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The sound of cát claws catching on comfy furnishings lượt thích the sofa or consuming chairs can phối our coronary coronary heart sinking. Some cats have an precise love of shredding curtains, chairs, and even carpets when the mood strikes them.

Quick Overview


Scratching is a typical and compulsory cát conduct that every one cats need for nicely being and well-being.


It’s doable to educate any cát to redirect scratching to cat-friendly devices lượt thích scratching posts.


Scratching deterrents can help defend your belongings when you find yourself instructing

Scratching may very well be an infuriating conduct for us to khuyễn mãi ưu đãi with as cát owners, nonetheless it is really a really common cát conduct that every one cats participate in to some extent. Cats can get pleasure from scratching on every horizontal and vertical surfaces counting on their alternative, or typically every.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Cats interact in scratching to talk to totally different cats, for prepare, and to take care of their nails healthful.

Scratching in cats is a khuông of communication. They use scratching to mark their territory, every inside and outside of the trang chính web page. When cats scratch, they go away seen scratch marks. For that purpose, scratch marks are generally in distinguished areas. That’s normally in a excessive visitors room throughout the trang chính web page, or close to the cát door to push again potential intruders.

Scratching moreover releases a robust scent onto the merchandise being scratched that tells totally different cats throughout the neighborhood whose territory they’re in. This helps cats to take care of to their very personal designated areas and in the reduction of fights. The scent, though potent, does have to be topped up ceaselessly so that’s another reason cats repeatedly return to the equivalent spot to scratch or mark.

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Cats moreover get pleasure from scratching—it helps to loosen up all their muscle tissues and feels good. You’ll normally uncover cats get pleasure from a terrific scratch after they stand up from a nap or after breakfast to help limber them up for the day’s actions.

Scratching helps to take care of claws sharp and to remove lifeless sections of nails. Nails are constantly rising and shedding, so scratching helps take away the elements which is perhaps not hooked as much as the nail mattress anymore. Do not be alarmed for many who uncover flakes of nails throughout the scratching submit, it’s not that the ground is simply too arduous or damaging, it’s a sign the submit is performing correctly at its duties.

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How Do You Get Your Mèo To Use A Scratching Put up?

With endurance and persistence, you could redirect your cát’s scratching to a selected scratching submit.

This course of takes time, endurance, and an acceptance that you can be nonetheless have numerous “accidents” all through teaching. The target is to redirect the scratching conduct out of your piece of furnishings onto a selected cát scratch submit.

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1. Deciding on The Correct Scratching Put up

Typically, a scratching submit must be a minimal of twice as tall as your cát.

It’s important for the scratching submit you choose to be sturdy. Throughout the wild cats would scratch on safe surfaces lượt thích bushes, so need one factor equally nonmobile throughout the trang chính web page. The scratching submit you choose must be able to be scratched with out being knocked over.

A cát will not use a scratching submit if it poses a risk of hurt to themselves. Light or fast scratch posts are generally ignored, so on this case, higher is unquestionably increased!

The scratching submit have to be tall enough for vertical scratching, as cats lượt thích to stretch out their entrance paws and dig their claws into their scratch ground. The scratch submit must be a minimal of twice as tall as your cát as a traditional info.

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2. Scratching Put up Positioning

At first, place the submit close to the issue you don’t want them to scratch (for example, the couch).

It sounds obvious, nonetheless putting the scratching submit in entrance of the piece of furnishings you are trying to guard may very well be really helpful. It gives an automatic totally different that must be preferable to your cát. Over time, you could apply your cát to utilize the submit and by no means your furnishings.

As a long-term goal, as quickly as scratching has moved onto the submit solely you could step-by-step (over numerous weeks to months) switch the scratching undergo a additional helpful location throughout the trang chính web page if wished.

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3. Amount Of Scratching Posts

The additional scratching posts you’ve got gotten the upper, nonetheless at a minimal, each cát must have their very personal.

Each cát in your trang chính web page will need their very personal scratching submit. Cats do not get pleasure from sharing, and it’s sophisticated to have two items of scents on one submit. Keep each scratching submit in a definite location throughout the trang chính web page.

When attempting to buy a model new scratch submit, understand that the perfect scratching posts are sturdy, sturdy, and made up of assorted provides, equal to carpet, sisal rope, or corrugated cardboard.  Utterly totally different provides and textures help simulate the variability cats would uncover exterior and encourage their use.

4. Pure Dietary dietary supplements

Cats sniffing each other introduction

Pheromones or catnip can help entice your cát to the model new scratching submit.

