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Blame it on the London Olympics, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey or fascination with the royals, however Brit-speak appears to be all the fad nowadays. Oft-heard phrases akin to cheers, sensible, posh, lavatory, toff, mate, queue and even crikey are creeping into our on a regular basis dialog. So, let’s convey these dog-related expressions throughout the pond as effectively.

Canine’s bollocks: One thing actually improbable. (To not be confused with “bollocks,” which is garbage, er, nonsense.) Typically shortened to “the canine’s.” Maybe derived from canine’ fascination with and time spent investigating their “down-unders.”

Mutt’s nuts: One thing improbable or glorious. Typically shortened to “the mutt’s,” which is one other method of claiming, yup, the “canine’s bollocks.”

Pet’s privates: The finest; one more, barely extra refined, tackle the earlier two.


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Canine’s breakfast: An actual mess. (Ed. word: I suppose they don’t do gourmand pet meals over there.)

Canine’s dinner: To be overdressed, or ostentatiously decked out.

Canine journey: Tagging alongside with somebody doing an errand, or just out and about.

Canine collar: A sort of collar worn by the clergy. Additionally, the oversize head on a pint of Guinness.

Canine-end: A corruption of “docked-end”— a cigarette butt.

Dogsbody: A go-fer, or somebody doing menial or boring work.

Canine-eye: Maintain a look out.

Doggy: Fashionable, of good look.

Canines are barking: Toes are drained and aching. For instance, “Do you thoughts if I sit? My canine are barking!”

Canine’s wages : Working only for meals as cost for one’s companies (Scots slang).

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Give a canine a foul identify: Somebody with a unhealthy fame who’s blamed for all the pieces.

And, lest we overlook, there’s Cockney rhyming slang:
Canine and bone: Phone.
Canine and pup: Cup.
Canine and duck: Ruck (a battle).
Canine’s tooth: Fact.

To all of which we are saying, “Canine save the Queen!” Given her devotion to her Corgis, that’s not a lot of a stretch.

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