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Itraconazole is an oral antifungal treatment utilized in cats primarily to deal with the fungal an infection often called ringworm. On this article, you’ll study what itraconazole is, the way it works, the kinds of fungal infections it targets, unwanted side effects to look out for, and a few steadily requested questions.

Medicine Sort:

Azole, antifungal


Capsules, oral resolution

Prescription Required?:


FDA Accredited?:

Sure (solely Itrafungol model)

Life Stage:

Security has been evaluated in cats as younger as 9 to 10 weeks outdated.

Model Names:

Itrafungol, Sporanox

Widespread Names:


Out there Dosages:

Itrafungol oral resolution: 10mg/ml in 52ml; capsules: 100mg; Sporanox oral resolution: 10mg/ml in 150ml

Expiration Vary:

All treatment types must be saved at lower than 77 levels F (25 levels C). Veterinary labeled resolution and capsules also needs to be saved above 59 levels F (15 levels C).

About Itraconazole For Cats

Itraconazole is classed as a fungistatic triazole compound. It really works by inhibiting an enzyme that produces a part of the fungal cell wall, thereby severely weakening prone fungi.

Itraconazole has exercise in opposition to a number of kinds of fungi, together with yeasts and dermatophytes, the latter being the causative brokers of ringworm of which Microsporum canis is the first concern in cats. Further fungi it has efficacy in opposition to embody Candida spp, Aspergillus, spp, Cryptococcus spp, Histoplasma spp, and Blastomyces spp

The veterinary product Itrafungol is an oral resolution of itraconazole that’s labeled to be used in cats. Sporonox is a human model which will additionally generally be used. 

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What Does Itraconazole Do For Cats?

In cats, itraconazole is FDA permitted to be used to deal with ringworm, or dermatophytosis, brought on by Microsporum canis. There are a couple of species of dermatophyte fungi that may trigger ringworm, however Microsporum canis is the commonest and principal causative agent in cats. Microsporum canis causes a khung of ringworm that’s transmissible to each canine and to people.

Opposite to its deceptive identify, ringworm is brought on by a fungus. Its frequent look could also be as single or a number of areas of hair loss and crusting on a cát’s pores and skin. It may be discovered particularly on the areas of the top, face, and ears, as inquisitive cats could decide the fungus up when testing darkish moist places the place it tends to exist naturally. The fungal spores can thrive on surfaces for 12 to 18 months.

Ringworm may also be transmitted by direct tương tác with one other cát or different animal that’s at the moment contaminated. In cats, particularly longhaired cats, a provider state may additionally exist the place a cát can harbor and infect different animals and other people by tương tác, regardless that no pores and skin lesions or hair loss could also be seen.

In some circumstances the place single lesions are discovered, it could be frequent to make use of a topical cream or lotion containing an antifungal agent. 

If a number of lesions are current or if there’s concern {that a} cát could also be a provider, extra complete remedy is employed, with itraconazole being a type of remedy choices. Different remedy measures could embody continued use of topical therapies, bathing with an antifungal shampoo or a product referred to as lime sulfur dip.

Therapy of ringworm in cats, together with clearing a provider state, is usually profitable, however typically requires therapy for a number of weeks to a few months with recheck testing of fungal cultures or polymerase chain response (PCR) testing.

Whereas an off-label use, itraconazole may additionally be used for pores and skin infections involving Malassezia yeast fungi that trigger pores and skin dermatitis and infections. 

There are some much less frequent kinds of fungal infections in cats that itraconazole may additionally be used for in an off-label method, together with aspergillosis, cryptococcosis, coccidioidomycosis, sporotrichosis, blastomycosis, and histoplasmosis. 

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Facet Results Of Itraconazole For Cats

Itraconazole is primarily used to deal with ringworm in cats.

In cats, the commonest adversarial results of itraconazole use embody predominantly gastrointestinal results lượt thích decreased urge for food, vomiting, diarrhea, elevated drooling, and weight reduction.

Itraconazole’s unwanted side effects in cats seem like dose-dependent. At larger doses, GI unwanted side effects could also be extra probably and extreme, and indicators of liver toxicity have been reported extra typically. In some research, elevated ALT, a liver lab work worth, was present in 13% of cats, whereas in others, no cats had elevations at acceptable doses. Cats on larger doses have been discovered to have liver considerations about 30% of the time. 

It’s common to kiểm tra liver values whereas utilizing itraconazole, particularly if any indicators of digestive upset have occurred. As a result of results are thought-about dose dependent, the treatment could also be discontinued till liver values have returned to regular, then restarted at a decrease or less- frequent dose. 

