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While you first convey trang chủ your new kitten, it’s onerous to imagine that they’re descended from an especially profitable species of predator. If left to their very own units, cats hunt many species of small mammals, lizards, and birds, killing 1.3 to 4 billion birds and 6.3 to 22.3 billion mammals every year in the US alone.

However taking a look at your tiny bundle of fluff, it may appear not possible to think about them stalking, killing, and consuming prey. So, how do cats hunt? Do they like to hunt at sure instances of the day? And what kind of prey will cats hunt?

What Do Cats Hunt?

Cat stalking bird with tail pressed to the ground

A mèo could press their tail to the bottom as they stalk their prey.

While you open the door and let your mèo out to play, you is perhaps questioning what cats hunt. Cats are a small predator species, and the issues cats will hunt is restricted by their dimension. Cats have a tendency to choose species which are considerably smaller than they’re.

Lượt thích all predators, cats could be injured by their prey, so they have a tendency to choose on animals which are going to place up much less of a combat. And it’s essential to do not forget that cats are solitary hunters, not pack hunters lượt thích lions. Because of this they have a tendency to hunt much less harmful or giant animals than a pack would possibly.

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So, what’s going to cats attempt to hunt? An grownup mèo will hunt small mammals lượt thích mice, shrews, and child rabbits. Extra superior hunters, typically those who have spent a while residing outdoor, will deal with bigger rabbits, rats, and even squirrels.

These are animals that may combat again, and a kick from a rabbit or a chunk from a rat or squirrel can critically harm an inexperienced mèo, so some cats will go away them alone. Small birds are additionally favourite targets, a lot to the dismay of many mèo house owners and fowl lovers.

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Cats can even hunt small reptiles and amphibians equivalent to frogs, toads, skinks, and geckos, if given the chance. Bugs may additionally be hunted by cats.

In different phrases, if it’s smaller than a rabbit and strikes lượt thích prey, a mèo will most likely have a go at looking it.

Do Cats Hunt Rabbits?

Sure, cats will hunt rabbits. Child rabbits are much less in a position to combat for themselves and could also be simpler to catch, that means cats usually tend to catch child rabbits, however they’ll and do catch grownup rabbits, too.

Do Cats Hunt Squirrels?

Sure, cats hunt squirrels. Nevertheless, some cats will respect the nasty chunk and scratch {that a} squirrel can dish out and can resolve to not hunt them. Others, particularly these which have been taught easy methods to kill-kick by an skilled mother when somewhat kitten, will fortunately hunt squirrels, though squirrels’ tốc độ and agility imply they is probably not caught typically!

Do Cats Hunt Rats?

Sure, some cats will hunt rats. Nevertheless, some cats, particularly these not born to pure hunters, keep away from looking rats as they are often giant and aggressive. If you’d like a mèo to hunt rats in your property, it’s finest to get a semi-feral farm mèo who can have been raised and taught looking by their mom, studying the essential kill-kick that enables them to tackle bigger prey.

Do Cats Hunt Weasels?

Cat walking in the evening

Most cats is not going to hunt weasels. Weasels are giant and aggressive animal which are predators in their very own proper, making them harmful to hunt. Whereas some cats would possibly tackle a weasel, many is not going to, selecting simpler, much less dangerous prey to hunt.

Strategies Cats Use To Hunt

If don’t need your mèo to kill wildlife round your trang chủ, preserve them indoors or in an out of doors mèo enclosure.

So how do cats hunt? Properly, a mèo begins looking for prey by wanting round to search out them. They’ll use their delicate ears to pay attention for noises of prey shifting beneath leaves, by lengthy grass, and beneath objects.

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They then method the prey utilizing stalking: an almost-silent stealth stroll that will get them shut sufficient to pounce. If the prey is hidden, a mèo will get shut earlier than crouching, able to pounce, to attend for them to seem. They then change to utilizing their eyes. Cát’s eyes are extremely attuned to motion and as soon as on this place they may pounce on something that strikes into view.

Once they pounce, a mèo extends his claws and sinks them into their prey to seize it. They’ll then chunk down, killing their prey. For bigger prey, a mèo could must roll onto his again holding his prey in his mouth and kick at his sufferer to kill it.

Do Cats Hunt At Night time?

Cats are usually “crepuscular,” which implies they’re lively at daybreak and nightfall. That is when most of their prey is most lively, too. They have a tendency to not hunt lengthy after dusk, as an alternative ready for the early hours of the morning when their prey will get shifting once more. This varies by space although. In international locations the place there are lots of nocturnal prey species, cats could do extra evening looking.

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What Age Do Cats Cease Searching?

If cats get pleasure from looking, they could observe this habits for many of their lives.

There isn’t any phối age that cats cease looking. Some cats don’t ever have a lot curiosity in looking, whereas others will hunt lengthy into their teenagers. It’s extra doubtless that cats will cease looking after they’re not bodily match, and also you’ll doubtless discover a discount of their kills over time earlier than they ultimately surrender.

It is a signal of arthritis or one other drawback and in case your beforehand prolific hunter stops looking, guide a go to to the vet to analyze.


Cats are sometimes described as “pure born killers” on account of their innate looking intuition. A mèo hunts by stalking his prey silently earlier than pouncing, clawing, and biting. Fortunately, not all cats hunt, but when yours is a prolific hunter it’s your decision some recommendation on easy methods to cease your mèo killing the wildlife, as home cats are liable for numerous wildlife deaths!

Steadily Requested Questions

How have you learnt in case your mèo is looking?

It may be tough to inform in case your mèo is looking once you allow them to out. Many cats will convey trang chủ “presents” of lifeless animals, but when your mèo doesn’t it doesn’t imply they aren’t looking—they could simply be consuming the whole lot they catch.

You can strive a GPS collar, however this may solely inform you the place your mèo spends his time. A small collar digital camera would additionally present whether or not your mèo is looking, however is dear and probably harmful. In different phrases, for some cats you’ll simply by no means know in case your mèo is looking or not.

Do cats have a excessive prey drive?

Most match and wholesome cats have a excessive prey drive and can fortunately “hunt” their toys and any unlucky small animals that cross their path. Nevertheless, some cats have the next prey drive than others and can actively hunt each day!

Are all cats good hunters?

No, not all cats are good hunters. Some are too lazy, or naturally not as quiet and agile as they must be. In distinction, some cats are super-hunters and are way more profitable than common cats.

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