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From humping to “focused” sniffing, our pups have a plethora of strange habits—not less than to these of us who stroll on two legs as a substitute of 4. Whereas nobody is aware of for sure the precise “why” behind these behaviors, we do have some theories. And till canine be taught to talk human, divulging their best-kept secrets and techniques, we’ll simply need to proceed to make educated guesses about this weird-but-true realm of doggy deeds. The secret’s recognizing if a habits indicators poor well being.


When puppies chase their tails, it’s like infants grabbing their toes—and this can be a regular method for them to discover their our bodies. However like something in life, moderation is essential, and issues can come up if this habits turns into compulsive. So, how do you identify in case your pooch has a case of Canine Compulsive Dysfunction? It comes down as to if you possibly can distract them from this habits. In case your canine would fairly chase her tail than go for a stroll, she could have a compulsive dysfunction and veterinary evaluation could also be wanted.



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It may be frequent for canine to pull their bottoms throughout the bottom after doing their enterprise, notably if their stool is free. But when this habits is famous continuously all through the day, this can be an indication of impacted anal glands, a situation that may have critical issues if left untreated.


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Watching your canine get private together with his stuffed toy could make you need to look away, but it surely’s not irregular. Many canine uncover that humping feels good, it will probably relieve stress or function an outlet for extreme emotions of exuberance and pleasure. Each men and women are recognized to partake on this habits, although males do it extra usually.

Consuming grass

Folks usually assume that canine eat grass when their stomachs are upset or they’re sick. Nonetheless, ol’ garden really serves as a connoisseur snack to many canine. As omnivores, they wish to eat their meat and veggies, too. Consuming grass carefully is a standard a part of a canine food plan, and a stroll within the park for my canine at all times features a cease on the grass buffet. That stated, if swiftly you see your canine frantically binging on grass, this might be the signal of misery, and a name to your veterinarian is so as.


It’s basic customized for Spot to greet Rover with a sniff of the behind, however why share this practice with us? Dangerous manners? Nicely, not in keeping with the canine code of conduct, as this can be a completely acceptable method of amassing private details about each other, together with people. So the following time you might be stunned by a nosey nudge, simply know that you’re being greeted and assessed (and don’t fear, canine usually gained’t be offended in the event you simply give them a pat on the pinnacle in flip).

Consuming excrement

Gross, proper!? I’m requested about this the entire time and all I can do is give an empathetic cringe of the nostril and a shrug of the shoulders. (I do know the rating: My canine Mickey used to raid the cat’s litter field, proudly returning with “kitty cigars.”) As stomach-turning as that is, consuming excrement is a surprisingly regular habits for canine. Within the early phases of domestication, canine carried out a hygienic operate of cleansing up their very own feces. Moreover, their digestive system may be very environment friendly and so they can really get some high quality vitamins out of it—though I can consider a lot better sources.

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Rolling in rubbish

Once we see a decaying animal or a pile of rubbish, our first inclination is to step round it … waaaaay round it. However, conserving true to our canine’s oddities, it’s their best need to leap proper in, getting coating of ick with a strategic roll. The extra foul the scent, the stronger the lure, and the extra pleasure that’s skilled by our now perfumed pups. One principle is that canine wish to cowl their very own scent with horrible odors to make it simpler to shock prey. You in all probability can’t curb your canine of this need, so your greatest hope is to identify smelly issues first and steer your pal in a unique path.

I hope this has shed some mild on a number of odd canine behaviors. Humorous, as I sit right here, I discover myself wanting over to my very own canine, Bauer, questioning if he’s wanting again at me considering, “Wow, there she goes once more, sitting in entrance of that laptop when she might be exterior enjoying together with her ball. Now, that’s simply bizarre.”

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