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Mirtazapine is a prescription urge for food stimulant generally utilized in veterinary medication for cats to encourage curiosity in meals, consuming, and to encourage weight acquire.

Manufacturers embrace Remeron and Mirataz. On this article, you’ll study what mirtazapine is, the way it works, completely different dosage kinds obtainable, potential unwanted side effects to watch for, and a few generally requested questions.

Medicine Kind:

5-HT3 (Serotonin) Receptor antagonist and tetracyclic antidepressent


Oral tablets, topical transdermal ointment

Prescription Required?:


FDA Authorized?:

On the topical transdermal ointment Mirataz is FDA accredited to be used in cats.

Life Stage:

Mirataz security research in cats included cats as younger as 7-10 months of age.

Model Names:

Mirataz, Remeron

Frequent Names:


Accessible Dosages:

Mirataz Transdermal Ointment: 100mg/tube in a 5g tube (20mg/gram); oral tablets: 7.5mg, 15mg, 30mg, and 45mg.

About Mirtazapine For Cats

Mirtazapine is assessed as a serotonin receptor antagonist and a tetracyclic antidepressant. Nevertheless, in cats it’s not used as a behavioral remedy, however extra for its advantages for encouraging urge for food and consuming.

Norepinephrine (NE) is a neurotransmitter which, amongst many different roles, does act at sure receptors within the toàn thân to extend urge for food. Mirtazapine is assumed to dam receptors that may cease NE’s launch. This results in a rise in NE, and a subsequent improve in urge for food.

Mirtazapine additionally blocks serotonin receptors. By blocking sure serotonin receptors, mirtazapine additionally gives an antinausea and antiemetic (anti-vomiting) impact.

Presently, mirtazapine is obtainable commercially as a generic pill, in addition to the topical transdermal model Mirataz, which is utilized to the pores and skin of the internal floor of the ear flap. 

What Does Mirtazapine Do For Cats?

Mirtazapine has been used for a few years by veterinarians to assist in stimulation of urge for food for cats. This will apply to cats with poor appetites, corresponding to kitties with power kidney illness (CKD), or cats with different circumstances inflicting weight reduction the place we need to encourage extra calorie consumption. 

Aspect Results Of Mirtazapine For Cats

Mirtazapine could cause hypersalivation (drooling) and sedation (extreme sleepiness) in cats.

Mirtazapine is a usually well-tolerated remedy in cats, however there are some adversarial results to pay attention to and monitor for. 

As a result of mirtazapine does additionally act as a histamine blocker, sedation could also be famous, particularly at greater doses. 

The subsequent most typical aspect impact is elevated vocalization, seen in about 50% of cats. Agitation and gastrointestinal results lượt thích vomiting could also be seen in about 25% to 33% of cats.

Irregular strolling, restlessness/hyperactivity, and hypersalivation (drooling) could also be seen in simply over 10% of cats. Remaining unwanted side effects, which have an effect on nearly 10% or much less of cats, could embrace elevated respiration and coronary heart charge, poor urge for food, disorientation, inappropriate elimination, tremors/shaking, and hiding conduct, amongst others. 

Research taking a look at mirtazapine use in cats have famous fewer adversarial results when decrease doses are used. 

For the topical model Mirataz particularly, about 10% of cats could expertise reactions on the web site of utility on the internal floor of the ear pinna. This may embrace however shouldn’t be restricted to redness, crusting, scabbing, and residue build-up. 

Of studies to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, the most typical indicators seen within the sự kiện of an overdose included extreme vocalizing, agitation, and vomiting. Fortuitously, no less than in people, doses upwards of 10 to 30 instances the prescribed dose exhibited minimal toxicity, requiring solely a number of hours of statement.

Mirtazapine can work together with quite a lot of completely different medicines, particularly sedatives, ache medicines, and medicines used to change conduct. At all times be certain to debate any medicines your kitty could also be taking along with your veterinarian if mirtazapine use is being advisable or prescribed.

