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How Should you Potty Train a Yorkshire Terrier? This is the Secret Tips that No one Tells you.. – The Dog Lovers

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On this video, I’ve guided Yorkie homeowners with a step-by-step information on How one can practice your Yorkshire Terrier to poop and pee exterior the home.

These steps are simple and extremely efficient. Yorkies are good lap canine breeds and are very cute and energetic canine.

Potty Coaching a Yorkie is fairly easy however not simple. It might take the right method and instructions. Nevertheless it’s not that troublesome both.

Do you wish to Potty practice your Yorkshire terrier efficiently? Do watch this video and implement the steps that I’ve informed you about. I’m certain you’re going to get optimistic ends in 2-4 weeks itself.

It’s actually vital to potty practice your yorkie as you do not wish to clear their mess on a regular basis in the home. That may be too exhausting and disgusting as properly. You would wish your Yorkie to behave properly and study good manners.

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  1. My Yorkie is fully house trained. With my dog, it was the older dog who showed the younger dog. I would walk the younger one with the older one, and she basically copied the behaviour until it became a habit.

  2. Hello guys, I never owned a dog before! So excuse me for my stupid question. Do I have to go out the house to potty training. Can't I train him to do it in the toilet, it will be hard for me to go out every 2 or 3 hours.

  3. I don’t know if I would say blessed and this video went immediately off track by saying they are cute breed. ITS A DOG not a baby! Stop treating dogs like they are babies.

  4. My sister does not train her dog to poop or peed outside- she lock up all 4 of her Yorkie dog in a carrier and leave them all in her kitchen) if one of her Yorkie pee on her floor or carpet she lock them up in the carrier) and not let them out)

  5. We just got one of these she's adorable but she keeps shitting where she shouldn't and we have done all of this and been consistent. Should I shit in her bed to show her how it feels? 🤔

  6. What a great dogy.training ! Our 8 month old Goldendoodle loves. He even knows when comes on , because he knows Brandon's voice now.This book not only gives you Brandon's sure fire way to train your dog, it also gives you insight into what makes Brandon such an amazing trainer & the wonderful work he does with shelter animals.I highly recommend this book to all new & old puppy parents!

  7. I wished I never got my yorkie. She wont use a pee pad to save her life. She piddles everywhere. I could take her out, she'll pee 2 or 3 times and as soon as we get in she will pee on the carpet. This breed is not worth the work.

  8. hard to comment on this video, I disagree with some of the "advise". One thing for sure that I would never do is to set up an area in my house where the dog could do their business. Dogs should be trained to go outside every time, not part of the time. If you have a new puppy, make sure you keep an eye on it, and when the puppy pees or poops, tell them NO and then take them outside immediately. Regardless, I would take the puppy out every hour no matter what. If everyone in the house leaves, lock the dog in a laundry or utility room so if they have accidents, it will be done there.

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