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Urine marking in canine is a well known conduct within the sense that everybody is conscious that it occurs, however it’s poorly identified within the scientific sense as a result of so few research have examined it with a rigorous strategy.



Countermarking conduct in canine consists of both marking on (overmarking) or close to (adjoining marking) earlier scent marks. A part of what’s so nice about this research is that it reveals that what we expect we find out about conduct from observing it casually, even over years and years, might not be as spot on (so to talk) as we expect.


As is so usually the case, a managed research of the related variables revealed that what’s going on is considerably extra complicated than beforehand believed. Lisberg and Snowdon’s research is one of some to look at canine urine marking and as such makes a giant contribution to our understanding of this conduct. Right here’s what their research discovered:


In an experiment with urine from groupmates and from unfamiliar canine introduced to canine in a managed manner on sticks, they discovered that:


Intact males (however not neutered males) have been extra more likely to overmark urine from intact females.


Males who overmarked had a better tail base place (which the authors used as a measure of social standing) than males who didn’t overmark.


Familiarity with a canine didn’t have an effect on overmarking of its urine, however canine adjacent-marked solely urine samples from unfamiliar canine.


Neither intercourse nor tail base place affected adjoining marking.

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Being spayed or neutered had no relationship with the probability of countermarking.


In observations of countermarking at a canine park, they discovered that:


Women and men each countermarked and investigated urine.


Women and men with increased tail base positions did extra urinating, countermarking, and investigating of urine than members of their identical intercourse with decrease tail base positions.


Lisberg and Snowdon conclude that though intact males could also be overmarking intact feminine urine as a type of mate guarding as has lengthy been suspected, that’s solely a chunk of the story. Each sexes, whether or not intact or not, seem to countermark in a aggressive method. Moreover, this research means that overmarking and adjoining marking might have completely different features.


What have you ever noticed about your canine’s marking conduct?


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