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Various essentially the most irritating behaviours {{that a}} mèo proprietor could encounter are these associated to the litter subject.  Or further exactly, these associated to not using the litter subject.  A mèo not using the litter subject is a big provide of stress and sometimes resentment.  It’s easy to slip into the entice of contemplating that your mèo is behaving in a particular choice to bother you.  It’s important to understand that cats don’t have the cognitive construction to plan to utilize harmful behaviours in a choice to significantly ship you a message.  As an alternative, we have got to take a look at what throughout the environment is most actually triggering the behaviour change.

Sometimes a sudden change in litter subject behaviour is an indication that your mèo is experiencing distress after they’re using the litter subject.  It’s important to take your mèo to the vet instantly to đánh giá for infections or totally different medical points as just a few of those is perhaps life threatening and progress quickly.  Once you’ve dominated out a effectively being topic listed below are a variety of primary gadgets to đánh giá and alter when your mèo isn’t using the litter subject.

Number of Litter Containers

A primary rule for litter packing containers is that there must be one for every mèo within the home page, plus one.  So in a single mèo trang chính it is best to have two litter packing containers.  A 3 mèo trang chính, 4.  There are a lot of exceptions to this rule and also you perceive your mèo’s behaviour, nonetheless your mèo could have further litter packing containers if there are modifications throughout the relationships with the other cats throughout the trang chính or because of they’re getting older and having one in a greater location to the place they lượt thích to sleep could also be useful.

Cleanliness of Containers

Cats have very delicate senses of odor and so they’re very concerned with retaining clear.  Even a barely dirty litter subject could also be too offensive in your mèo to utilize.  Litter packing containers must be cleaned every day, nevertheless relying in your mèo(s) cleaning twice every day will be the essential factor to retaining them pleased with their litter subject.  One different trick is to take the quilt off a lined subject.  A cover traps in scent and humidity.  When the litter can dry there shall be a lot much less odor and micro organism.

Form of Litter

There are a whole lot of a number of sorts of litter within the market and discovering one which works for every you and your mèo may take a little bit of little little bit of trial and error.  When uncertain use what your mèo is used to.  A sudden change in odor or actually really feel of litter may put your mèo off.  Most cats lượt thích consistency so in the event you want to effectively change litter types you’ll want to introduce the model new litter slowly – start mixing the model new litter in with the outdated and step-by-step enhance the proportion of current litter over a interval of about two weeks.  In my experience the best and least costly form of litter to utilize is clumping clay litter, because of it could be cleaned merely.  Dwelling in a small condominium I’ve not too way back switched to a barely costlier recycled newspaper form of litter because of it doesn’t observe as far – no further litter throughout the couch cushions!

Discipline Location

Is your litter subject positioned neatly out of sight in a basement or distant room within the home page?  Is there only one path to get to it in a multi-cat household?  The position of your litter subject can play a large place in how probably your mèo is to utilize it.  When the sphere it too distant your mèo may want to find a applicable totally different in situations of need.  This can be significantly associated you most likely have a timid mèo that will not be daring adequate to get to the sphere if one factor loud or new is happening in that part of the home page.  In multi-cat households the additional assertive cats may try and monopolize the litter subject by harassing totally different cats after they attempt to make use of it.  Making certain your litter subject is accessible by a few route and having a variety of packing containers is an easy decision to this draw back.


Jenna Cheal, Ph.D. is an experimental psychologist who loves cats and analyzing mèo behaviour.  She makes use of her in depth background in understanding the causes of behaviour to produce simple choices to a ramification of mèo behaviour factors.  Jenna (aka The Mèo Psychologist) lives in Toronto, Ontario collectively along with her companion and two most interesting cat-friends, Andes and Bolivar.

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