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Frontline spray is a topical utility spray manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim (previously Merial) that’s used to kill fleas and ticks, in addition to present prevention in opposition to infestations by fleas and ticks and the ailments they trigger.

On this article, you’ll be taught what Frontline spray for cats targets, the way it differs from common Frontline spot-on merchandise, potential unwanted side effects, and a few incessantly requested questions.

Remedy Kind:

Phenylpyrazole Antiparasitic Agent

Prescription Required?:


FDA Accepted?:

This topical remedy is accepted by the EPA to be used in cats.

Life Stage:

Cát and kittens 8 weeks of age and older and weighing not less than 2 kilos. Nonetheless, the producer signifies that the spray can be utilized for kittens as younger as 2 days of age.

Model Names:

Frontline Spray

Obtainable Dosages:

Fipronil 0.29% out there in 8.5-ounce and 17-ounce spray bottles.

Expiration Vary:

Merchandise ought to be used earlier than the expiration on the bundle.

About Frontline Spray For Cats

cat with fleas

Frontline Spray rapidly kills grownup fleas and ticks, in addition to chewing lice.

Lượt thích the normal Frontline spot-on merchandise, Frontline spray’s energetic ingredient is fipronil. Fipronil is a phenylpyrazole antiparasitic agent, and is technically categorised as a pesticide. In invertebrates (together with bugs lượt thích fleas and arachnids lượt thích ticks and mites), it interrupts GABA-regulated nerve channels, inflicting neurologic overexcitement, disruption, and loss of life.

Nonetheless, not like the spot-on merchandise, lượt thích Frontline Plus and Frontline GOLD, Frontline spray isn’t utilized to a single spot on the base of the neck. Within the case of Frontline Spray for cats, the product is utilized extra liberally relying on a pet’s weight, in a number of locations and labored into the fur coat to make sure extensive protection.

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What Does Frontline Spray Do For Cats?

Frontline Spray kills all grownup fleas and ticks on tương tác, so it’s a good selection if a mèo has a heavy infestation.

Frontline Spray accommodates solely fipronil, which signifies that it doesn’t present as a lot prevention protection because the newer spot-on product improvements Frontline Plus and Frontline GOLD. 

Fipronil kills all life phases of ticks, together with the brown canine tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus), American canine tick (Dermacentor variabilis), lone star ticks (Amblyomma americanum), and deer ticks/black-legged ticks (Ixodes scapularis). It’s used to deal with tick infestations and forestall reinfestation.

As a flea management product, fipronil can solely kill the adults. Because it doesn’t include an insect progress regulator lượt thích (S)-methoprene or pyriproxyfen lượt thích Frontline Plus or Frontline GOLD, Frontline Spray doesn’t have the flexibility to focus on flea eggs or larvae.

This does imply that eggs and larvae should turn into grownup fleas, so it could be attainable to see new adults emerge after a few weeks of initially killing the unique grownup flea infestation.

Frontline spray is efficient in opposition to chewing lice.

A bonus of Frontline Spray is that it does kill all grownup fleas and ticks on tương tác. The spray is utilized over the mèo’s whole toàn thân (versus only one spot lượt thích the spot-on merchandise, the place it could take 24 hours for the product to unfold all through the oils on a mèo’s pores and skin). The spray could also be quicker and simpler at initially killing an energetic infestation of fleas or ticks. 

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One other potential benefit of Frontline Spray is that, in response to the producer, it could final for as much as eight weeks in cats for therapy and prevention of fleas. Nonetheless, for cats that endure from flea allergy dermatitis (an allergic response to flea saliva), the producer recommends utilizing month-to-month. Sufficient protection in opposition to ticks additionally typically requires month-to-month use. 

Frontline Spray for cats is taken into account waterproof, however the producer does advocate ready 48 hours earlier than bathing, and to make use of a soap-free shampoo.

Following utility of any Frontline product, it’s necessary to notice that as a result of fipronil causes neurologic overexcitement within the flea previous to killing it, extra fleas could change into seen and energetic following utility of the product.

It’s additionally necessary to notice that Frontline doesn’t deal with or forestall intestinal parasites or mosquito-borne heartworms in cats. 

Aspect Results Of Frontline Spray For Cats

Frontline Spray is protected and efficient, and has few unwanted side effects when used as directed.

When used correctly, unwanted side effects of Frontline merchandise are unusual. Frontline merchandise typically are solely labeled for cats 8 weeks of age or older within the US.

Because of the capability to cater the spray’s dosage quantity to affected person measurement and weight, some  producer labeling does point out that the spray particularly can be utilized in kittens as younger as 2 days outdated.  Nonetheless, you will need to notice that that is solely discovered on some non-U.S. labeling. If in case you have a kitten lower than 8 weeks outdated, be sure that to kiểm tra along with your veterinarian earlier than utilizing Frontline Spray.

