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As pet dad and mom, all of us wish to do what’s proper for our feline members of the family, whether or not it’s feeding them the appropriate cát meals or utilizing the right cát litter of their litter field. Typically, although, it’s not straightforward to inform whether or not one thing is secure, even when everybody’s doing it. Take catnip for instance. Are you aware what catnip is, the way it impacts cats, and if there’s a poisonous quantity? Let’s discover out the small print each cát proprietor ought to learn about catnip.

Fast Overview


Catnip is a herb from the mint household that accommodates nepetalactone.


Catnip can result in excitability or sedation relying on the person cát.


Catnip overdose could be very unlikely as a result of cats are inclined to stroll away from the plant once they’ve had sufficient.

What Is Catnip?

cat and catnip

You possibly can develop your individual catnip, or buy catnip toys, treats, or spays.

Catnip, often known as cát mint or Nepeta cataria, is a herbaceous plant belonging to the mint household. It’s a hardy perennial plant that grows and spreads fairly simply, simply lượt thích different mint varieties. It may be discovered all through the world in international locations with temperate climates, together with North America and Europe.

You would possibly develop catnip crops in your backyard or maybe in a planter or window field, however you too can get catnip sprays, catnip toys, and catnip treats. Catnip accommodates a compound known as nepetalactone, which is accountable for the impact on cats once they sniff the plant.

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How Does Catnip Have an effect on Cats?

cat rolling in catnip

Catnip can both make cats relaxed and affectionate or excited and playful.

Catnip has a fast and profound impact on cats once they odor it. Their pupils would possibly change into dilated, their ears would possibly lie flatter to their head, and their eyes would possibly dart round as they take every thing in. Your cát would possibly run round frantically, assault their very own tail, or have a sudden episode of scratching the furnishings or kangaroo kicking their favourite mushy toy.

So, catnip provides your cát a burst of vitality, proper? Nicely, not all the time! In truth, once they’ve been in liên hệ with catnip, some cats change into very relaxed and affectionate relatively than playful and skittish. These cats would possibly rub in opposition to surfaces or their proprietor’s legs, leaving their scent.

They could purr tons and provide you with affectionate headbutts (generally known as bunting). With regards to catnip, each cát is completely different. The impact is dependent upon their sensitivity and is perhaps extra dramatic in kittens.

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Is Catnip Secure For Cats?

cat sniffing catnip

Catnip is understood to be very secure for cats, though abdomen upset can happen if cats eat it in giant quantities.

Cats which have ingested or inhaled catnip can appear “excessive,” which could make you assume that, lượt thích many medicine, it might be harmful. Nonetheless, there’s no proof that catnip might be dangerous to your cát. Though an overdose is theoretically potential, cats don’t are typically extreme and can transfer away from the catnip after a brief interval.

Fortunately, the results of catnip are non permanent, normally lasting wherever from 5 minutes to half an hour. After this, your cát needs to be again to their regular self. Not all cats attempt to eat catnip—most are glad with the odor. But when your cát eats an excessive amount of catnip it would upset their abdomen, inflicting vomiting or diarrhea.

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How A lot Catnip Ought to You Give Your Cát?

cat and catnip plant

When you develop catnip, your cát can wander over for a sniff or nibble as typically as they lượt thích.

With regards to catnip, much less actually is extra as a result of slightly goes a good distance! Strive sprinkling slightly catnip on their toys, scratching posts, cát tree, or exercise heart to encourage extra vigorous and enthusiastic play. It’s also possible to purchase particular toys that include catnip or might be full of dried catnip.

This may be significantly helpful in case your cát must shed a couple of kilos by being extra energetic. Bear in mind, although, you solely want a small sprinkle. You may additionally discover that catnip helps your cát really feel extra relaxed or distracts them at occasions once they would usually really feel anxious. If that is so, you may sprinkle slightly of their cát service or cát mattress.

When you give a small quantity of catnip and discover there’s no impact, attempt giving slightly extra subsequent time—however that is unlikely! Some folks develop contemporary catnip and their cats assist themselves as and when they need.

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How Typically Can You Give Your Cát Catnip?

cat standing near catnip plant

The consequences of catnip could diminish if you happen to give it to your cát too typically.

It is perhaps tempting to offer your cát catnip day-after-day, particularly in case your cát appears to have numerous enjoyable or appears actually chilled. Nonetheless, the unhappy actuality of catnip is that the extra it’s used, the much less of an impact it has in your cát.

So, particularly if you happen to’re counting on it to fight habits points, it’s greatest to solely use it often, when it’s wanted. It’s additionally been instructed that overexposure to catnip may depart your cát feeling pissed off, which could result in different habits issues.

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In Abstract

cat sniffing catnip

In case your cát enjoys catnip, you may give it to them often for some enrichment and enjoyable.

It’s heartwarming to see your cát enjoying fortunately, and it may be fairly humorous, too! Fortunately, except your cát eats copious quantities of catnip, it shouldn’t trigger them any well being points. Nonetheless, in case your cát appears unwell, no matter whether or not they’ve had entry to catnip, it’s a good suggestion to talk to a veterinarian.

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Continuously Requested Questions

Is it OK to offer cats catnip day-after-day?

It’s completely wonderful to offer your cát catnip, typically. Nonetheless, it’s not a good suggestion to offer it day-after-day. It is because, the extra they’re uncovered to it, the much less of an impact it’ll have in your cát.

How typically can I give my cats catnip?

As an alternative of giving it day by day, it’s a greater concept to offer your cát catnip solely often, in order that it nonetheless has an impact. That is significantly vital if catnip improves your cát’s nervousness.

Are you able to give catnip too typically?

When you give catnip too typically, it received’t have such a profound impact. Your cát’s system will change into used to it and can fail to reply. As an alternative, give it occasionally to assist them take pleasure in playtime or to assist them chill out.

Can an excessive amount of catnip be dangerous to cats?

There isn’t any proof to recommend that catnip will trigger your cát any hurt. Fortunately, despite the fact that an overdose is feasible, cats appear to know when sufficient is sufficient and management their publicity.

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