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As a baby, I met a canine named Oso (Spanish for Bear) and discovered that the guardian had simply spent a yr dwelling in Mexico. Oso was the primary of many canines I’ve met in america whose names come from languages apart from English. Lots of these names had been impressed by travels to different nations or by sturdy connections to them.

Spanish names are particularly frequent, which isn’t stunning given how many individuals in america communicate Spanish or have traveled to Spanish-speaking nations. I do know a Paloma (translation: Dove) who’s owned by a person who visited Peru. He spent a number of weeks there on an journey to bask in his ardour for birds. Additionally receiving monikers from the Spanish language are Jefe (Boss) and Alma (Soul) who belong to completely different households who met on the park. Their canines turned quick associates.

French names are standard, too, although not as a lot as Spanish names. Two of the commonest names which were impressed by journeys to France sound comparable. One among them is Bijoux, which is French for jewels, and the opposite is Bisous, which is French for kiss. I do know a household with two canines who selected each of those frequent French names, to the everlasting confusion of canines and other people alike within the family.

One household I do know gave each their canines German names after coming back from a number of years dwelling there on a navy base. Regardless of selecting names from the identical language, they managed to go in fully completely different instructions so as to swimsuit every canine. One among them was referred to as Erzengal, which is German for Archangel, and the opposite one acquired the title Pups, which is German for Fart. My husband grew up with a Whippet combine named Bruno, which suggests brown in German. It is usually related to bodily power and energy, which was a great match for a canine who may leap their six-foot fence by the age of six months.

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Many canines have Japanese names. Two frequent ones are Aiko, which suggests love, youngster, or affection and Sakura, which is Japanese for cherry blossom. In Japan, canines with this title are nearly at all times born in April as a result of it’s the month that these timber bloom. Mochi can finest be described as a pounded rice cake and it’s not unusual for pale-colored canines to be named after this scrumptious meals.

Daphne is Greek for Laurel Tree. The Daphne I do know has a human sister named Laurel who selected the title after visiting Athens for the 2004 Olympics. Ilio is Hawaiian for canine and I’ve met a number of canines so named when {couples} adopted a canine quickly after coming back from their honeymoon in Hawaii. Mita is Amharic for Little One. The household who has this canine has spent a variety of time in Ethiopia the place this language is spoken. Cão is Portuguese for canine, which is enjoyable as a result of it’s pronounced like cow, solely extra nasal. The Hindi phrase for lightning, Bijali, is the title of a canine who runs so quick that the household was deciding between Bijali and Flash.

Have your travels or connections to languages apart from English impressed you when selecting a reputation in your canine?

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