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Itraconazole For Cats Dosage

The FDA-approved, labeled dosage for itraconazole (Itrafungol) for cats to deal with Microsporum canis is 5 milligrams/kilogram by mouth given as soon as every day for seven days on alternating weeks for 3 therapy cycles.

The veterinary-labeled oral resolution Itrafungol will be given with or with out meals. The human-labeled oral resolution (Sporanox) is usually suggested to be given with out meals to help in higher absorption. 

How Lengthy For Itraconazole to Work in Cats?

Cats are basically handled on weeks one, three, and 5, and left untreated weeks two and 4. 

Each of the FDA-approved manufacturers, Itrafungol (permitted for cats) and Sporanox (permitted for individuals), seem to have excessive bioavailability in cats. The human capsules should not absorbed as nicely in cats and their dosage measurement will far exceed the wanted dose for many cats, making liquid types extra sensible and efficient.

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Generally, if ringworm is discovered on one cát in a family of a number of cats, all cats ought to obtain administration of itraconazole therapy collectively on the identical time, as an asymptomatic provider state in one of many cats is at all times doable. Treating one cát and never all could lead to a ringworm an infection not resolving as anticipated or being reacquired. 

Doses for different kinds of fungal infections can rely vastly on what organism is current and must be as much as a veterinarian’s discretion.

As a result of ringworm can resemble a lot of different pores and skin situations that aren’t brought on by Microsporum canis, it is rather essential to at all times have a analysis based mostly on testing by a veterinarian earlier than beginning itraconazole. 

Fungal infections can take a very long time to deal with, typically requiring a number of weeks of treatment. It is vitally essential to at all times proceed therapy as directed, even when seen hair loss or different lesions in your cát’s pores and skin and fur seem to have resolved. Persevering with therapy no less than one month past a unfavourable ringworm tradition or PCR is the final normal.

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Compounded Itraconazole For Cats

Compounded itraconazole shouldn’t be used to deal with cats with ringworm because it has been discovered to be much less efficient than  the FDA-approved manufacturers.

Compounding drugs is quite common in veterinary medication, because it permits us to offer medical remedy for our animal sufferers by totally different dosage routes, or make dosing simpler based mostly on the khung of a drugs or its taste.

Nonetheless, within the case of itraconazole particularly, it has been really useful to not use a compounded khung, as research have proven that these types are far much less bioavailable and fewer efficient than FDA-approved manufacturers. 

Itrafungol, the model FDA permitted for cats, additionally comes with a dosing syringe that permits for many correct dosing in cats, which is essential given the next danger of unwanted side effects with inappropriate doses. 

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Itraconazole is a typical antifungal treatment utilized in cats, predominantly to deal with cats with a ringworm fungal an infection which have a number of lesions or a provider state. Though GI and liver results can happen, they look like very dose-dependent in cats. The FDA-approved model Itrafungol is really useful for the perfect efficacy and security. 

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

What does itraconazole deal with in cats?

Itraconazole is labeled to be used in treating the ringworm/dermatophyte fungus Microsporum canis in cats. The model Itrafungol is FDA permitted for this use in cats. Off-label, itraconazole will be efficient in treating a wide range of different fungal infections brought on by different fungal organisms. 

How lengthy does itraconazole take to work in cats?

The FDA-approved manufacturers are extremely bioavailable in cats however as a result of the drug has a protracted half-life, could not attain acceptable concentrations for as much as one week. 

For ringworm, most individuals will see noticeable enchancment and even decision of hair loss, crusting, or different indicators after the primary month of therapy. Nonetheless, it’s at all times essential to base additional therapy on repeat testing to make sure therapy is just not discontinued too early, which might result in recurrence.

Is itraconazole secure for cats?

The model Itrafungol, which is FDA-approved for cats, seems to be well-tolerated on the acceptable doses. This model features a dosing syringe for correct dosing. Uncomfortable side effects and toxicity of intraconazole seems in cats to be very dose dependent, highlighting the significance of correct dosing underneath a veterinarian. 

If unwanted side effects are seen, it could be doable to discontinue the drug briefly and restart it at a decrease dose or frequency. 

How do you give a cát itraconazole?

The best dosage khung for cats is among the FDA-approved liquid options. Capsule types are a lot much less bioavailable in cats, and compounded types of the treatment have additionally proved to be much less efficient from decreased absorption.

The liquid resolution permitted for cats will be given with or with out meals, which means that it might be given instantly by mouth utilizing the included syringe, or doubtlessly instantly on meals if a cát will eat it shortly after.

It has been famous that the FDA-approved human model Sporanox is best given with out meals, which means this resolution khung is greatest given instantly by mouth no less than one hour earlier than or after a meal, for greatest absorption.

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