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Elephant Who Had Not Met Another Of Her Kind For 37 Years Gently Entwines Her Trunk With New Friend In Video That Will Melt Even The Hardest Of Hearts – The Dog Lovers

A 41-year-old elephant has been launched to its one different of its sort for the first time in over three a few years.

Mila met Mary, the chief of the herd at San Diego Zoo, after being saved as a lone elephant in a circus for over 30 years after which taken in by Franklin Zoo in New Zealand.

Đoạn phim footage of the heart-warming meeting reveals the African elephants entwining their trunks by way of a wire fence.


Kindred spirits: Mila meets herd chief Mary at San Diego Zoo after being saved as a lone elephant in a circus for over 30 yr

It is common for elephants to talk by touching and entwining their trunks, in keeping with African Elephant skilled Tim Fullman’s website. He writes that trunks ‘play an obligatory perform in odor and that rubbing trunks in greeting is also partially to odor each other to comprehend information.’

Mila’s former keeper Helen Schofield, who was crushed to lack of life by Mila in an accident in 2012, had always hoped the elephant would sometime be returned to a herd of its private sort.


The tragic incident sparked a fundraising effort by supporters of the zoo, who hoped to spice up ample money for Mila to be relocated to a zoo with that had totally different African elephants.

The supporters raised $1.5 million, ample for Mila to be moved from New Zealand to San Diego Zoo.

Friendship grows: Mila entwines trunks with the matriach of the herd Mary in a heart-warming scene

Elephant focus on: Trunks play an obligatory perform in odor and this greeting is also to odor each other to comprehend information


San Diego Zoo’s African elephant herd accommodates six African and Indian elephants ranging in age from 33 to 49 years outdated.

Lead keeper on the zoo Ron Ringer says that thus far, Mila and Mary are literally hitting it off.

‘Mary walked as a lot as Mila they normally every started consuming from the similar tree,’ Mr Ringer said. ‘This generally is a good habits to see because of they’ve been every calm and accepting of each other and it’s one among many sorts of points we tìm kiếm for with animal introductions.

Unintended lack of life: Mila’s former keeper Helen Schofield was crushed to lack of life by the elephant in an accident in 2012
Zoo keepers felt the simplest strategy to introduce Mila to the herd was to start with a one-on-one with the matriach.


‘In late January, we gave Mila the first various to fulfill one different elephant with restricted interaction. We decided that Mary was the only option, given she is a dominant elephant throughout the herd, is relatively calm, and has a wonderful monitor report with meeting newcomers.’

‘Being excited, nervous, scared, aggressive, or submissive have been all prospects we could have anticipated to take a look at,’ zookeeper Robbie Clark said.

‘Mary was curious of the newbie whereas Mila was shocked to hunt out one factor as enormous as her on the other aspect of the wall!’

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