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We made it! After eight days and seven nights inside the raw, undisturbed virgin forests of Northcentral Costa Rica, we’re lastly once more in civilization. As I write to you, I’m in the mean time sipping espresso inside the thành phố of Santa Elena, Costa Rica, awaiting a 4 hour bus journey once more to the capital of San Jose. 

We have now been in very thick forests near Monteverde, a mecca for biologists and ecotourists alike. Nevertheless not lượt thích many, we actually observed indicators of our study subjects — wild cats much like my favorite cát — the jaguar and the lesser acknowledged, nevertheless very attention-grabbing, jaguarundi.

Yesterday, I drove all of us out of dense jungle in a Swiss navy, high-motility, all-terrain vehicle commonly known as a Pinzgauer. Certain, me, The Cát Whisperer, who usually consults on cát factors from my cát den inside the Pacific Northwest (AKA official office of The Cat Behavior Clinic) was on a wild cát expedition (see earlier put up).

I lượt thích to consider myself as “purrfectly” rustic, nevertheless I was really in a position to return to electrical vitality, warmth showers, and mạng mạng internet connectivity after per week inside the bush.  And, in spite of everything, my very personal 8 feline companions which I can’t wait to see in only a few days.

I’ve a model new respect for topic biologists who trek mountainous terrain in kiếm tìm of elusive predators. I noticed this week that touring by the use of montane cloud forests could also be treacherous, nevertheless exhilarating. To see the very habitat that is trang chính web page to 6 of the 12 wildcat species found inside the America’s was my purpose.

As a behaviorist, a whole lot of my work locations to utilize my understanding of refined environmental choices that dictate the conduct of trang chính cats in homes world broad. Now, I can complement my information with a better understanding of how cats navigate by the use of their surroundings based mostly totally on my familiarity with the pure habitat of untamed cats.  Please watch my upcoming weblog entries on wildcat findings from my Costa Rica expedition!

I would lượt thích to thank the Global Classroom and Raven Adventures and our phenomenal info, Colin Garland, for his unimaginable information of these great and beautiful wild cats — that in so some methods, are lượt thích our companion cats we have got at trang chính web page. In case you haven’t be taught my cát conduct e ebook, please đánh giá it out here and uncover me on Facebook.

Đánh giá out Mieshelle Nagelschnider’s clinic here!

Tư vấn us to view additional attention-grabbing article about Kitty and additional. I hope you take pleasure in finding out The Dog Lovers

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