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Cisapride is a promotility agent, or a medicine that’s used to encourage regular emptying and ahead movement of digestive contents out of the abdomen and thru the gastrointestinal tract. It’s a treatment most frequently used to assist cats with constipation or a medical situation referred to as megacolon.

Medicine Sort:

Oral gastrointestinal prokinetic/pro-motility agent


Solely obtainable from compounding pharmacies. Widespread kinds obtainable embody tablets, capsules, and liquids

Prescription Required?:


Accessible Dosages:

Cisapride is just obtainable as a compounded treatment, permitting for a lot of totally different dosage sizes or liquid concentrations primarily based on a prescribing veterinarian’s directions.

Expiration Vary:

Product must be used earlier than the expiration date on the bundle. Many compounded merchandise could have a extra restricted shelf life than different drugs.

On this article, you’ll study extra about how cisapride works, how it’s prescribed, potential uncomfortable side effects, and a few ceaselessly requested questions.

About Cisapride For Cats

Cisapride is assessed as a prokinetic or promotility agent. It’s a serotonin (5-HT4)-receptor agonist, that means it acts on serotonin receptors within the digestive tract. It stimulates easy muscle contraction, which sida in emptying of the abdomen and selling motility of the small and huge gut.

What Does Cisapride Do For Cats?

Cisapride has been discovered to be helpful in treating cats with recurrent constipation, and for cats with megacolon. Megacolon happens when the nerves and muscle tissues of the colon are not functioning usually.

This may increasingly happen secondary to one thing affecting the nerves primarily, or could also be an impact seen in cats with persistent constipation or obstipation (a fecal obstruction) the place the colon has been stretched to its limits so typically that its muscular perform is severely impaired. 

By stimulating easy muscle within the colon wall, cisapride helps the colon to maneuver feces out and retains it from backing up and resulting in additional constipation or obstipation.

Aspect Results Of Cisapride For Cats

side effects of Cisapride for cats

Cisapride must also be used cautiously in pets that undergo from constipation, have liver illness, or any indicators of bleeding from the digestive tract.

Happily in cats, uncomfortable side effects look like few. Most typical could also be occasional vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach cramping from the intestinal easy muscle stimulation.

As a result of cisapride stimulates motility and pushes digestive contents alongside, this can be very essential that the treatment is just used within the absence of a present obstruction.

For instance, a mèo with obstipation, or a fecal blockage, would want to have this resolved earlier than beginning cisapride. If a promotility agent is used when an obstruction is current, this will likely result in worse antagonistic results, and elevated danger of intestinal perforation. 

Cisapride must also be used cautiously in pets that even have liver illness, or any indicators of bleeding from the digestive tract (both recent blood or darkish, tarry stool).

In folks, cisapride was discovered to result in a sure irregular coronary heart rhythm, or arrhythmia, prompting it to be eliminated as a drug for human use. This impact nonetheless, has not been documented in any veterinary medication sufferers, together with cats. 

All the identical, any cats with pre-existing coronary heart illness could profit from common screening of their coronary heart price and rhythm whereas on cisapride.

Cisapride must be used very cautiously in pregnant or nursing queens. 

Toxicity is rare when the treatment is prescribed and used correctly. The most typical uncomfortable side effects reported from overdoses included diarrhea, lethargy, irregular actions/imbalance, drooling, elevated body toàn thân temperature, and agitation.

Any issues for an overdose of cisapride must be referred to a 24-hour veterinary poison session heart, lượt thích ASPCA Animal Poison Management (1-888-426-4435) or the Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661). A charge does apply, however your vet will typically want the toxicologist’s recommendation to assist develop a remedy plan to your mèo.

Lastly, cisapride can have drug interactions with a number of different sorts of drugs. At all times be certain that to debate any drugs your mèo is at present on together with your vet earlier than beginning cisapride. 

Cisapride For Cats Dosage

Cisapride For Cats Dosage

The dosage varies and depends upon the situation and response, so discuss to your veterinarian and comply with his recommendation.

Cisapride is not a commercially obtainable treatment. As a result of its concern for inflicting arrhythmias in folks (which has not been proven to happen in animals), it was faraway from the human market and isn’t obtainable from human pharmacies.

As a result of it isn’t obtainable commercially, cisapride can solely be prescribed by a compounding pharmacy. The dosage varies and depends upon the situation and response, so your veterinarian would be the greatest one to find out the proper beginning dosage and how one can modify it. 


Cisapride could also be a useful treatment for some cats with constipation or megacolon. It’s comparatively protected to make use of in the proper situations and doesn’t have the identical regarding arrhythmia facet impact in animals as seen in folks.

Nevertheless, as a result of it isn’t commercially obtainable and should be compounded, it may well solely be prescribed by an attending veterinarian accustomed to a selected kitty’s situation.

Regularly Requested Questions

How Lengthy Does It Take Cisapride to Work in Cats?

Cisapride is a medicine usually given each 12 hours in cats. Results of the treatment must be seen inside this timeframe.

Why is Cisapride Banned?

In folks, cisapride was discovered to trigger a sure kind of coronary heart rhythm dysfunction, or arrhythmia, referred to as QT-interval prolongation, and so it was eliminated as a commercially obtainable treatment. In any other case, its uncomfortable side effects have been discovered, even in folks, to be pretty minimal.

This arrhythmia impact has not been documented in veterinary sufferers, and because it does look like very helpful for cats with megacolon and a few instances of constipation, it may well nonetheless be prescribed by a veterinary compounding pharmacy. 

When Can I Give My Cát Cisapride?

Solely after discussing your mèo’s situation together with your veterinarian. It’s most frequently used for cats with constipation or megacolon. Nevertheless, not all cats with constipation want cisapride. Generally, sure laxative drugs or a weight loss plan excessive in fiber is adequate to handle constipation. 

In instances of cats that get obstipated (fecal blockage) or have megacolon (the place obstipation is frequent in untreated or poorly managed instances), a veterinarian should relieve any fecal impactions and guarantee no obstruction of the GI tract is current earlier than beginning cisapride. A prokinetic/motility agent ought to by no means be used till the absence of GI obstruction has been confirmed. 

How A lot Cisapride Can You Give a Cát?

The dosage may be very variable and depends upon a mèo’s specific situation and response. For instance, a dose began initially could must be steadily elevated primarily based on passage of stool. As a result of cisapride requires cautious monitoring and since it may well solely be obtained by a compounding pharmacy, solely your veterinarian most accustomed to your mèo’s situation will be capable of present correct dosing directions.

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