Probably the most generally reported impact for Frontline merchandise is a short lived irritation on the utility website. Crimson, irritated pores and skin has additionally been reported, however is taken into account uncommon and will depend on particular person sensitivities. If this happens, it’s extra seemingly a kitty has a hypersensitivity or allergy to fipronil.

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Whereas Frontline merchandise ought to by no means be ingested, fipronil typically seems to have a low potential for toxicity each topically and even when by accident ingested.

Nonetheless, the merchandise are very bitter tasting. If a kitty have been to lick just lately utilized Frontline off both themselves or a housemate, the bitter style alone can result in extreme drooling, agitation, and generally even vomiting. 

According to DVM360’s article “Toxicology Transient: The ten commonest toxicoses in cats,” this impact is often not a real toxicity, however a generally dramatic response to the bitter style. Offering milk or liquid from a tuna might help resolve the indicators in brief order. 

Not like with the spot-on merchandise the place the one dose will be positioned on the base of the neck the place a kitty can’t attain to lick it off, it’s typically more difficult with the spray to cut back the chance for a kitty licking the product off, owing to the necessity for the product to utilized to the entire fur coat and labored into the pores and skin throughout the entire toàn thân.

This additionally presents a problem for a number of mèo households the place numerous co-grooming happens. In comparison with the spot-on, it could be much more necessary to separate housemate kitties for as much as 24 hours after utility to permit the product to completely dry. 

Though in lots of instances Frontline merchandise for canines shouldn’t be used on cats, the spray is labeled to be used in each cats and canines. That is largely as a result of the dosing will be particularly catered to the scale of the pet. 

If in case you have any issues for potential toxicity, even in the event you assume your kitty might need simply licked some Frontline off their fur and is having a bitter style response, it’s all the time finest to tương tác your veterinarian, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (1-888-426-4435), or Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) instantly for additional recommendation. 

Lastly, topical merchandise lượt thích Frontline have been recognized to trigger pores and skin and eye irritation in folks. It’s best to put on disposable gloves when making use of the spray and to scrub your arms after.

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Frontline Spray For Cats Dosage

Moist the coat with the spray, and work it by the fur all the way down to the pores and skin.

Frontline Spray is dosed based mostly on the burden of the mèo it’s being utilized on. The label on the spray bottle does embrace a weight-based dosing chart to check with for each cats and canines. 

It’s necessary to notice right here that the spray can’t be utilized in a single utility spot on the base of the top the best way the spot-on merchandise can be utilized. Spot-on merchandise have a service agent that permit the drug to unfold all through the oils of the coat over about 18 to 24 hours. The spray have to be used extra liberally throughout the whole coat and toàn thân to be efficient.

The dose the producer recommends is 2 to 4 pumps of spray per kilogram of toàn thân weight. For a median 10-pound mèo, this roughly equates to eight to 10 sprays on the low over and 16 to twenty sprays on the excessive over. Whether or not the low or excessive over of the vary is used may rely on the burden of flea buildup or ticks seen, the size of the hair coat (lengthy hair coats could require extra utilized product), and whether or not the aim is direct therapy to kill parasites, or for prevention.

The producer recommends making use of the spray from a distance of 10 to twenty centimeters (about 4 to eight inches). The spray ought to be utilized in opposition to the lay of the coat in order that the spray will be labored down towards the pores and skin extra successfully.

In line with the producer, the whole coat ought to be moist with the spray (together with the animal’s again and stomach), after which it ought to be completely labored by the coat, all the way down to the pores and skin. It ought to be famous that gloves ought to all the time be worn through the course of and arms ought to be completely washed after.

Evaluating Frontline Spray And Frontline Spot-On Merchandise

If you’re combating a flea infestation within the trang chủ, a Frontline spot-on product can break the flea life cycle.

When contemplating use of both the Frontline Spray or the Frontline spot-on merchandise, it’s necessary to grasp the benefits and downsides of every.

One main benefit of Frontline Spray is fast-acting with a quicker kill time for grownup fleas and ticks, owing to the product being straight utilized throughout the whole toàn thân. Whereas the spot-on merchandise lượt thích Frontline Plus and Frontline GOLD can begin to work inside 4 hours and half-hour respectively, their full results to kill 100% of fleas and ticks should take 12 to 18 hours because the spot-on product spreads over the pores and skin.

Frontline Spray can be far more cost effective, particularly since it may be used on each canines and cats in a a number of pet family.

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There are a few disadvantages to utilizing Frontline Spray over one of many spot-on merchandise. 

