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Male or Female Yorkshire Terrier? Which One For You? – The Dog Lovers

Having to decide on a Yorkie will be arduous. Male or Feminine? This video provides you the data you might want to decide that works greatest for you and/or your loved ones.

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  1. I don't find the info credible, it just depends on their own unique personality and training. My boy Teddy was a bit sturdier than his sis but both both sexes make great loving family members.

  2. I have a female yorkie she’s exactly 3.8 pounds and is the sweetest little thing you’ll meet. She has been easy to train, passes every training program she attends. Most of the female Yorkies I’ve encountered seem to mature faster than males.

  3. My male yorkie is 6.2 lbs. He becomes a little aggressive after being neutered. He stopped marking in the house but still does it outdoor. Potty training was fairly easy with. He isn’t that independent. He behaves very well to other dogs in public but becomes territorial at home. He is more attached to dad. He’s very smart but can be stubborn at times. He sheds very little but the hair can become matted if not brushed or incorrectly brushed. Overall, he’s a joy.

  4. I have a Male Yorkie he’s only 3lbs he’s not independent. I had no problem training him. I think you going off your experience. This video isn’t true. It all depends on the Yorkie not every Yorkie is the same. I would def and plan on getting another Male Yorkie

  5. Actually, your information is quite the opposite in my experience. My male yorkie is a little bit taller, but weighs much less than my female. He also eats much less. As for independence….he's more attached to me than anything. Males tend to attach themselves to the female human and the female dog attaches herself to the male human. My female yorkie is small, but weighs more because she loves to eat. She is also much more independent than my male yorkie.

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