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Revolution for cats is a model of topical, “spot-on” flea, tick, intestinal parasite, and heartworm preventative containing the principle ingredient selamectin. At present, it’s accessible as the 2 prescription merchandise Revolution for Cats and Revolution Plus for Cats. 

On this article, you’ll find out about Revolution for cats, the components each Revolution merchandise comprise, the sorts of pests they aim, potential negative effects to contemplate, and a few steadily requested questions.

About Revolution For Cats

The principle ingredient present in Revolution merchandise is selamectin. Selamectin is a topical avermectin antiparasiticide. Selamectin works by enhancing launch of a neurotransmitter referred to as GABA. In sure parasitic worms lượt thích roundworms and in arthropods lượt thích fleas, GABA inhibits nerve conduction. By enhancing GABA launch, selamectin basically causes paralysis and loss of life of the parasites it targets.

Revolution “spot-on” merchandise are utilized to the floor of a small goal space or “spot” of the pores and skin, often in entrance of the shoulders behind the neck.

You will need to observe that whereas these pesky pests are affected by Revolution by coming in liên hệ with the pores and skin and don’t have to truly chunk a kitty to die, Revolution merchandise for cats don’t present true repellency that will stop fleas or ticks from coming in liên hệ with a pet.

What Does Revolution Do For Cats?

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The unique Revolution supplies a spectrum of motion in opposition to grownup fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching, targets the intestinal worms roundworms and hookworms, ear mites, and mosquito-borne heartworms. Whereas selamectin has some motion in opposition to the American canine tick, the unique Revolution for cats isn’t indicated for therapy or prevention in opposition to ticks.

Whereas not labeled for it, Revolution has additionally been profitable in treating for the sarcoptic mange mite that causes scabies.

The newer Revolution Plus contains the addition of sarolaner, which is an isoxazoline class acaricide/insecticide that inhibits GABA, resulting in neuromuscular overstimulation and loss of life of the parasites it targets. The addition of sarolaner broadens Revolution Plus’ spectrum to incorporate 3 ticks, the American canine tick, black-legged/deer tick, and the Gulf Coast tick. 

In response to the producer, when newly utilized, Revolution can begin killing fleas inside 12 hours with a majority killed inside 24 hours. When already utilized previous to flea publicity, Revolution can begin killing fleas inside 6 hours with a majority killed at 12 hours.

The producer states that in lab research, Revolution Plus began to kill the black-legged/deer tick inside 24 hours. 

Aspect Results Of Revolution For Cats

When used correctly, negative effects to Revolution merchandise for cats are unusual. Each Revolution and Revolution Plus are labeled for cats 8 weeks of age and older. Revolution Plus can also be restricted to cats weighing a minimum of 2.8lb. Topical merchandise lượt thích Revolution ought to by no means be ingested.

In scientific trials for Revolution, about 1% of cats had been discovered to have a brief hair loss on the software web site, in response to the producer. Different indicators seen in lower than 0.5% of cats included digestive upset, poor urge for food, drooling, an abnormally elevated respiratory price, and muscle tremors.

In Revolution Plus, rather less than 5% of cats confirmed indicators of wanting excessively drained, lower than 4% confirmed indicators of pores and skin irritation, and about 3% confirmed indicators of a decreased urge for food. No hair loss was documented with Revolution Plus.

A minimum of a few of the digestive upset and indicators of extreme drooling or salivation could have occurred secondary to kitties licking the product off of themselves after software. Merchandise lượt thích Revolution are very bitter tasting, so if a kitty had been to lick a not too long ago utilized product off both themselves or a housemate, the bitter style alone can result in extreme drooling, agitation, and generally even vomiting. 

In response to DVM360’s article “Toxicology Temporary: The ten most typical toxicoses in cats” this impact is often not a real toxicity, however a generally dramatic response to the bitter style. Offering milk or liquid from a tuna can assist resolve the indicators in brief order. 

To keep away from this from occurring, you will need to apply any topical flea/tick product to the pores and skin in entrance of the shoulder blades behind the neck, a location even essentially the most versatile cát can’t attain to lick. In a number of cát households the place a number of co-grooming happens, separating housemate kitties for as much as 24 hours after software to permit the product to totally dry could also be advisable. 