Pheromone diffusers like Feliway, Feliway Buddies, or Feliscratch are all helpful in teaching your cát to utilize a scratching submit. Feliway includes pure pheromones launched by the mother when kittens are youthful, and help cats of any age to settle down and actually really feel safer of their trang chính web page. This in flip helps to reduce scratching and marking.

Feliscratch is a topical decision that is utilized to scratch posts to encourage cats to utilize the scratching submit. When cats scratch, they launch a pheromone to mark their territory, and Feliscratch includes a similar pheromone.

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Cats scent the pheromone and it helps encourage them to take care of marking that spot fairly than return to earlier areas. Solely use Feliscratch in your scratching posts or scratching pad (it might presumably stain your furnishings), and apply the reply near the very best of the submit.

Catnip is an older strategy nonetheless can nonetheless be helpful in case your cát enjoys catnip. Inserting catnip on or throughout the cát scratching submit can encourage your cát to be severe about, play near, and even scratch on the submit as quickly because the catnip is of their system.

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5. Nail Trimming

Trim your cát’s nails fast to help decrease damage introduced on by scratching throughout the fallacious areas.

Trimming your cát’s nails fast can help defend your furnishings whereas actively making an attempt to redirect the conduct. Nail submitting can in the reduction of damage throughout the fast time interval. Ask your veterinarian for an illustration in case you might be unsure how quite a bit nail to clip, as taking an extreme quantity of may trigger your cát ache and the nail to bleed. You might as nicely convey your cát in to the vet clinic or a to a pet groomer in case you aren’t cozy trimming the nails your self.

Beware, cats are glorious at sharpening their claws, so nail clipping not a eternal restore. Cats moreover need their claws for climbing, defending themselves in fights, and grooming so this tip is more healthy suited to indoor-only cats whereas teaching is in progress.

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6. Protect Furnishings

Using a barrier may make your furnishings a lot much less attention-grabbing to scratch.

When cats scratch, they get pleasure from seeing their “artwork work” as a result of the over consequence. Using boundaries equal to Katsupreme scratching tape (accessible on Amazon) discourages cats from scratching by decreasing the attraction of scratching in that area. Katsupreme scratching tape has the extra benefit of being clear, so matches in with most trang chính web page decors.

In case you might be in tìm kiếm of a budget-friendly alternative, try masking the aspect of the sofa with a thick blanket. Chances are high you may wish to alter this ceaselessly.

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Even when Your Mèo Is Declawed, They Nonetheless Have the Ingrained Must Scratch

Declawing is not going to be a very helpful decision to scratching factors throughout the trang chính web page.

Declawing is the surgical elimination of the claws and nail beds of cats. This could be a nonreversible, eternal course of that is illegal in most European worldwide areas. Cats need their claws to protect themselves if going exterior and for normal actions equal to working, leaping, and grooming.

Even when your cát is declawed, they nonetheless have the ingrained have to scratch and launch scent to mark their trang chính web page so damage can occur over time. We do not advocate declawing as a solution to scratching factors in your trang chính web page.

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Any cát of any age could be taught to utilize a scratching submit.

It’s easier to educate your cát to utilize a scratching submit after they’re youthful; older cats can have trouble relearning the scratching conduct as quickly as established. Nonetheless, it is nonetheless very doable to educate any cát regardless of age to utilize a scratching submit, and the outcomes may very well be very rewarding.

If in case you could have tried a lot of the concepts talked about above, and your cát stays to be scratching furnishings, it may very well be time to achieve out for expert help. A veterinary behaviorist may very well be the right particular person that can assist you with this topic.

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Repeatedly Requested Questions

Do cats scratch after they’re joyful?

Positive, cats scratch to talk with their owners or to draw consideration to themselves within the sự kiện that they should play with you. They’ll moreover scratch when harassed or excited, so learning their body toàn thân toàn thân language as a whole can help you choose their emotions.

How can I get my cát to stop scratching?

Scratching is common conduct for cats, so it’s best to give consideration to redirecting the scratching conduct onto cat-friendly devices lượt thích scratching posts and away out of your shredded sofa. Selecting the best scratching submit, and using pheromone sprays, Katsupreme scratching tape, or blankets to cowl furnishings, may very well be helpful.

What makes a terrific scratching submit?

A strong, sturdy building with fully totally different provides equal to sisal rope or corrugated cardboard to work together your cát’s curiosity. Some scratch posts have cát toys equal to mice or rope, and this encourages your cát to play and work along with the tower.

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