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Heartgard Chewables for Cats is a thương hiệu of oral chewable pill heartworm prevention product containing the principle ingredient ivermectin and manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Well being. On this article, you’ll be taught what Heartgard is, what parasites it targets, the way it works, negative effects to search for and a few ceaselessly requested questions. 

Remedy Sort:

Macrocyclic lactone, avermectin antiparasitic

Prescription Required?:


Life Stage:

6 weeks of age or older

Model Names:

Heartgard Chewables for Cats

Obtainable Dosages:

55ug dose for cats weighing lower than 5lb; 165ug dose for cats weighing 5-15lb.

Expiration Vary:

Merchandise must be used earlier than the expiration on the bundle. Heartgard tablets must be saved at room temperature.

About Heartgard For Cats

Heartgard accommodates the principle ingredient ivermectin, which is an avermectin antiparasiticide that falls below the bigger household of the macrocyclic lactones class of antiparasitic medicine. 

Ivermectin works by binding to neuromuscular signaling channels in invertebrates referred to as glutamate-gated chloride ion channels. When it binds to those channels, it results in paralysis and dying of the parasite. 

Mammals, lượt thích canines, cats, and people, lack these particular glutamate-gated chloride ion channels, lending to a excessive diploma of security for this drug normally. 

Ivermectin has a broad spectrum of motion in opposition to many several types of inner parasites and a few exterior parasites in animals. In cats, Heartgard is FDA authorised for heartworm prevention, in addition to for the removing and management of intestinal hookworms. 

What Does Heartgard Do For Cats?

Heartgard Chewables for Cats is given as soon as a month to forestall heartworm an infection, in addition to get rid of and stop intestinal hookworms.

As an authorised heartworm preventive, Heartgard for Cats is used to forestall feline heartworm illness by eliminating the tissue stage of heartworm larvae.

Heartworm illness is brought on by the parasitic worm Dirofilaria immitis. Not like many parasitic worms, the heartworm shouldn’t be an intestinal parasite, however one which occupies the blood vessels close to the guts.

Heartworms are launched by means of an contaminated mosquito. The mosquito turns into contaminated after taking a blood meal from an contaminated canine, the place it acquires the primary stage larvae, referred to as microfilariae, which live all through the affected canine’s bloodstream. 

The heartworm larvae mature contained in the mosquito till they attain their third larval stage, which is the infectious stage. At this level, they dwell close to the mosquitos’ mouthparts, in order that when it bites its subsequent animal host, the infectious larvae can enter a brand new host. It’s at this level that cats change into affected. 

Though canines are the heartworm’s main host, cats can even develop an infection, although the character of their an infection does differ from canines. 

In cats, the infectious larvae grow to be stage 4 larvae over about two months. Not like in canines, the place the chambers of the guts are primarily focused as a residence by creating heartworms, therefore their title, in cats, the creating worms primarily phối up store within the blood vessels referred to as the pulmonary arteries. The principle pulmonary artery leaves the guts and branches off because it reaches the lungs, to offer the lung tissues with blood.

The ivermectin in Heartgard is primarily efficient in cats earlier on in opposition to this fourth larval stage, previous to creating into an grownup worm. On this means, if a mèo receives Heartgard often, or no less than in the course of the early stage of an infection, heartworm illness might be prevented.

Sadly in cats, there is no such thing as a secure or authorised remedy for killing grownup worms as soon as they totally mature. Heartgard is due to this fact not thought-about a remedy for totally developed heartworm illness in a mèo.

The hazard of heartworm illness in cats lies not within the quantity of worms a mèo might have, as most cats have six or fewer worms current. Not like canines, cats as an alternative have a excessive sensitivity to the presence of the worms. 

Cats develop an inflammatory response to the grownup worms, which is known as heartworm related respiratory illness, or HARD. This results in the dying of many of the worms, and induces modifications within the lungs that may typically be misinterpreted as bronchial asthma or bronchitis. 

Apart from these indicators, most cats endure this primary part of an infection.

The subsequent a part of heartworm illness that’s much more harmful for cats might not happen for 2 to a few years later, when the grownup heartworms attain the kết thúc of their lifespan and start to die. That is the part that will typically result in an acute and deadly lung damage that happens secondary to the mèo’s immune system reacting to even only one dying worm. 

