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Kitty Talks Dogs: grooming Lou-anne the Yorkshire Terrier | TRANSGROOM – The Dog Lovers

Kitty Talks Canine – Licensed Grasp Groomer Kitty Dekeersgieter guides you thru how she grooms Lou-anne the 5-month-old Yorkshire Terrier pet. When you’ve got any questions or solutions, please write them within the feedback!

Discover all merchandise used right here:

– Making ready the merchandise 0:38
– First brush by 2:48
– Clipping: between the pads, the information of the Yorkie ears and the bottom 4:23
– Cleansing the canine’s eyes and ears 8:10
– Clipping the canine’s nails 11:10
– Bathing the canine 12:38
– Drying the canine and brushing out the coat 21:54
– Forming the highest knot and high line 25:49
– Scissoring the canine’s paws 29:02

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  1. I'm so happy I find your channel 😍 I have now 3,5 months old yorkie puppy 😍 The product will be international shipped? I live in Czech Republic. Thank you! 💖💖💖

  2. Very nicely explain, I have my little love Sketch and your video is the best I ever seen, because you really take the time to explain and you do it with your heart which is important for us that we love our little companion. Thank you very much and God bless you always

  3. I bathed my boy yesterday and every muscle in my body hurts from chasing him all over the tub. I never thought of making him sit. Thank you so much, I’ll give that a try. Lou An learned very fast, she’s more cooperative than my little monster. He’s a black and white Boston/Brussels Griffon, I shave him smooth. You’re English is perfect and I love your accent. My parents were from Scotland and emigrated to Canada then had me. I much prefer your accent 😂 They never lost theirs and it didn’t help when the relatives showed up every summer and they refreshed it.
    I love your channel, thank you for sharing your amazing videos.

  4. I see that Lou-Anne is receiving a different product than another video. Do you like this product or HYDRA better for two coated dogs? I have/had Pomeranian's and would like to know which you prefer to use all the time. I have my dog(s) groomed once or twice a month. Thanks 😊 Kit

  5. im so glad i found this channel, im sad it took me so long, i am a groomer, been doing it for almost a year now, where im from the most common dog is a poodle so i have alot of practice on them, im not amazing on them but im confident with the cut, but because of that i lack experience on other dogs breeds and hair coats and cuts. im finding the vids very helpful

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