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You might be cleansing out the litterbox and see that your cát’s stool is small, dry, and exhausting. Your cát might be constipated. The primary remedy most individuals consider is Metamucil. It really works for people, so does it work for cats, too?

The quick reply is that sure, Metamucil can work for cats. Preserve studying for the main points on security, dosing, and extra.

However earlier than we discuss Metamucil, let’s be taught a little bit extra about constipation in cats.

Signs And Indicators Of Constipation In Cats

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Constipation is outlined as rare bowel actions or issue in passing feces. You may even see your cát straining within the litterbox with an arched again and a painful meow. The poop within the field might seem exhausting and dry, generally there’s blood on the stool. With some cats, your cát might have diarrhea. This will occur when there’s a fecal impaction and watery diarrhea passes across the fecal ball.

Many cats are personal about their bowel actions and run away every time anybody approaches the litterbox. This will make it exhausting for cát homeowners to appreciate their cát is affected by constipation.

Make it a behavior to wash the litter field each one to 2 days. Should you discover a lower within the quantity of poop within the field or if the stool could be very dry and small, your cát could also be constipated.

When cats have a tough time pooping, they could affiliate the ache and issue with the litter field. It’s not unusual for cats affected by constipation to defecate outdoors the litter field. It might be subsequent to the field, of their mattress, or in a nook of your own home.

Causes Of Constipation In Cats

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Constipated cats are sometimes dehydrated. One of many colon’s jobs is to soak up water from waste materials. In case your kitty is dehydrated, the colon pulls extra water out of the waste, creating exhausting, dry fecal materials.

Dehydration is commonly brought on by one other underlying medical situation akin to kidney illness or diabetes mellitus.

Cats that spend lots of time grooming, particularly lengthy haired cats, might develop hairballs. The hairballs could also be vomited or move by way of the intestines into the colon the place they combine with stool and result in issues with defecation.

Mèo constipation can be because of a mechanical obstruction within the decrease GI tract. Fractures within the pelvis can compress the colon making passage of fecal materials troublesome. Polyps or plenty within the colon also can result in a partial or full obstruction within the colon.

Problems Of Continual Constipation

Feline Idiopathic Cystitis Symptoms

Continual constipation generally is a very critical medical situation. When a cát isn’t capable of move stool in any respect, the time period obstipation is used.

Obstipation can result in absorption of bacterial toxins from the stool into the blood stream, inflicting endotoxemia. Endotoxemia causes lethargy, anorexia, and in extreme instances, organ harm which may be life threatening.

Continual constipation and obstipation also can trigger irreversible harm to the muscle tissue and nerves within the colon. Over time, megacolon might develop.

Megacolon is a major problem by which the colon is dilated and unable to contract to expel fecal materials. In extreme instances, the colon might have to be eliminated.

What Is Metamucil?

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Metamucil is the tên thương hiệu of a fiber complement that accommodates psyllium husk. Psyllium is handed by way of the digestive system and absorbs water.

It will increase fecal mass, softens the stools, and stimulates contractions within the colon to assist push stool out. Metamucil is protected to make use of in cats and it’s available over-the-counter at drug shops, grocery shops, and superstores akin to Walmart and Goal.

There’s an unflavored model that may be combined with meals.

Metamucil Dosage For Cats

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Many cats expertise recurring episodes of feline idiopathic cystitis. Lengthy-term administration may also help to forestall these repeated episodes.

The beginning dose for cats is ¼ teaspoon as soon as every day for cats beneath 8 kilos and ¼ teaspoon twice every day for cats eight kilos and over.

Should you don’t discover an enchancment, you possibly can improve the dose by 1/8 -1/4 teaspoon.

You must see an enchancment within the stools inside a number of days if it’ll be efficient. Metamucil could be very protected in cats. If an excessive amount of is given, cats might expertise stomach ache and/or diarrhea.

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Should you see these indicators growing, cut back the dose or discontinue fully. Psyllium can also be obtainable in a capsule khung.

The capsules might comprise 500mg or 1000mg, so ensure you learn the bottle fastidiously. The common cát over 8 kilos ought to obtain 500mg per day. You possibly can both give the capsule entire or open the capsule and blend it with meals.

Cats beneath 8 kilos ought to obtain 250mg psyllium per day. Since it isn’t obtainable on this energy, you possibly can open the capsule and blend roughly ½ of the powder within the capsule with meals.

Is Metamucil Secure For Lengthy-Time period Use?

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Fiber dietary supplements akin to psyllium and Metamucil don’t work for each cát and will not be really helpful for long run use. The elevated bulk of the stool can result in dehydration and may worsen constipation with time. Cats with power constipation normally have an underlying medical trigger.

Potential medical causes embrace power kidney illness inflicting dehydration which ends up in constipation, compression of the colon from different inner components akin to an enlarged bladder or prostate, enlarged lymph nodes, or trauma to the pelvic canal, a progress within the colon, or megacolon – a situation by which the colon now not contracts to push stool out.

In all of those instances, long run use of fiber components will make the situation worse.

Alternate options To Metamucil For Cats

Alternatives to Metamucil for Cats

Metamucil isn’t the one dietary fiber additive or constipation remedy that’s protected for cats.

