks of age.

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#2 4-8 Weeks Outdated Kitten

4-8 weeks old kitten

Kittens normally start the weaning course of round their 4th week. Throughout this time, they’ll begin steadily shifting from milk or method onto a strong meals food plan, which delivers the protein, fatty acids, and vitamins that gas their early improvement.

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At 4 to 4.5 weeks of age, bottle feeders might begin slowly transitioning their kitten to a food plan of watered-down kitten meals. Begin by changing a few of his common meals with a unfastened slurry of moist kitten meals and kitten method in a bottle, then steadily beginning feeding your kitten from a bowl.

Kitten Lady has an excellent video on transitioning your kitten from kitten formula to solid food. 

How A lot Ought to You Feed Your 4-8-week-old Kitten?

At this stage, your kitten is rising quickly and wishes about 3 instances as many energy per pound as an grownup. Your kitten might have 60 energy per pound of body weight.

How Usually Ought to You Feed Your 4-8-week-old Kitten?

Whereas your new child kitten ate each 1 to 4 hours, kittens over 4 weeks might go 6 to eight hours between meals. Frequent meals are nonetheless important to accommodate your kitten’s small abdomen and excessive vitality calls for.

#3 8-16 Weeks Outdated Kitten

8-16 weeks old kitten

At this thrilling stage of improvement, your kitten’s character is creating and his predatory nature is turning into ever extra obvious. By 8-10 weeks of age, he’s absolutely weaned and needs to be consuming a meat-based kitten meals that delivers loads of protein, animal-derived fatty acids for mind and eye improvement, and the fitting ranges of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

How A lot Ought to You Feed Your 8-16-week-old Kitten?

Throughout this part, your kitten is creating quickly and requires loads of energy to tư vấn that development. Rising kittens might have 250-280 energy per day, with bigger breeds lượt thích Maine Coons and Ragdolls requiring as many as 360 energy every day.

How Usually Ought to You Feed Your 8-16-Week-Outdated Kitten?

5 meals per day are preferrred, however kittens over 8 weeks can also miễn phí feed on dry meals. Watch out with free-feeding. Whereas your kitten needs to be gaining weight at this stage, an excessive amount of dry meals can result in extra weight achieve.

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#4 4-6 Months Outdated Kitten

4-6 month old kitten

Throughout this stage, your kitten will begin to settle into his dietary routine. That’s why it’s very important to be sure you’re establishing good habits for maturity. Feeding a various food plan can maintain your kitten from turning into finicky and maintain him mentally stimulated. Be aware, additionally, that kittens who eat a dry food plan at this stage will probably get hooked on the crunch and will not wish to eat moist meals later in life.

Moist or canned meals is normally wealthy in species-appropriate animal-based protein, is decrease in carbohydrates, and has a better moisture nội dung (70-80%) than that of dry meals (6-10%).

How A lot Ought to You Feed Your 4-6-Month-Outdated Kitten?

At this stage, kittens nonetheless want about twice as many energy per pound than grownup cats. Discuss with the feeding tips in your kitten’s meals to find out how a lot to present him per pound of body weight.

Kittens on this age group want round 60-65 energy per pound of toàn thân weight per day. For instance, a 5-pound kitten ought to devour about 325 energy per day.

How Usually Ought to You Feed Your 4-6-Month-Outdated Kitten?

Whereas a 4-week-old kitten will want about 5 small meals per day, you’ll be able to cut back his every day feedings to 2-3 every day meals by the point he’s 6 months outdated. You can even give your kitten treats all through the day, however energy from treats shouldn’t exceed 5-10% of whole every day caloric consumption.

#5 6 Months-Grownup Cats

6+ months old cat

Whereas older kittens nonetheless want loads of energy to gas their development, their metabolism will begin to steadily decelerate and their dietary wants will begin to look extra lượt thích these of an grownup.

Across the time of your kitten’s first birthday, he can begin the transition from kitten meals to an grownup food plan. Be aware, nevertheless, that larger-breed cats might proceed to develop till they’re 3-4 years outdated and will proceed to eat a growth-oriented food plan.

How A lot Ought to You Feed Your Grownup Cát?

As your kitten’s metabolism begins to decelerate and he reaches maturity, you may discover him begin to placed on extra weight. Weight problems is a standard concern amongst grownup cats and, when not corrected early on, might result in problems later in life. Common train and a well-controlled food plan will assist to forestall weight problems and maintain your cát in fine condition.

Whether or not you feed your cát home made cát meals or the very best industrial cát meals, it’s crucial to feed him the correct amount per day. However there’s no single quantity of meals that each cát ought to eat every day.

