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In the event you’ve at all times thought that you simply and your canine perceive each other’s feelings, you more and more have scientific proof supporting your views. The usage of MRIs allowed researchers to display that the brains of each canine and folks have an identical response to human voices, crying and laughter, amongst many different sounds. Researchers conclude that the brains of each canine and folks have related reactions to the emotional cues in lots of sounds.

Eleven canine and 22 individuals have been subjected to the identical MRI scans throughout which they needed to stay nonetheless for as much as 8 minutes whereas uncovered to numerous sounds. (Lots of coaching went in to educating canine to stay immobile in the course of the scans.) The research is named “Voice-Delicate Areas within the Canine and Human Mind Are Revealed by Comparative fMRI” (solely the summary is accessible on-line) and it was printed final week within the journal Present Biology. It’s the first research to make use of this system to match the mind of people to a non-primate animal species.

Over 200 completely different sounds have been performed to every participant within the research over a variety of periods. There have been sounds equivalent to whistles and automobile noises in addition to canine vocalizations and human sounds. The responses to human sounds in each individuals and canine occurred in related areas of the mind. This research is the primary time such a similarity to people has been proven in an animal species that’s NOT a primate. Each the individuals and the canine additionally reacted in related areas of the mind to emotional canine vocalizations equivalent to whimpering and intense barking.

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Together with the similarities, there have been additionally variations in responses between the 2 species. People have been higher at distinguishing between the sounds of the atmosphere and vocalizations than canine have been. Moreover, each species responded extra strongly to vocalizations of their very own species.


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It’s inconceivable to say from this research whether or not these vocal areas of the mind developed in a extra historical lineage than was beforehand thought or whether or not the canine have developed this similarity in the course of the interval of domestication as a mechanism to permit higher communication and understanding between canine and folks.

Future research that examine brains of extra species could possibly decide the rationale for the similarity between canine and folks. These scientists subsequent plan to review the response of canine brains to human language, which was not part of this research.

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