MiraLAX is an efficient over-the-counter various to Metamucil or psyllium. The lively ingredient in MiraLAX is polyethylene glycol 3350.

I do know polyethylene glycol sounds scary, however it’s a very protected product and isn’t readily absorbed into the bloodstream.

MiraLAX works as an osmotic diuretic, which means it pulls fluid into the stool to melt it. There’s a vast dose vary – I normally suggest beginning with 1/8 teaspoon twice every day and regularly growing it if wanted with a most dose of 1 teaspoon twice every day.

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If the dose is simply too excessive, your cát might develop diarrhea, nausea, or stomach ache. MiraLAX comes both in an orange taste or as a tasteless powder and may be combined together with your cát’s meals for simple administration.

You too can combine it in water and syringe it into your cát’s mouth. MiraLAX ought to have a laxative impact inside one to 3 days.

When you’ve got tried the over-the-counter treatments and your cát continues to be solely passing small, dry, exhausting feces, a visit to your veterinarian is so as.

Home page Treatments For Constipation

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The very first thing to attempt to assist your constipated cát is to extend his water consumption. Loads of cats don’t lượt thích ingesting out of small bowls. Use a bigger bowl in order that the whiskers don’t contact the sting of the bowl. Different cats desire working water.

Some cát homeowners will run the faucet a number of instances a day to permit their kitty to drink. Kitty water fountains are additionally obtainable in order that your cát all the time has a supply of working water. Common cleansing of water fountains are necessary to forestall mildew and algae.

A high-fiber weight loss program also can assist with constipation. A spoonful of canned pumpkin as soon as a day is an efficient supply of fiber.

You may additionally be capable of discover good high quality over-the-counter high-fiber weight loss program. Commercially obtainable hairball diets are inclined to have the next fiber nội dung and could also be useful to assist with constipation.

Veterinary Remedy Of Constipation In Cats

Your vet might suggest stomach x-rays to see how a lot stool is within the colon, decide if the colon is dilated (as within the case of megacolon) or if there’s a bodily obstruction inflicting constipation.

She might suggest blood checks to find out if there’s an underlying reason behind dehydration, akin to kidney illness. She might suggest fluids to assist rehydrate your cát and will probably give a heat water enema. (Please notice, I don’t advise giving your cát an enema at trang chính.

Sure enemas comprise phosphate which might kill cats and if an enema isn’t executed appropriately, tears within the colon can happen.

Your veterinarian might prescribe lactulose. Lactulose is a candy liquid that will increase the quantity of water in feces in order that it doesn’t grow to be agency and dry.


Fiber dietary supplements, akin to Metamucil, are protected and simple to seek out. They may also help relieve minor episodes of constipation in most cats.

Don’t overlook to ensure your cát is ingesting sufficient water to forestall dehydration and liên hệ your veterinarian if the situation doesn’t enhance inside a number of days.

Regularly Requested Questions

How a lot Metamucil can I give my cát for constipation?

In case your cát is beneath 8 kilos, begin with ¼ teaspoon as soon as a day. In case your cát is over 8 kilos, give ¼ teaspoon twice a day. Search for unflavored powder and blend with canned meals. Cats eight kilos and over can obtain 500mg per day.

Cats beneath eight kilos can obtain 250mg per day. Psyllium is normally obtainable in 500mg and 1000mg capsules. I like to recommend to seek out the 500mg capsules. Open the capsules and blend the powder within the capsule with canned meals.

With smaller cats (beneath eight kilos) use your finest judgment to combine in roughly ½ of a 500mg capsule with meals.

What are you able to give your cát for constipation?

In case your cát is constipated, crucial factor is to extend his or her water consumption. Be sure there’s contemporary water and your cát is ingesting it. Feed canned meals, which has the next nội dung than dry meals.

You too can strive over-the-counter remedies for people, akin to Metamucil, psyllium, or MiraLAX. Don’t use stimulant laxatives, akin to Bisacodyl, Senna, or Castor oil in a cát. If you’re not sure if a product may be safely given, điện thoại tư vấn your veterinarian.

What is nice fiber for cats?

If you wish to improve the fiber nội dung on your cát, I like to recommend to start out with the meals. Over-the-counter weight reduction meals are inclined to have greater fiber contents. There are additionally many prescription meals obtainable by way of your veterinarian which have the next fiber nội dung.

If you wish to add fiber to deal with constipation, Metamucil or psyllium can be utilized quick time period. Long run use of those dietary supplements isn’t really helpful as they will trigger dehydration and make constipation worse over time.

Will Metamucil damage cats?

Metamucil is protected to make use of as a brief time period answer for constipation. Metamucil will increase the majority of the stool within the colon. Over time, this could result in dehydration and may worsen constipation. If you don’t see an enchancment in your cát’s litter field habits after one to 2 weeks of Metamucil, liên hệ your veterinarian.

Will Metamucil assist my cát to poop?

Metamucil is a fiber complement. Fiber will increase the fecal mass, softens the stools, and stimulates contractions within the colon to assist push stool out. In case your cát has delicate constipation, Metamucil ought to assist. Nonetheless, in case your cát continues to be not capable of poop after a number of days of remedy with Metamucil, liên hệ your veterinarian. Your cát might have an obstruction or blockage stopping him from passing stool.

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