As a result of heartworm illness in cats might typically go undetected (testing shouldn’t be as dependable in cats as it’s in canines), can have extreme penalties and has no secure remedy choices, use of preventive drugs lượt thích Heartgard is the principle method to addressing heartworm illness in cats.

Heartgard for Cats can be labeled for killing and stopping hookworms in cats. Cats are mainly affected by the hookworms Ancylostoma tubaeforme and Ancylostoma braziliense.

Hookworms are a sort of bloodsucking parasite that lives within the intestinal tract. Cats can get contaminated both by ingesting the newly hatched larvae within the atmosphere or when the larvae burrow into the pores and skin. People can even develop a situation referred to as larval migrans, the place hookworm larvae can penetrate the pores and skin inflicting itchy, irritating lesions.

Hookworms are commonest in overcrowded, heat, moist environments with poor sanitation. Younger kittens are extra typically affected by hookworms, with grownup cats generally exhibiting no apparent indicators that an an infection is current. 

The ivermectin in Heartgard is able to killing hookworms at any life stage. Additional infections might be prevented with steady Heartgard use. 

Facet Results Of Heartgard For Cats

Ivermectin has a really giant margin of security in cats. The MDR-1 mutation seen in some canines that may result in indicators of neurologic toxicity with ivermectin use shouldn’t be seen in cats. 

In line with the producer, scientific research involving greater than 3,000 doses of Heartgard for Cats confirmed indicators of vomiting and diarrhea in lower than 0.5%.

No opposed results have been seen in kittens getting about twice the advisable dosage and in grownup cats receiving about 4 instances the advisable dose.

A large margin of security has additionally been established at thrice the advisable dose in pregnant and breeding queens, in addition to breeding tomcats. 

Adversarial results brought on by large overdoses are usually seen inside 10 hours of ingestion. These indicators might embrace agitation and vocalizing, poor urge for food, tremors and disorientation. Neurologic indicators brought on by giant overdoses usually diminish over a number of days and most cats will fully get better inside two weeks to 1 month. 

In case you are ever involved that your kitty might have developed negative effects whereas utilizing Heartgard for Cats, or any oral preventive remedy, tương tác your veterinarian, the ASPCA Animal Poison Management Heart (1-888-426-4435) or Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) for additional recommendation. 

Using Heartgard is taken into account secure along with many different generally used merchandise, together with dewormers, vaccines and antibiotics, as noticed throughout scientific trials. Nonetheless, it’s at all times finest to debate the beginning of any new preventive remedy along with your vet together with any drugs your mèo might at the moment be taking. 

Heartgard For Cats Dosage

Heartgard for Cats is a palatable chewable pill which may be fed immediately or added to your mèo’s meals.

Heartgard is advisable just for use in cats no less than 6 weeks of age and older. 

The precise dosage of Heartgard is 10.9 micrograms (mcg) per pound. 

Heartgard for Cats is available in two dosage sizes for cats which are both lower than 5 kilos (55mcg) or cats that weigh between 5 and 15 kilos (165mcg). For cats that weigh greater than 15 kilos, the producer recommends combining tablets to succeed in the correct dosage. 

For instance, a mèo weighing 17 kilos would obtain a mix of the 5 to fifteen pound dose, plus a lower than 5 pound dose. A mèo weighing 21 kilos would obtain two of the 5 to fifteen pound doses.

Heartgard for Cats gives the most effective safety if given each 30 days. 

The producer does point out that Heartgard might be given seasonally, relying on the exercise degree of mosquitoes within the atmosphere. An preliminary dose should be given inside 30 days after a mèo’s first publicity to mosquitoes to nonetheless be capable of goal the stage 4 larvae. 

Likewise, a ultimate seasonal dose should be given 30 days after a mèo’s final publicity to mosquitoes. 

This “seasonal” methodology does change into problematic, as many individuals might underestimate when mosquitoes change into lively within the spring and the way late into the autumn they might persist. There may also be an amazing khuyến mãi of variability on the size of a “season” relying on the area. 

Mosquitoes do even have the potential skill to overwinter indoors with the suitable environmental situations. For this reason most veterinarians suggest utilizing a heartworm preventive year-round, even for indoor cats. 

For cats which have been confirmed to have lively heartworm illness current, the American Heartworm Society (AHS) has acknowledged that giving Heartgard month-to-month for 2 years might assist to cut back worm burden. Nonetheless, that is nonetheless not thought-about a remedy within the sense of with the ability to get rid of an infection. 

