Yorkshire Terrier

Grooming Guide – Full Grooming Yorkshire Terier #44 – The Dog Lovers

brush Chris Christensen –
andis dryer –
comb –
blade 7FC –
blade 30 –
Oster A6 clipper – Heiniger Opal
Scissors –
Nail Clippers –
PSH shampoo silk –
chunkers –
curved scissors –
Chunkers – P&W Umberto Lehmann
Curved scissors – Jargem

Music – Mellow Relaxed Background Music byc Jonathan Dennil
Gobllins from Mars – Fireplace and Ice

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  1. Yo tengo un precioso perrito igual que ese, y también ya necesita un corte de pelo, y me gustaría yo cortarselo, tengo la máquina pero no me atrevo, necesito ir a una escuela graduarme y tener mi título! Porque se ve que es un trabajo de mucho cuidado.

  2. That is ABSOLUTELY the most attractive Yorkie cut I have ever seen. The face trim and shaping is so critical….. you did it perfectly! I just love it! Great work!!

  3. I have such a hard time trimming the fur on my puppies nose! It grows straight up in front of her eyes and she panics when the scissors are near her face. Also she's part yorkie part shitzhu so she has a much flatter face and her fur is very thick so its hard to work with. I bought small scissors but i need a third hand to cover her eyes so she cant see what im doing and jump

  4. You say Snap on Purple Comb. When buying hair clippers they are not always colored. From my experience most come with black combs and they are usually numbered. What number is the Purple Comb Please?

  5. This is a great demonstration thank you for showing us. But please, this little dog was very hot throughout this procedure. Panting hard the whole time. They have a higher body temperature than we do. Please keep in mind and be aware when they are in distress or uncomfortable with the temperature.

  6. Hola acabo de terminar mi curso de peluquería canina y tus videos paso a paso me ayudan bastante ya que tengo poca práctica.. Me podrias decir que número de recalce le has puesto? Gracias

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