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So this is the distinction between my companion canines and FBI working canines. My canines should sit politely and make eye contact with me earlier than I put down their meals bowls. FBI canines should detect certainly one of 19,000 potential explosives mixtures and earlier than their handler feeds them their meal by hand. This straightforward act reinforces their will to work and strengthens the bond with their handler. The truth is, these working canines by no means eat out of a bowl till their retirement! To see these courageous, sensible canines in motion, take a look at this fascinating video. As a member of the Affiliation of Pet Canine Trainers, I am thrilled that the FBI makes use of meals to show, encourage and reward its working canine companions. The APDT additionally emphasizes reward-based coaching, which I personally discover to be essentially the most enjoyable solution to train canines of all ages, sizes and personalities. Using meals helps FBI canines save individuals’s lives. 4 years in the past, I used meals to save lots of a canine’s life. I used to be a volunteer with a German shepherd rescue and acquired a name from the Louisiana SPCA {that a} very scared German shepherd had been discovered as a stray and wanted assist. Nobody was going to need to undertake a big, fearful grownup canine. I went to the shelter on my lunch hour and located a frightened, darkish sable lady named Jetta. She huddled within the nook of her concrete kennel. Day-after-day for every week, I visited Jetta and provided her meals. At first, I gently tossed the treats to her. She responded as if I had been throwing stones — extra cowering and shaking. On day three, she took a step or two towards them after which she started to eat them in entrance of me. Probably the most magical day was when Jetta ate the meals out of my hand. Two weeks later, I nonetheless hadn’t discovered a foster residence for her. My husband agreed that we may take her in quickly. She quickly blossomed into the attractive, assured lady I knew she could possibly be and was quickly adopted by an exquisite one that continues to cherish Jetta as a detailed companion. What’s your canines’ relationship to their meals?

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