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Famotidine, generally often known as the model Pepcid, is a medicine that reduces abdomen acid manufacturing. On this article, you’ll find out how famotidine works, how efficient it might be in cats, potential unwanted side effects to observe for, and a few steadily requested questions.

Treatment Kind:

H-2 receptor antagonist abdomen acid reducer


Oral tablets, oral suspension, injectible

Prescription Required?:

Not for decrease dosage pill varieties. Larger dosage varieties and the oral suspension are prescription gadgets, however hardly ever utilized in pets.

Out there Dosages:

Oral tablets: 10mg, 20mg. Gelcaps: 40mg. Suspension: 8mg/ml in 400mg bottles.

Expiration Vary:

Merchandise must be used earlier than the expiration on the package deal. Tablets must be saved in light-resistant containers at room temperature (55-86 levels F) (15-30 levels C). The oral suspension is sweet for 30 days when saved at room temperature.

About Famotidine For Cats

Famotidine is classed as an H2-receptor antagonist.

The “H” in “H2” stands for histamine. Histamine is a chemical produced by the body toàn thân that many of us consider as what contributes to swollen, purple mosquito bites or bee stings on the pores and skin or swelling from allergic reactions.

Nonetheless, histamine has a job in lots of components of the body toàn thân, not simply with allergy symptoms. Within the GI tract, histamine is launched by cells within the abdomen, which in flip stimulates parietal cells within the abdomen to provide acid that’s wanted to interrupt down meals.

Whereas a essential a part of digestion, generally an excessive amount of abdomen acid could also be produced, resulting in irritation, indigestion, nausea, and generally vomiting. That is primarily what heartburn is in people, when further acid passes up the esophagus inflicting irritation, which is known as esophagitis.

An H2-receptor antagonist lượt thích famotidine blocks histamine launch, which retains the parietal cells from making acid. This can assist deliver some aid to abdomen acid reflux-related indicators.

What Does Famotidine Do For Cats?

Famotidine is often utilized in pets as a part of a complete method to handle indicators of nausea, indigestion, vomiting, poor urge for food, and different associated indicators. It could even be used as a part of a therapy method if a mèo is suspected of getting irritation or ulceration of the abdomen lining.

Equally, famotidine has been used along side drugs that will pose a danger of abdomen or intestinal ulceration, lượt thích non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs and steroids.

Famotidine is usually secure to make use of and has few interactions with different drugs, making it a typical suggestion generally for at-home use for aid of delicate indicators of digestive upset in cats.

Injectable types of famotidine may be used at a veterinary apply coupled with additional directions to make use of the oral khung at house.

Nonetheless, whereas famotidine has some good qualities and has been used generally for a very long time, newer research have proven that it is probably not the best medicine out there for discount of abdomen acid manufacturing.

In each canines and cats, use of famotidine over 14 days demonstrated a diminishing impact on the acidity of the abdomen, suggesting it might have lowered efficacy the longer it’s used.

It’s now extra widespread to see use of proton pump inhibitors, together with pantoprazole and omeprazole, that are considered simpler at suppressing abdomen acid manufacturing, normalizing the pH of the abdomen, and performing as a preventative for the chance of abdomen ulcers.

Aspect Results Of Famotidine For Cats

Usually, oral famotidine could be very secure and has a large margin of security. It is vitally uncommon to see a mèo develop any unwanted side effects from appropriately used doses. Even small overdoses, lượt thích an additional unintended dose in the course of the day will sometimes not trigger points.

Huge oral overdoses, whereas very uncommon, might result in vomiting, restlessness, and heart-related adjustments lượt thích adjustments in coronary heart charge and blood strain.

In case you are ever involved that your kitty might have developed unwanted side effects whereas taking famotidine, be certain to tương tác your veterinarian, the ASPCA Animal Poison Management Middle (1-888-426-4435), or Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) for additional recommendation.

Famotidine might should be used very rigorously in cats with extreme kidney illness or extreme coronary heart illness.

Famotidine has few interactions with different drugs, however all the time make your veterinarian conscious of any drugs your mèo is taking when discussing the beginning of a brand new medicine.

Since famotidine is an over-the-counter product, all the time be cautious of mixture merchandise, lượt thích these containing calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide. Supplementing further calcium when not wanted could cause issues.

Famotidine For Cats Dosage

Famotidine will not be labeled to be used in cats, although extra-label use of over-the-counter Pepcid or different generic manufacturers is widespread.

The commonest dose for a majority of cats is 5mg each 12 to 24 hours.

Each 24 hours administration is extra usually advisable for cats with extreme kidney or coronary heart illness.

This dosing is considered subtherapeutic for a lot of sufferers, however increased doses are additionally not discovered to be simpler.

It’s essential to understand that famotidine might have a light impact if any on digestive points for cats. In case your mèo is having persistent GI indicators, scheduling an examination together with your veterinarian is greatest versus continued use of over-the-counter merchandise.


Whereas sometimes very secure to make use of orally in cats, and used generally, famotidine is much less prone to be a great alternative, particularly by itself, to handle GI indicators lượt thích nausea, poor urge for food, or vomiting in cats. In case your mèo does have indicators lượt thích these, an examination with a vet is a greater step to take to get a analysis and recommendation on what therapy approaches shall be only.

Steadily Requested Questions

What does famotidine do for cats?

Famotidine is an H2-receptor blocker. Which means that famotidine can assist to dam the manufacturing of acid within the abdomen. This may increasingly assist some cats experiencing delicate circumstances of abdomen upset. 

How a lot famotidine can I give my mèo?

Essentially the most generally advisable dose is 5 milligrams each 12 to 24 hours. Famotidine generally is available in 10 milligram or 20 milligram pill dimension. All the time pay shut consideration to pill sizes you buy. 

Needless to say famotidine might assist with delicate gastrointestinal indicators. In case your mèo is experiencing extreme,  persistent, or persistent GI misery, an examination together with your vet is a more sensible choice in comparison with continued use of over-the-counter merchandise. 

How lengthy does famotidine take to work in cats?

Famotidine ought to have impact inside a few hours after administration. However once more, understand that it’s not a really “sturdy” drug for GI illness in pets, and should have little impact for some situations. When you’ve got used famotidine already and aren’t seeing enhancements in your kitty, an examination together with your vet is an applicable subsequent step. 

What are the unwanted side effects of famotidine in cats?

Unwanted effects of oral famotidine are very uncommon. In case you are seeing worsening indicators of sickness in your mèo after giving famotidine, it’s much more seemingly that it has had little influence on a worsening situation in your mèo, indicating the necessity for a veterinary examination. 

In uncommon circumstances of very huge overdoses, indicators lượt thích irritability, vomiting, and heart-related adjustments might be seen. If for some motive you’re feeling this will likely have occurred, it’s greatest to tương tác both the ASPCA Animal Poison Management Middle (1-888-426-4435), or Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) for additional recommendation

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