Mirtazapine ought to be used fastidiously in pets with kidney illness, liver illness, coronary heart illness, or diabetes mellitus. Mirtazpine is used generally with a few of these circumstances lending to their impression on urge for food, however doses could must be decrease and extra fastidiously monitored.

In case you are ever involved that your kitty could have developed unwanted side effects whereas utilizing mirtazapine, be certain to tương tác your veterinarian, the ASPCA Animal Poison Management Middle (1-888-426-4435), or Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) for additional recommendation. 

Mirtazapine For Cats Dosage

Your veterinarian will suggest the perfect dosage and dosing frequency based mostly in your mèo’s particular person wants.

The dose for the pill size of mirtazapine could vary from about 2 milligrams as much as 3.75 milligrams, relying on targets and tolerance of unwanted side effects. The generic tablets solely are available two sizes of seven.5 milligrams and 15 milligrams. 

Dosing frequency for the oral tablets could solely be required as soon as each 48 to 72 hours, however a mèo’s urge for food ought to be fastidiously monitored to find out one of the best dosing interval.

As the right dose and frequency could rely drastically in your mèo’s wants and any present well being circumstances, at all times be certain to debate mirtazapine dosing on your kitty along with your veterinarian first, together with present and previous well being circumstances.

The topical product Mirataz, which is a mirtazapine transdermal ointment FDA accredited to handle weight reduction in cats, has a labeled dose of a 1.5-inch ribbon of the ointment utilized to the internal pinna (flap) of the ear as soon as each 24 hours for 14 days. This equates to a dose of about 2 milligrams. 

With Mirataz, this can be very necessary for the individual making use of the product to put on gloves to stop absorption of the product on their very own pores and skin. Correct utility of the product to the internal floor of the ear pinna is greatest accomplished utilizing a thumb or forefinger, however as a transdermal product, the remedy may very well be absorbed by the pores and skin of the individual making use of the product.

Though mirtazapine can also be a medicine generally utilized in individuals, unintentional absorption of the product ought to nonetheless be averted. 


Mirtazapine is usually a nice remedy to assist tư vấn kitties affected by weight reduction or a poor urge for food. The topical model Mirataz also can present a welcome route of dosing a medicine to a kitty already not consuming effectively or troublesome to present oral remedy to. 

Mirtazapine can exhibit some unwanted side effects as a result of its exercise as an antidepressant. Nevertheless, in a majority of cats, particularly these given decrease doses, mirtazapine is commonly well-tolerated and a really helpful therapeutic remedy. 

Steadily Requested Questions

What does mirtazapine do for cats?

Mirtazapine is a sort of urge for food stimulant remedy. It’s most frequently utilized in cats affected by a short-term or long-term lower in urge for food, in addition to weight reduction.

How lengthy does mirtazapine final in cats?

This usually is determined by the dose and size. An oral pill dose could final on common for about 48 hours, although in some cats it might final for much less time and nearer to 24 hours, whereas for others it might last as long as 72 hours. 

Does mirtazapine make cats sleepy?

As a result of one in all mirtazapine’s actions is to behave as a histamine blocker, it could possibly result in sedative results. It is a comparable impact as different medicines we consider extra as antihistamines for allergic reactions, lượt thích Benadryl. This impact of mirtazapine is commonly seen extra when greater doses are used, corresponding to doses nearer to three.75 milligrams or greater. 

How a lot mirtazapine are you able to give a mèo?

The labeled dose for the topical product Mirataz is a 1.5-inch ribbon of ointment utilized to the pores and skin of the internal pinna (flap) of the ear. This dose equates to 2 milligrams of remedy.

The mirtazapine pill doses could vary from about 2 milligrams as much as 3.75 milligrams generally in cats, anyplace from each 24 to each 72 hours. Which dose is acceptable on your mèo relies upon drastically on the situation inflicting poor urge for food and/or weight reduction, and different circumstances your kitty could have.

Greater doses and elevated frequency could be related to extra unwanted side effects, so it’s at all times extraordinarily necessary to debate dosing and frequency of mirtazapine along with your vet previous to giving a dose to your mèo.

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