Though Revolution merchandise for canines and cats comprise the identical energetic components, the producer doesn’t advise utilizing a canine product on a cát, even when they’re comparable in weight. Typically, there are variations within the inactive components between canine and cát merchandise that will make them inappropriate to contemplate interchangeable. 

And lastly, topical merchandise lượt thích Revolution have been recognized to trigger pores and skin and eye irritation in folks. It’s best to keep away from liên hệ with the answer throughout software and to scrub arms after.

Utilizing Warning With Different Flea/Tick Merchandise

gray cat scratching itselft

In case you may have a pup and kitty who lượt thích to hang around collectively or particularly groom one another, the perfect follow is to separate them for twenty-four hours after making use of a topical product to your canine.

Whereas Revolution for Cats has been established as a secure product, the energetic components could also be present in different merchandise together with different components that aren’t secure for cats. That is particularly the case with canine merchandise lượt thích K9 Advantix II, which comprises permethrin, which is extraordinarily poisonous to cats.

Happily, these merchandise are actually required to incorporate a warning in opposition to use in cats. However simply to be secure, when deciding on a flea/tick product in your kitty, all the time ensure the product features a image of a cát and signifies the product is particularly for cats. 

It’s also all the time advisable when you have a pup and kitty who lượt thích to hang around collectively or groom one another, to separate them for twenty-four hours after making use of a topical product to your canine, particularly if the product comprises permethrin. 

In case you have any considerations for potential toxicity, even when you assume your kitty might need simply licked some Revolution off her fur and is having a bitter style response, it’s all the time finest to liên hệ your veterinarian, or the ASPCA Animal Poison Management Middle for additional recommendation. 

And lastly, topical merchandise lượt thích Revolution have been recognized to trigger pores and skin and eye irritation in folks. It’s best to keep away from liên hệ with the answer throughout software and to scrub your arms after.

Revolution For Cats Dosage

Revolution merchandise are sometimes utilized for month-to-month dosing each 30 days for the perfect safety. 

All the time comply with all directions on the packaging for any topical product you employ in your kitty. Revolution vials have a cap that first must be pushed down into the vial to puncture it. The cap can then be eliminated, and your entire contents of the vial utilized by parting the fur and making use of to the pores and skin alongside the again of the neck in entrance of the shoulders the place a kitty can’t attain to lick it off of himself. 

Whereas Revolution merchandise are thought-about to be waterproof inside 2 hours of software, the producer nonetheless recommends ready 24 hours to wash your kitty after software. Bathing shortly earlier than software might also cut back its effectiveness.

If for some purpose you might be uncertain if the product was administered accurately or whether or not all of it was utilized, it’s often most secure to not apply an extra dose.

In case you have any questions on software or security for Revolution merchandise or any topical product, ensure to get in contact together with your veterinarian. 


Revolution has been used for cats for a few years and is mostly a secure and efficient product when used correctly. As a result of it’s a heartworm preventative, you will need to keep in mind that each Revolution merchandise require a prescription.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

What Does Revolution for Cats Deal with?

The unique Revolution for cats kills grownup fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching for one month, stopping and controlling flea infestations with continued use. It could additionally deal with and management intestinal roundworm and hookworm infections, in addition to ear mite infestations. It’s labeled for prevention of mosquito-borne heartworm illness, however can’t be used to deal with energetic heartworm illness.

Revolution Plus for cats has the identical spectrum of protection above, however the addition of sarolaner supplies for the therapy and management of tick infestations brought on by the black-legged/deer tick, Gulf Coast tick, and American canine tick. 

Do I Want a Prescription for Revolution for Cats?

Sure, certainly you do. All heartworm preventatives for pets require a prescription. Even when ordered trực tuyến, a prescription request will nonetheless must be despatched to your veterinarian for approval. The principle purpose for that is that some pets could be at the next danger of a response for some merchandise if the product is given or utilized whereas the pet has an energetic heartworm an infection. 

Whereas cats are usually not as routinely examined for heartworm as canines are, owing to the truth that solely about 50% of cats actually contaminated with heartworm will present up constructive for the illness on a take a look at, it’s nonetheless vital for a veterinarian to confirm {that a} kitty isn’t exhibiting indicators of sickness previous to beginning.

