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The U.S. Navy Seals and the elite Staff Six have gotten a variety of consideration recently for his or her heroic efforts within the Osama Bin Laden mission. Nevertheless, I simply discovered {that a} particular canine was additionally among the many 79 commandos that day. The explosive-sniffing canine was strapped to one of many Navy Seals and descended from the helicopters with the remainder of the staff.

Because it seems, these skilled pups, sometimes German Shepherds, are routinely utilized by the top-secret Navy Seal unit. The canines put on ballistic physique armor that protects in opposition to knives, shrapnel, and gunfire and carry infrared evening cameras that present troops with vital real-time data.

These pups are skilled to leap from plane at an unbelievable 25,000 toes (sporting an air masks after all) and assault anybody carrying a weapon. These gifted canines also can crawl into tunnels and rooms unnoticed.

What an unbelievable bunch of working pups!


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