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Comfortis For Cats: Dosage, Safety & Side Effects

Comfortis for cats is an oral flea product made by Elanco Animal Well being within the khung of a chewable pill. It’s labeled for killing and stopping the presence of grownup fleas and flea infestations.

Medicine Sort:

Oral flea adulticide


Oral chewable tablets

Prescription Required?:


Life Stage:

Cats and kittens 14 weeks of age and older (and 2lb of toàn thân weight or better)

Accessible Dosages:

Oral chewable tablets: 90mg (cats weighing 2-4lb), 140mg (cats weighing 4.1-6lb), 270mg (cats weighing 6.1-12lb), 560mg (cats weighing 12.1-24lb). Cats over 24lb needs to be given the suitable mixture of tablets based mostly on weight.

Expiration Vary:

Needs to be saved between 20-25 levels C (68-77 levels F). Excursions about 5 levels C and 10 levels F permitted. Product needs to be used earlier than the expiration date on the package deal.

On this article, you’ll learn the way Comfortis works, potential negative effects to search for, dosing info and a few steadily requested questions.

About Comfortis For Cats

The energetic drug in Comfortis is known as spinosad. Spinosad is a thành viên of the category of pesticides known as spinosyns, which are literally derived from a naturally occurring bacterium known as Saccharopolyspora spinosa. This idea is considerably just like how the antibiotic penicillin was initially derived from the Penicillium fungal mildew. 

Spinosyns work by appearing on nicotinic acetylcholine D-alpha receptors within the central nervous system of the flea. This results in muscle contractions and tremors that trigger paralysis and loss of life of the flea. 

Spinosad has a selectivity for the insect acetylcholine receptors versus comparable receptors for vertebrates, lượt thích cats. That is a part of what confers its stage of security in focusing on solely fleas.

Comfortis is taken into account to be efficient for 30 days earlier than one other dose is required. 

What Does Comfortis Do For Cats?

Comfortis is labeled for killing grownup fleas and stopping infestations by killing fleas earlier than they will lay eggs. Based on the producer, Comfortis begins killing fleas inside half-hour with 98% of fleas killed inside 4 hours. Comfortis then continues to work for a complete month. 

Comfortis solely kills grownup fleas and doesn’t have efficacy in opposition to flea eggs or larvae, as another merchandise lượt thích Benefit II or Frontline Gold have the power to do. 

As with many flea remedy/prevention merchandise, Comfortis doesn’t present any repellency in opposition to fleas. A flea should chew the pores and skin so as to be killed by the product.

Facet Results Of Comfortis For Cats

Side Effects Of Comfortis For Cats

Comfortis has not been discovered to work together with any medicines in cats, but some warning has been suggested if utilizing with excessive, extra-label doses of ivermectin.

Happily, Comfortis seems to be a very protected product for cats. Restricted vomiting a day or two after product administration has been probably the most generally reported aspect impact. 

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Based on the producer, in a research involving about 140 cats handled with Comfortis, about 14% exhibited vomiting both the day of administration or the day after. Solely three cats over the three-month, three-dose research confirmed these indicators after each dose. 

Different indicators seen, which occurred in lower than 5% of cats, included lethargy, poor urge for food, weight reduction and diarrhea. 

In cats given as much as 5 occasions the higher over of the therapeutic dose of Comfortis for a six-month research interval, indicators of vomiting have been seen, however this didn’t improve in frequency with elevated dosages. Unfastened stool was additionally seen extra usually. No laboratory parameters have been affected and no different important results have been seen. 

In research, protected use of Comfortis was additionally demonstrated when it was given with another frequent veterinary medicines together with dewormers and antibiotics. Some warning has been suggested if utilizing with excessive, extra-label doses of ivermectin. Comfortis has not been discovered to work together with every other medicines in cats. 

Security use of Comfortis has not been established for pregnant or lactating queens, and needs to be prevented or used cautiously. 

When you’ve got any issues for potential toxicity ensuing from use of Comfortis or any medicine, it’s all the time greatest to tương tác your veterinarian, the ASPCA Animal Poison Management Heart (1-888-426-4435) or Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) for additional recommendation.