How Efficient is Revolution for Cats?

Revolution has slower kill instances for fleas and ticks in comparison with different topical merchandise lượt thích Frontline Plus and Benefit II. Nonetheless, the components in Revolution Plus make it among the finest all-around merchandise for cats with the perfect broad spectrum of protection focusing on fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal parasites. 

The query of flea resistance to merchandise lượt thích Revolution and the concept they don’t work comes up usually. The 2017 article “Notion vs. Actuality: Insecticide Resistance in Fleas” from DVM360 that refers to an article revealed in American Veterinarian that very same yr addresses this subject. 

An entomology (“bug science”) professor from the College of California closely investigated this query and concluded that whereas resistance has been seen to some flea therapy or prevention merchandise, true chemical resistance in fleas with fipronil, imidacloprid, and another newer merchandise in the marketplace has not but been demonstrated.

In lots of instances, when a pup or kitty mum or dad continues to be seeing dwell fleas on their pet after a product has been utilized, this situation can most frequently be traced again to incorrect use or software of the product, in addition to poor expectations. Following are some widespread errors or misperceptions.

  • Incorrect software. (i.e. utilized to the fur not the pores and skin, failing to use the entire quantity of product, failure to correctly puncture or open a vial previous to software).
  • Failure to use to all pets within the family. If one pet brings fleas indoors, they will bounce onto all pets within the trang chính. If all pets are usually not handled on the similar time, flea infestations can persist.
  • Bathing. Baths are a standard go-to, particularly when dwell fleas are seen. Nonetheless, whereas waterproof, Revolution merchandise want 24 hours to unfold all through the oils on the pores and skin. Bathing shortly earlier than or after software removes oils from the pores and skin in addition to probably the product itself. 
  • Not Treating Lengthy-Sufficient. It could generally take so long as 3 months to filter a flea infestation. So whereas most veterinarians advise year-round safety in opposition to fleas and ticks, a product lượt thích Revolution needs to be used each month for a minimum of 3 months throughout an energetic infestation. Flea eggs not cleared from the trang chính setting are prone to proceed hatching each couple of weeks, that means a kitty that acquired just one month-to-month dose of Revolution can get infested once more a couple of weeks later if the dose isn’t repeated the subsequent month.
  • Not Treating Yr-Spherical. Fleas have been recognized to over-winter indoors. Treating pets for less than sure months of the yr can depart open gaps in prevention for infestations to happen.
  • Failing to Deal with the Setting. As a result of one flea can lay as much as 50 eggs in simply in the future, the quantity of eggs in a trang chính setting with fleas could be staggering. If the setting isn’t handled successfully, frequently hatching fleas could proceed to be discovered on a handled pet. 
  • Perceiving Merchandise as Repellents. All the time keep in mind that most topical merchandise lượt thích Revolution should not have repellency motion, that means that fleas and ticks should are available in liên hệ with the pores and skin to be killed. Closely-infested outside areas in addition to poorly-treated indoor infestations could be sources for giant numbers of grownup fleas to “instantly” seem on a handled pet. 

If You Nonetheless Really feel There’s a True Product Problem

In the event you really feel you may have utilized a product correctly and are addressing a flea infestation in response to your vet’s directions and nonetheless really feel {that a} product isn’t working properly, ensure to carry these considerations to your vet or liên hệ the producer of the product. 

Is Revolution the Greatest Flea Remedy for Cats?

When in comparison with Revolution, Benefit and Frontline merchandise have quicker kill instances for fleas. Benefit II and Frontline GOLD additionally extra successfully deal with your entire flea life cycle together with not simply eggs however larvae as properly. For eliminating an energetic flea infestation in your trang chính, Frontline Plus, Frontline GOLD, or Benefit II are most likely higher decisions.

Nonetheless, Revolution does have benefits to contemplate. When selecting a product, all the time ensure to consider all dangers current to your kitty. With a spectrum that features not simply fleas however heartworms, ticks, sarcoptic mite mange, ear mites, and a pair intestinal parasites, it’s pretty unmatched by way of having a reasonably broad spectrum of protection.

Most pets are in danger from all of those critters, however there could be regional variation. In the event you’re unsure what dangers are extra prevalent in your area, ensure to ask your veterinarian.

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