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How to Groom A Yorkie (Puppy Cut) Yorkshire Terrier – Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming – The Dog Lovers

This video covers every part you have to find out about grooming your Yorkshire Terrier. Each instrument, clip, and lower. A whole 37-minute tutorial video.

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  1. She is so precious! My yorkie (a rescue) doesn't like grooming so now I medicate him. I think it is helping. I don't know how much he was ever groomed. When he was turned in, he was matted to the skin, feet and all. So sad, but he's a wonderful pet for me!

  2. I have a 13 yr old yorkie and was planning in grooming him myself. You make it look so easy. I have always kept his hair long because it is so beautiful but it has been so hot in Texas that a short hait cut would be nice for a while. Thanks so.much.

  3. I have a Yorkie with Cushings Disease and I loved watching your video to get some kind of tips for keep his hair looking good as it falls out – sadly he has scabs and bumps all over him. His ears droop so I cannot do that but his face I will do like you did. He doesn't like he feet touched but I will attempt to do what you did on that!!! Very interesting and informative video!!! Thanks so very much!!!!

  4. I have a 12.5 year old Morkie who has a heart murmur. He also has a ruptured ligament on his back left leg which can’t be fixed because of the murmur. He’s always been groomed at a groomers but the last groom left him completely exhausted and he wasn’t himself for days after. I asked the groomer if they could just do his face and I would handle the rest and they said NO….🥺🥺🥺. I feel like taking him in now is risking his life and my vet agrees. I’m going to have to try and groom him myself but I have zero experience. Could you please recommend some clippers? I’m not willing to risk his life by taking him to a groomer. I’m very stressed about it all. His hair on his face grows too much to just leave it. Please recommend some clippers??!

  5. This is very helpful and enjoyable to watch for me. I found this video one of best on dog hair grooming. Excited to try on my pup. it would great if you can do a video on a mix yorkie poo being the their fur hair is so curly.. thanks so much.

  6. My lil Yorkie (Tinkerton) is watching this with me,,, and she periodically looks at me and says "oh! Its so cute that you think ima hold still for this! Try me! Ima wiggle away right outa here!" 😂😂

  7. This was by far the best Yorkie grooming video I have seen. My groomer is retiring and we have no groomers in our area. So I am left with having to learn a little grooming, thanks so much for this tutorial it's a huge help.

  8. Doing my freshly turned 17 year old Yorkie " Teddy" today. Or should I say, finishing the job. LOL He's just too old and fidgety now to bring him in for a groom…😔 ( even though he thinks he's still a pup ) I try 2 do lil man's bath and haircuts myself.

    Any tips on comforting a little guy when bathing/grooming ?🤔

  9. Awesome video. Such a great tutorial! The blade numbers can be confusing. I almost think it's better to name the comb numbers AND the length they represent as different brands have different numbers. Thank you so very much!

  10. This is a great video. I love our groomer and she’s getting up in age. I don’t know who else I would consider taking my yorkies to, but I learned a lot. I would love to be able to just clean up around their eyes, ears, pads, and sanitary area sometimes between visits to the groomer. I just don’t know if I want to get the table and all for that. I will have to decide. I don’t have a lot of storage area in the house we are currently in until we build and hopefully that will be fairly soon.

  11. Thank you for the best video I have seen/found on grooming a Yorkie with the puppy cut. If I did not know better I would have thought you were grooming my baby. :-). The coloring is exactly the same. I cut my dogs hair and watching this i see what I was doing wrong…next time I will comb the hair against the way it lays. I enjoyed your calm explanations and especially that you could film this in a half hour…..all the other videos I have seen are 2-3 hrs long and a lot of chatter about how great they (the groomer) are and how bad the owners are. Thank you!!!

  12. One of the best how-to groom videos. With Covid I've needed to save money and groom my yorkie at home. Always need reminders on how to do his face.
    My pup and I thank you!

  13. I followed this video step by step and did great until I got to the face. My Yorkies hair was super long and it doesn’t really show how to shape the face when the hair is overgrown. Other than that I thought it was a good video.

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