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Fenbendazole is a broad-spectrum dewormer generally utilized in veterinary medication to deal with pets for a wide range of nematode (worm) and protozoal parasites. Widespread manufacturers embrace Panacur and Protected-Guard.

On this article, you’ll be taught what fenbendazole is, the way it works, and the sorts of parasites in cats it might be used for, in addition to some steadily requested questions.

Remedy Sort:

Benzimidazole antiparasitic agent


Granules/powder, oral liquid suspension, paste

Prescription Required?:

The powder and paste are usually not, the oral suspension is.

FDA Accredited?:

Not for home cats (Panacur/Protected-Guard granules is FDA permitted to be used in canine and huge unique cats). Panacur/Protected-Guard Paste is FDA permitted just for horses and cattle. Panacur Suspension is FDA permitted for horses, cattle, and goats.

Life Stage:

Fenbendazole is often used for all life phases.

Model Names:

Panacur, Protected-Guard

Widespread Names:


Accessible Dosages:

Granules (powder): 22mg/g in 0.18oz, 1g (10lb), 2g (20lb), and 4g (40lb) packet dimension. Suspension: 100mg/ml (10%) in 1 liter bottle. Paste: 100mg/g (10%).

Expiration Vary:

Merchandise needs to be used earlier than the expiration on the package deal. Fenbendazole needs to be saved at room temperature.

About Fenbendazole For Cats

how cats get hookworms

Fenbendazole is classed as a benzimidazole antiparasitic agent and has a really big selection of impact towards a wide range of inner parasites.

Microtubules are buildings inside cells that help in transport of supplies throughout the cells. Fenbendazole acts to disrupt this transport system in affected parasites. At larger doses, it might additionally disrupt metabolic enzymes and pathways of affected parasites.

What Does Fenbendazole Do For Cats?

Fenbendazole can have efficacy towards a wide range of inner parasites generally present in cats, together with roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, lungworms, the protozoal parasite Giardia, and a number of other others.

Whereas it’s useful to know what fenbendazole does deal with, it is usually vital to pay attention to what it doesn’t deal with.

Whereas it may be used to deal with tapeworms, that is just for tapeworms of the Taenia species. Dipylidium caninum, which is extra generally seen in cats after they ingest a flea, requires a special dewormer for remedy.

Fenbendazole additionally doesn’t have efficacy towards coccidian parasites lượt thích Isospora, which can typically be seen in a mèo’s stool pattern and/or trigger gastrointestinal illness.

It isn’t efficient towards Toxoplasma gondii, which causes toxoplasmosis, the illness human physicians typically counsel pregnant girls about with regard to avoiding tương tác with a litter field or mèo feces throughout being pregnant.

Heartworms, which aren’t intestinal worms, however are transmitted by mosquitoes and dwell within the main vessels close to the center in addition to the center chambers themselves, are usually not affected by fenbendazole. Whereas not coated right here, there isn’t a permitted remedy for heartworms in cats.

Aspect Results Of Fenbendazole For Cats

Some cats might expertise non permanent diarrhea whereas taking fenbendazole.

At acceptable dosages, fenbendazole doesn’t sometimes trigger any adversarial reactions by itself. Occasionally, drooling, vomiting, or diarrhea might happen.

You will need to keep in mind that the job of any dewormer is to kill inner parasites. Which means that typically, a response might happen to elements launched by a dying parasite, particularly in instances the place a really excessive parasite load is current.

In these instances, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, or GI discomfort could also be extra prone to be seen. Sometimes, these indicators are non permanent, but when regarding, needs to be reported to an attending veterinarian in case some supportive care is required.

Fenbendazole For Cats Dosage

Your veterinarian will inform you the correct dosing for fenbendazole, which is decided by weight.

Whereas it’s FDA permitted to be used in canine, fenbendazole will not be labeled to be used in cats and all dosing is taken into account extra-label in kitties.

Because of this, any merchandise labeled just for canine, together with over-the-counter merchandise lượt thích Protected-Guard, needs to be reviewed first along with your vet to find out what dose will work finest in your mèo.

Dosing is dependent upon body toàn thân weight. Length of remedy with fenbendazole is dependent upon the kind of parasite, the place it might be used for anyplace from three to as much as 10 or extra consecutive days.

Do not forget that not all digestive disturbances are attributable to intestinal parasites and fenbendazole doesn’t deal with for all potential parasites. Any use of a dewormer needs to be primarily based on outcomes of a fecal/stool pattern or in any other case as directed by a veterinarian.

Fenbendazole solely is available in powder or liquid suspension varieties which can be acceptable to be used in small animals. The powder will be tough to correctly portion out and dose for some smaller cats and kittens, another excuse to check with your vet for correct directions.

The liquid oral suspension requires a prescription, however is available in a 1 liter bottle dimension, making it impractical as a alternative for a single remedy course. Veterinary practices sometimes dispense particular person doses or smaller dosage volumes to make use of for treating a mèo or kitten for inclined parasites.

The syringe paste meant to be used in horses can be impractical to make use of in cats, as they sometimes require doses a lot smaller than the increments on the syringe.


Fenbendazole is a really efficient and protected broad-spectrum dewormer used generally to deal with cats and kittens for a wide range of inner parasites. You will need to bear in mind nevertheless that it doesn’t deal with all parasites, and never all digestive disturbances are attributable to parasites. That’s why it’s vital to work along with your veterinarian to find out if utilizing fenbendazole is acceptable.

Steadily Requested Questions

How a lot fenbendazole can I give my mèo?

The dosage quantity will rely in your mèo’s weight and the size of fenbendazole accessible. To make sure correct dosing, in addition to to substantiate whether or not or not fenbendazole is acceptable to offer your mèo, it’s finest to speak to your veterinarian.

Is fenbendazole protected for cats?

Sure, fenbendazole is mostly deemed very protected for cats. Every so often, some delicate digestive upset might happen. Digestive upset could also be extra widespread when fenbendazole is used to deal with cats with excessive parasite hundreds and the dying parasites trigger disturbance within the body toàn thân.

Can cats be dewormed with fenbendazole?

Sure, though it is dependent upon what worms a mèo is contaminated with. Use of a dewormer ought to all the time be primarily based on a stool/fecal pattern or comparable testing for the presence of parasites. In cats, fenbendazole is only towards roundworms, hookworms, lungworms, and the protzoal parasite Giardia.

How do you give fenbendazole to a mèo?

This is dependent upon the size getting used. If in case you have been supplied with the powder size, it’s typically best to offer to a mèo combined with moist or delicate meals, each to cover the style, but in addition as a result of it might be more practical when given with meals. 

If in case you have the liquid suspension size, it might even be combined with moist or delicate meals in case your kitty will take it that approach. Nonetheless, it might should be administered immediately by mouth with a syringe that your veterinarian ought to present you. That is particularly the case with small cats and kittens.

If in case you have issue administering fenbendazole to your mèo, ensure to the touch base along with your vet to debate extra concepts, see if a special dewormer could also be efficient, or to phối up an appointment for veterinary workers to manage the dewormer for you. 

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