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Lượt thích many individuals for the time being, I confess to be struggling in lockdown. All of the sudden thrust into a brand new method of being, I’m making an attempt to study from my cát. Maisie continues to go about her days blissfully unperturbed.

Psychologists stress the significance of routine on this new state of affairs, and cats are certainly the monarchs of routine. I observe Maisie’s morning behaviour. Breakfast served at 7.00am by my husband. Then as much as see me for a fast snuggle, or extra probably, lately, a spell on the window sill staring out on the birds, whose tuy nhiên is delighting me as I wake. After that, again downstairs with me for biscuits whereas I eat my breakfast.

My new routine now entails a ten minute respiration meditation, adopted by sitting in entrance of my pc making an attempt to work – difficult for a instructor whose major job satisfaction arises from nose to nose tương tác together with her college students. At this level, Maisie is retiring to relaxation on our mattress.

Lunch and every day train/buying are adopted for me by a interval of rest. Twice blessed, by the climate and a phenomenal backyard, this typically takes the size of gardening. At round 3.00pm Maisie usually stirs from her slumbers, and pops out to say good day.  She typically simply sits and watches, however generally performs at chasing bugs or her tail to unwind.

I feel she enjoys having a human at trang chính right now of day, as she will mount an early chiến dịch of pestering for her dinner – normally served at 6.00pm.

Ought to I determine to kiểm tra in with my pc once more at round 5.00pm, not an opportunity! Sitting on my chair is however a prelude to that ‘cát factor’ of strolling everywhere in the keyboard and blocking the display screen.  Succumbing to her behaviour, I permit her to get her method. I give her an early dinner, and off she goes to play once more.

I spend the early night ending pc duties and getting ready dinner for myself and my husband, who’s a keyworker within the NHS.

He desperately must unwind when he will get trang chính, so we play a recreation of desk tennis earlier than dinner – generally helped by Maisie!

And after dinner we would play a recreation of Scrabble – and once more generally Maisie chooses to affix in.

So, what have I learnt from Maisie in all this? What are the elements that outline her existence and which might assist us people in lockdown? I feel the reply is straightforward:

P    play

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U    unwind

R    chill out

R    routine

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