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In the event you’ve ever witnessed the act of feline mating, you’d be forgiven for pondering that you simply had been watching a chief struggle as a substitute. What with all of the biting, screeching, and writhing round, even simply being in warmth appears fairly a drama for cats.

Fast Overview


Cats are hormonally pushed to mate, and this intercourse drive will cause them to actively search out a accomplice.


It’s unlikely that feminine cats take pleasure in mating because the male mèo has a barbed penis, and the feminine mèo typically screams and tries to get away throughout penetration.


Cats can mate a number of occasions per warmth, and have a number of litters per 12 months, so spaying or neutering your mèo is advisable to stop undesirable kittens.

Feminine cats are polyestrous (they’ve a number of cycles annually) and permit a number of matings per warmth cycle, so hormonal cats are a standard spectacle within the hotter, lighter months.

Cats’ mating is usually pretty transient and violent, with the queen (feminine mèo) typically screaming and attempting to miễn phí herself. That is regarded as as a result of male mèo’s barbed penis, and definitely, the act itself seems to be painful.

Learn on for extra details about the mèo breeding cycle, and what to do for those who don’t desire a litter of kittens to look.

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1. Estrus

Calico cat in heat lying on her back

Feminine cats attain puberty from round 4 to six months of age. After puberty, they start having common estrus cycles (heats, or warmth cycles). Cats are seasonal breeders and can come into warmth each 2 to three weeks throughout the hotter, lighter months. The breeding season within the Northern Hemisphere runs from February to October. Indoor cats might cycle all 12 months spherical if the situations are right.

Estrus, the interval the place the feminine mèo is receptive to mating, is pretty apparent in cats. Indicators that your mèo is in warmth embody:

Every mèo’s warmth cycle lasts round 5 to eight days, though some may be longer, as much as round 21 days. If no mating happens, the feminine mèo doesn’t ovulate and enters a brand new cycle. This sample continues all through the mating season until a being pregnant happens. A mèo’s cycle returns swiftly after being pregnant and birthing.

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2. Mating

The feline mating course of is regarded as painful as a result of male mèo’s barbed (spiked) penis.

If a feminine mèo in warmth meets a receptive male, she is going to show her willingness to mate by assuming a particular posture referred to as lordosis. She is going to bend her forelegs, along with her chest tucked all the way down to the bottom and again over raised excessive. Her tail will transfer to 1 facet, to show her genital space.

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The male bites the feminine’s neck and mounts her. A male mèo’s penis is barbed—it’s lined in tiny spikes. The perform of those barbs is regarded as to scrape in opposition to the feminine’s vagina throughout penetration, which then stimulates ovulation.

It additionally makes the method painful, and the queen typically screams, rolls, and tries to get away from the male, who holds her firmly by biting her neck. After the completion of mating habits, the feminine mèo will normally present some discomfort, referred to as the after response, principally rolling round and frantically cleansing herself. This may persist for round 10 minutes.

Mèo intercourse is violent, swift and doesn’t seem like pleasurable—at the least to the feminine. Cats are certainly hormonally pushed to mate, and this intercourse drive will cause them to actively search out a accomplice. Nevertheless, the act of sexual activity itself seems to be extra purposeful than the rest.

Feminine cats may be mated by a number of males over a reasonably brief time period. This consists of family, similar to a father or brother. The mating course of may be very fast—it’s straightforward for an unspayed mèo to turn into by accident pregnant.

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3. Being pregnant

Your veterinarian may also help decide in case your mèo is pregnant.

Ovulation happens 20 to 50 hours after mating, and implantation happens at round 12 to 13 days. The gestation (being pregnant) size is 64 to 69 days. Indicators of being pregnant embody a bigger stomach, an elevated urge for food, and swollen mammary glands. Nevertheless, these signs can be current in a false being pregnant.

It’s attainable to find out being pregnant by palpation of the stomach by a professional skilled similar to a veterinarian, however probably the most correct approach to inform is by an ultrasound scan. That is secure for each mom and kittens and is normally accomplished round 30 days after the mating.

Cats normally have a number of kittens per litter, with a median of 4 to 5 kittens. They’ll get pregnant once more very swiftly after beginning, even when nonetheless nursing their litter. Cats hardly ever want help when giving beginning. Listed here are some eventualities the place skilled veterinary recommendation needs to be sought:

  • Inexperienced discharge, or various drops of blood throughout labor.
  • In case your mèo is actively straining for greater than half-hour with out producing a kitten.
  • Exhaustion.
  • A kitten is caught within the pelvic canal. Don’t try and budge the kitten your self, as this could trigger hurt to each queen and kitten.
  • Any issues with the sac or umbilical wire. The mom ought to take away these, however first-time moms would possibly want some assist.

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4. Neutering

Spaying and neutering are one of the best methods to make sure cats should not have undesirable litters.

As cats can attain sexual maturity from as younger as 4 months and have a number of litters of a number of kittens a 12 months, neutering is a accountable determination for all mèo house owners, until you particularly wish to breed. A feminine mèo can endure a spay process, whereby the reproductive organs (ovaries and uterus) are eliminated surgically.

Tomcats may be castrated, with their testicles eliminated. This fast surgical procedure removes the organs essential for procreation but in addition removes the hormonal influences resulting in the behavioral modifications seen.

Intact male cats have been proven to roam farther from home page, and each sexes are eager to flee in the event that they sense suitors close by. Neutering also can defend in opposition to illnesses of the reproductive system.

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Mating In Cats: Remaining Ideas

Mating is transient and painful for the feminine, so feminine cats are unlikely to benefit from the act.

Cats are seasonal breeders, with a mating season working within the hotter and lighter months of the 12 months. Feminine cats go into estrus each few weeks all through this era from sexual maturity at round 4 months of age. When on warmth, queens will yowl, roll round and rub in opposition to objects and other people, spray urine, and attempt to get to males.

Mating is transient and painful, with the barbed penis of the male mèo scraping on the feminine’s vagina, stimulating ovulation. Cats can have a number of matings per warmth, and a number of litters per 12 months, so neutering is advisable most often.

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Incessantly Requested Questions

Do cats benefit from mating?

No, this appears unlikely—mèo mating is transient and fairly violent. The male mèo has a barbed penis, and the feminine mèo typically screams and tries to get away throughout penetration.

Do cats fall in love after mating?

Cats can khung social bonds however are actually not monogamous, and don’t khung constant male-female pairs. In truth, feminine cats can mate with a number of completely different males throughout a single warmth.

Why do feminine cats cry throughout mating?

A male mèo’s penis is barbed, and these little spikes scrape alongside the feminine mèo’s vagina throughout copulation. This has the perform of stimulating the feminine to ovulate, however is painful and results in the feminine mèo screaming and attempting to get away.

What do cats do once they wanna mate?

Through the breeding season, unneutered cats will desperately attempt to get to potential mates. They’ll turn into very vocal, spray urine, and roll round on the ground. Feminine cats will rub their our bodies in opposition to any floor, and assume a place with their entrance over down and their again over elevated upward.

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