The Heartgard for Cats tablets are chewable. They are often given to a kitty by hand or added to meals. It is extremely vital to make sure that a mèo receives the complete dose. 

The producer recommends that if the chewable shouldn’t be chewed and eaten, and if handbook administration is required, that the chewable pill be damaged up into small items to be given. 

Meals must also be made available on the day of administration, as this helps with absorption of the remedy. 

If a dose is suspected to be misplaced, rejected (i.e., you discover the stays of the pill on the ground later as a result of your mèo spit it out), the producer recommends giving a second dose.


Heartgard for Cats is well known to be a secure and efficient remedy for the prevention of heartworm illness in cats. Nonetheless, as a preventive remedy that’s solely labeled for heartworms and hookworms, it does have a extra restricted spectrum of motion in comparison with another preventive drugs which are out there. 

Incessantly Requested Questions

Do indoor cats want Heartgard?

In brief, sure. It’s true that indoor cats are at a decrease danger from mosquito publicity than out of doors cats are. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a trang chính that may be fully proofed as a barrier in opposition to mosquitoes. In some research through the years, as many as 15 to 25% of heartworm-positive cats have been thought-about indoor cats, highlighting the chance that’s nonetheless current to indoor kitties. 

There are elements to heartworm illness in cats that make it a tough illness to diagnose and suggest remedy choices for. It’s additionally vital to keep in mind that a single worm might trigger a deadly response when it will definitely dies. 

Till that point, most contaminated cats are asymptomatic. Nonetheless, some cats additionally develop asthma-like signs earlier within the an infection that will result in a misdiagnosis.

Lacking a prognosis of heartworm in cats in widespread. Testing cats for heartworm is problematic, because the antigen take a look at solely detects a feminine worm. If a mèo has solely a single worm and if that worm is male, the mèo could have a unfavorable take a look at despite the fact that an an infection is current. The antibody take a look at signifies publicity, however not lively an infection. 

For these causes, heavy focus is positioned on prevention, and this consists of many veterinarians recommending year-round prevention even for indoor cats. 

Can I give Heartgard to cats?

Sure, however you will need to solely use Heartgard for Cats, which has dosage sizes which are applicable for cats. The Heartgard or Heartgard Plus tablets for canines shouldn’t be cut up up to be used in cats. 

The chewables are usually not scored, that means that the remedy shouldn’t be essentially evenly distributed between two ends of a pill. If a pill is damaged or cut up, the quantity of remedy within the subsequent items could also be extremely variable. This might result in an overdose of the remedy, or a subtherapeutic dose. 

What does Heartgard do for cats?

Heartgard for Cats is particularly labeled for the prevention of heartworms in cats, in addition to the remedy and management of hookworms. The ivermectin in Heartgard is efficient in killing the fourth-stage larvae of the heartworm, which is current inside the first two months of an infection. The producer recommends use inside 30 days of mosquito publicity for prevention of illness.

For cats which have totally mature heartworms current, there is no such thing as a remedy that may safely get rid of the an infection. Nonetheless, month-to-month use of Heartgard for 2 years has demonstrated a discount in worm burden.

Do cats want heartworm capsules?

Sure, cats must be on a heartworm preventive remedy. Heartworm illness in cats may be very harmful, because the dying of solely a single worm when it reaches the kết thúc of its life span in two to a few years can result in a deadly immune response within the pulmonary blood vessels supplying the lung tissues of an contaminated mèo. 

Heartworm related respiratory illness (HARD) might be simply confused with feline bronchial asthma or bronchitis, and prognosis of heartworm illness in cats is difficult as a result of testing being much less dependable in cats in comparison with canines. 

Even indoor cats must be on heartworm prevention, as a chunk from a single contaminated mosquito could cause illness and no trang chính might be totally proofed in opposition to mosquitoes. 

Though the producer of Heartgard gives pointers for seasonal use, the notion of mosquito “season” could also be completely different to completely different individuals. Many might misjudge how early mosquitoes might seem within the spring and the way lengthy they might persist within the fall. The “season” of mosquito presence may differ tremendously relying on the area of the nation, with some areas having mosquito presence year-round. 

Due to the insidious nature of heartworm illness in cats, its potential for inflicting an acutely deadly response in a mèo in any other case showing wholesome, the poor predictability of transmission seasons and the truth that there is no such thing as a remedy for cats with lively heartworm illness, many veterinarians suggest use of a heartworm preventive year-round.

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