The primary is that the Frontline Spray doesn’t straight deal with all life phases of the flea (eggs and larvae) because it doesn’t include an insect progress regulator ingredient. Which means after spraying a mèo with an energetic flea infestation, extra fleas are more likely to seem a pair weeks later. This can take longer for an energetic infestation of the trang chủ to get below management and additional diligence ought to be taken towards treating the trang chủ atmosphere.

The second drawback is within the utility course of. Protecting a kitty nonetheless for a single spot-on utility is possible normally, although some kitty dad and mom even have bother with this. Typically, making use of a sprig liberally to a mèo’s toàn thân and needing to work it into the fur coat is intensive and lots of grown cats could not sit nonetheless nicely for it. 

Software can be typically messier, requiring gloves and probably preserving a kitty that has had the spray just lately utilized in a confined space lượt thích a toilet for not less than 24 hours till the spray absolutely dries to stop it from ending up on upholstery and furnishings.

Whereas fipronil is taken into account a protected product to be used in cats, utility of the spray does introduce much more variation in dose for a mèo, making it simple for an excessive amount of (or not sufficient) spray to be utilized. A pet father or mother should estimate the variety of sprays to make use of based mostly on weight and different components. That is totally different from the one measured dose of a spot-on product.

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In case your kitty is closely infested with fleas or ticks, it’s nonetheless necessary to evaluation the dosing chart pointers to ensure to not apply way more sprays of product than are needed.

Lastly, utility of a full toàn thân spray does make it tough to maintain a mèo from licking the product off. A spot-on product will be utilized to a single space on the base of the top, which is an space a mèo can’t attain to lick the product off. 

The Frontline product isn’t supposed to be ingested and directions do point out to keep away from getting in a pet’s eyes or mouth. A bitter style response involving extreme drooling (hypersalivation) extra more likely to happen with use of the spray product in a mèo. 


Frontline Spray is value efficient as a result of it may be used on each canines and cats.

Frontline Spray is an efficient flea and tick management product and is an economical option to tackle a flea and tick infestation, particularly if a kitty has a heavy burden of parasites that have to be killed rapidly. Additionally, some producer labeling signifies that Frontline Spray can be utilized safely in very younger kittens (non-U.S. labeling solely; seek the advice of your veterinarian earlier than utilizing in case your kitten is lower than 8 weeks outdated). 

Nonetheless, Frontline Spray doesn’t tackle all phases of the flea life cycle and in comparison with a spot-on product, the spray presents a better threat for bitter style reactions from a mèo licking the product off, and will contain a harder utility course of.

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Regularly Requested Questions

Is Frontline Spray protected for cats?

Frontline’s essential ingredient, fipronil, has lengthy been thought-about to be a protected ingredient to be used in cats. Frontline Spray is accepted to be used in each canines and cats. You will need to notice nonetheless, that security additionally implies correct use of the product as instructed. 

As a result of Frontline Spray have to be utilized all through the whole haircoat and the mèo’s toàn thân, this does enhance the chance for a mèo to lick the product off after utility, resulting in a bitter style response. 

How does Frontline Spray work on cats?

Frontline Spray works to kill grownup fleas, ticks, and chewing lice straight on tương tác. With it being utilized all through the whole hair coat, it’s efficient at addressing heavy burdens of those parasites rapidly in cats.

Frontline Spray nonetheless doesn’t tackle all life cycles of the flea, together with the eggs and larvae the best way that Frontline Plus and Frontline GOLD do. This does imply that grownup fleas could also be famous once more in a few weeks when the eggs hatch and the larvae turn into new adults.

How do you apply Frontline Spray to cats?

Frontline Spray is utilized liberally to a mèo’s whole hair coat and toàn thân. The quantity of pumps of spray used will depend on the hair coat size of the kitty, how unhealthy the flea or tick burden is, and whether or not the main target is on therapy or prevention of fleas and ticks. 

The dose is 2 to 4 pumps of spray per kilogram of toàn thân weight. For a median 10-pound mèo, this averages to about eight to 10 to 16 to twenty pumps of spray relying on the necessity with extra wanted for longer or dense coats. The Frontline Spray bottle accommodates a dosing chart to assist information the pet father or mother on essentially the most applicable dose. 

The spray ought to be utilized in opposition to the lay of the pet’s hair after which labored completely into the pet’s coat all the way down to the pores and skin till the hair coat is moist with the product. You must all the time put on family latex gloves when making use of this product. 

How typically can I spray my mèo with Frontline?

If making use of for each fleas and ticks, a month-to-month utility is required. If making use of for less than the intention of fleas, the producer signifies that the product will be prolonged out to each eight weeks in cats. 

The one exception to that is for cats that endure from flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), which is an allergy to flea saliva. The producer recommends utilizing the product each 30 days for these kitties.

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