Comfortis For Cats Dosage

Comfortis For Cats Dosage

Comfortis can be utilized in each canine and cats. Make sure you choose the right product in order to not exceed the dosage vary for cats.

Comfortis is labeled to be used in cats and kittens 14 weeks of age or older that weigh at the least 4.1 kilos

Per the product label, the dose of Comfortis for cats is 50 milligrams per kilogram of toàn thân weight by mouth simply previous to or after feeding, as soon as month-to-month. If wanted, it could even be given with meals. Comfortis chewable tablets can be found in three dosages to be used in cats in response to their weight.

The field coloured pink accommodates 140mg tablets for cats weighing 4.1 to six kilos. The orange coloured field accommodates 270mg tablets for cats weighing 6.1 to 12 kilos. The inexperienced coloured field accommodates 560mg tablets for cats weighing 12.1 to 24 kilos. 

Every field of Comfortis accommodates six tablets, or a six-month provide of the medicine. In lots of areas of america, year-round use of a flea management product lượt thích Comfortis is advisable. 

Take into account that Comfortis can be utilized in each canine and cats, and is offered in two dosage sizes that exceed the dosage vary for cats. Though Comfortis seems to have a large security margin, all the time make certain if giving it to each cats and canine within the trang chủ, that you’re double checking your pill dosages. 

It has been advisable that if a kitty vomits inside one hour of administering Comfortis, to re-dose with one other full dose, particularly if making an attempt to deal with an energetic flea infestation. 


Comfortis for cats is fast-acting and efficient in opposition to grownup fleas, and seems to have a superb margin of security, although some self-limiting vomiting could also be famous in some kitties shortly after dosing.

The killing exercise of Comfortis is proscribed to grownup fleas, making another flea prevention merchandise with wider spectrum of exercise probably extra supreme in some conditions.

Often Requested Questions

Is Comfortis protected for cats?

Comfortis seems to be a really protected flea remedy/prevention medicine for cats. About 14% of cats exhibited self-limiting vomiting the day of or the day after administration, however this was probably the most important aspect impact seen. Comfortis’ mechanism of motion is selective for insect receptors within the flea’s nervous system, owing to a few of its security. 

Is Comfortis a superb flea remedy for cats?

Comfortis acts in a short time, beginning to kill fleas in solely half-hour. A majority of grownup fleas will likely be lifeless inside 4 hours. This makes it a quicker flea-killing product in comparison with most. Nevertheless, it does in any other case have a restricted spectrum of motion, with no exercise in opposition to flea eggs, larvae, or different parasites at its labeled doses. It could be advisable within the case of heavy flea infestations to make use of merchandise containing insect progress regulators that additionally handle flea eggs and larvae, lượt thích Benefit II or Frontline Gold. 

Can Comfortis kill cats?

Strictly talking, no. When used at as much as 5 occasions the labeled dosage for as much as six months, cats nonetheless didn’t exhibit any severe negative effects. Restricted vomiting and unfastened stool have been famous. 

You will need to keep in mind that whereas unusual, any pet may have a hypersensitivity response to a brand new drug. Nevertheless, even in these instances, anaphylactic reactions resulting in loss of life could be exceedingly uncommon. Such reactions aren’t identified to have been reported in relation to Comfortis.

When you really feel that your cát is displaying any hostile reactions to Comfortis or every other drug, it’s all the time greatest to tương tác your veterinarian, the ASPCA Animal Poison Management Heart (1-888-426-4435), or Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) for additional recommendation. A charge does apply to seek the advice of with poison facilities, however the recommendation is invaluable and your vet will usually want the toxicology recommendation to information remedy to your cát. 

How do you give a cát Comfortis?

Comfortis is an oral pill given by mouth as soon as each 30 days. Per the producer, it’s best if given shortly earlier than or after a meal. Anybody with a cát is aware of this can be a bit of powerful to perform in lots of instances, and so alternatively, it may be given with meals on the time of a meal.

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