Calorie wants range from cát to cát, with many elements coming into play. When deciding how a lot to feed your cát, you’ll have to contemplate his breed, age, reproductive standing, underlying well being situations, and extra. Usually, nevertheless, the really helpful every day caloric consumption is about 20 energy per pound of body weight.

Click here for a calculator that helps you determine what number of energy your cát wants per day.

How Usually Ought to You Feed Your Grownup Cát?

After your cát reaches six months of age, you could feed him 2-3 meals per day.

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#6 Senior Years

senior cat

In comparison with younger and middle-aged adults, senior cats have distinctive dietary wants. They usually exhibit a lowered means to metabolize protein and due to this fact are likely to lose muscle mass.

They require extra digestible protein to tư vấn lean muscle mass and keep wholesome. Cats at this age can also develop arthritis and different inflammatory situations, making omega-3 fatty acids a very helpful addition to the senior’s food plan.

Since they may have problem consuming due to dental issues, moist or moist meals is best for senior cats.

How A lot Ought to You Feed Your Senior Cát?

Senior and aged cats require extra energy per pound of body weight. In case your senior seems to be shedding muscle mass, contemplate growing his calorie consumption to 30-40 energy per pound. The vast majority of these energy ought to come from animal-based protein, which helps to forestall sarcopenia (lack of muscle because of getting older).

How Usually Ought to You Feed Your Senior Cát?

Proceed to feed your senior cát 2-3 meals per day.

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Cát Feeding Chart

Age Approximate Weight Quantity to Feed Schedule
0-1 week 50-150 grams / 1.7 – 5.2 ounces 2-6 ml kitten method Each 1 to 2 hours
1-2 weeks 150-250 grams / 5.2 – 8.8 ounces 6-10 ml kitten method Each 1 to 2 hours
2-3 weeks 250-350- grams / 8.8 – 12.4 ounces 10-14 ml kitten method Each 2 to three hours
3-4 weeks 350-450 grams / 12.4 – 15.9 ounces 14-18 ml kitten method Each 3 to 4 hours
4-5 weeks 450-550 grams / 15.9 ounces – 1.1 kilos Beginning the weaning course of, provide 18-22 ml kitten method; steadily change to a mix of kitten method / moist kitten meals Each 4 to six hours
5-8 weeks 550-850 grams / 1.1 – 1.5 kilos Weaning: Supply a vast quantity of moist kitten meals Each 6 hours
8-9 weeks 1.5 – 2.6 kilos 250-360 energy per day Each 6 to eight hours
9-10 weeks 1.6 – 2.9 kilos 250-360 energy per day Each 6 to eight hours
10-11 weeks 1.8 – 3.1 kilos 250-360 energy per day Each 6 to eight hours
11-12 weeks 2 – 3.3 kilos 250-360 energy per day Each 6 to eight hours
12-13 weeks 2.2 – 4 kilos 250-360 energy per day Each 6 to eight hours
13-14 weeks 3 – 4.5 kilos 250-360 energy per day Each 6 to eight hours
14-15 weeks 3.5 – 5 kilos 250-360 energy per day Each 6 to eight hours
15-16 weeks 4 – 5.5 kilos 250-360 energy per day Each 6 to eight hours
4 months 4 – 5.5 kilos 60-65 energy per pound of body weight per day Each 8 hours
5 months 5.1 – 6 kilos 60-65 energy per pound of body weight per day Each 8 hours
6 months 5.5 – 6.5 kilos 60-65 energy per pound of body weight per day Each 8 – 12 hours
7 months 6 – 7 kilos 60-65 energy per pound of body weight per day Each 8 – 12 hours
8 months 6.5 – 7.5 kilos 60-65 energy per pound of body weight per day Each 8 – 12 hours
9 months 7 – 8 kilos 60-65 energy per pound of body weight per day Each 8 – 12 hours
10 months 7.5 – 8.5 kilos 60-65 energy per pound of body weight per day Each 8 – 12 hours
11 months 8 – 9 kilos 60-65 energy per pound of body weight per day Each 8 – 12 hours
12 months – maturity 8 – 9.5 kilos 20-33 energy per pound of body weight per day Each 8 – 12 hours

Remaining Ideas

Your Cát Wants Water, Too!

Along with the proper meals routine, it’s additionally essential {that a} cát has entry to wash water. Correct hydration helps to forestall constipation and reduces the chance of urinary system ailments lượt thích urinary tract an infection and blockage.

Entry to recent water is crucial, no matter in case your feline buddy eats dry or moist meals.

Lastly, Take into account Consulting Your Veterinarian For Extra Recommendation.

Even with the data shared on this article, it’s best to seek the advice of along with your veterinarian on your cát’s particular person dietary wants. Your veterinarian will have the ability to suggest the best food plan and feeding routine on your cát primarily based in your cát’s age, way of life, dietary preferences, and total well being standing.

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