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Pet Circus Has Serious Message – The Dog Lovers

The Wow Wow Canine Circus in Tachikawa Metropolis, Japan excursions faculties, with canines performing such tips as leaping rope in a bunch of canines or with an individual, strolling throughout objects raised off the bottom and balancing as they stroll on a rolling ball.

Many canines in Japan are deserted or killed annually, and this program is a part of an effort to make that much less widespread. The aim is an admirable one, and reaching out to youngsters is a wonderful technique.

It issues me, although, that with one exception, the canines on this video don’t appear pleased. Twice on this 53-second video, canines are seen yawning, which is an indication of stress. Virtually all the canines have rigidity of their faces. Just one canine has that relaxed open-mouth expression that signifies a degree of consolation with the scenario. (The canine I’m referring to is the one who appears like a sesame-colored Shiba Inu and is carrying blue.)

It’s unlucky that the very group that’s supposed to show children learn how to do proper by canines appears to be stressing its canines. It’s arduous to say whether or not they’re objecting to the coaching, the actions, the presence of the youngsters, or maybe the movie crew, however sadly, these canines don’t look pleased to me. On the intense facet, the youngsters appear to be having fun with the canines quite a bit, which implies that there’s a sturdy probability that they’re listening to the message that it’s necessary to take excellent care of canines.

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