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The Seresto collar is a flea and tick collar for cats manufactured by Elanco Animal Well being (beforehand by Bayer Animal Well being). On this article, you’ll learn the way Seresto works, what parasites Seresto works in opposition to, security considerations and negative effects to pay attention to, and a few often requested questions. 

Medicine Kind:

Topical insecticide

Prescription Required?:


FDA Authorised?:

This topical treatment is authorized by the EPA to be used in cats.

Life Stage:

Cats and kittens 10 weeks of age and older.

Frequent Names:

Imidacloprid, flumethrin

Out there Dosages:

There is just one collar dimension out there for cats.

Expiration Vary:

Merchandise needs to be used earlier than the expiration on the bundle.

About Seresto Collar For Cats

The Seresto collar comprises two lively substances: imidacloprid and flumethrin.

Imidacloprid is an insecticide that acts on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of the central nervous system of a flea, resulting in central nervous system (CNS) impairment and demise. These receptors in bugs have a a lot larger affinity, or need to bind, to imidacloprid than to related receptors of vertebrates lượt thích cats and canines.

Imidacloprid is essentially efficient in opposition to grownup fleas solely. It doesn’t have further efficacy in opposition to fleas eggs and solely an oblique impact in opposition to larvae, although it will probably kill grownup fleas shortly earlier than they will lay eggs.

Flumethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide that conveys its motion by voltage gated sodium channels in nerve tissue. Its motion results in repeated nerve impulses that result in demise of the insect. It additionally has a really excessive affinity for invertebrate (insect) nerve tissue, lending to its security to be used in canines and cats.

As an acaricide, flumethrin is principally efficient in opposition to ticks. It is ready to kill all phases of the tick, together with the grownup, larva, and nymph varieties. 

What Does The Seresto Collar Do For Cats?

The Seresto collar repels grownup fleas and ticks. It may kill grownup fleas inside 24 hours after preliminary utility and ticks inside 48 hours. In line with the producer, Seresto can even influence flea infestations by affecting flea larvae which have are available tương tác with the collar.

In regard to kill time, there are definitely different topical merchandise that work quicker to kill fleas and ticks. 

The Seresto collar’s fundamental benefit over many different flea and tick prevention merchandise is that it offers repellency in opposition to fleas and ticks whereas additionally killing any that are available tương tác with a cát carrying the collar. Many different frequent topical and oral flea and tick merchandise don’t present repellency and require the insect to chunk the pores and skin with the intention to die.

Cats with a excessive sensitivity to flea bites or cats with a flea chunk allergy could discover extra reduction with a product that stops flea bites. 

The Seresto collar has a few different benefits over different frequent flea and tick collars. The primary is that it claims an efficacy that lasts for eight months, which is longer than another flea/tick product available on the market. The second is that not like some (less expensive) flea and tick collars, the Seresto collar extra successfully treats the entire cát’s body toàn thân versus simply the areas closest to the collar, offering higher flea and tick management.

Seresto achieves this by the medication being secreted in low doses by the use of a particular polymer matrix design of the collar. This enables the 2 lively substances to be successfully absorbed by the oils of the pores and skin repeatedly. Whereas a point of this will stay for a restricted time with out the collar, eradicating the collar could not present the identical diploma of repellency and therapy and will solely lengthen the collar life by a small comparative quantity. 

The canine Seresto collar can be indicated for treating and stopping sarcoptic mange. It is a pores and skin situation attributable to the mange mite Sarcoptes scabiei, which is in the identical household as ticks. Sarcoptic mange is most frequently transmitted by foxes within the space that carry the parasite.

Sarcoptic mange is uncommon in cats and unusual now in canines due to merchandise lượt thích Seresto, Revolution, and medicines of the isoxazoline class. Whereas the Seresto collar doesn’t carry a label for sarcoptic mange in cats, this may very well be an off-label consideration for out of doors cats particularly if foxes are within the space.

Facet Results Of Seresto Collar For Cats

The Seresto collar kills grownup fleas and ticks for eight months.

It may be frequent for cats not used to carrying a collar to mildly or sometimes scratch at a collar. 

Indicators to search for that that is extra of a priority embody redness or irritation on the pores and skin the place the collar is current in addition to any indicators of hair loss. 

The producer signifies that delicate reactions lượt thích these are attainable. In these circumstances, elimination of the collar and washing the realm with a non-irritating shampoo (lượt thích child shampoo) or dish cleaning soap to take away any residue needs to be ample. Nevertheless, if indicators of redness, irritation, or hair loss persist, the producer recommends pursuing veterinary care. 

The Seresto collar will not be meant to be chewed on or ingested and shouldn’t are available tương tác with the eyes. 

If you’re ever involved that your kitty could have developed negative effects whereas utilizing a Seresto collar, or if an overdose is suspected, ensure to tương tác your veterinarian, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (1-888-426-4435) or Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) instantly for additional recommendation. 

Due to the character for cats to leap onto excessive, precarious surfaces, lượt thích branches, fences, and many others., the usage of any collar, particularly in an outside cát, can current a threat for strangulation if the collar catches on one thing.

The Seresto collar is designed with a quick-release mechanism that enables the burden of the cát to widen the collar, in order that the cát will slip out of it. It’s all the time essential to appreciate that such quick-release mechanisms can by no means have a 100% assure and there’s all the time a threat concerned utilizing any collar on a kitty. 

Seresto Collar For Cats Dosage

Your cát can proceed to put on their common collar so long as the Seresto collar is in tương tác with the pores and skin.

The Seresto collar is utilized to be used each eight months and can be utilized on cats and kittens 10 weeks of age and older.

To correctly apply the collar, first take away it from its protecting bag and unroll it. The collar won’t match each cát instantly out of the packaging and will require trimming and adjustment.

Place the collar round your cát’s neck, insert the over by the buckle, then tighten it till simply two of your fingers can match comfortably between the collar and your cát’s neck. (It is a good rule of thumb for any type of encircling, doubtlessly constricting object, lượt thích a collar or bandage.)

Pull any extra collar by the loop and trim the collar to go away one inch of overlapping size. The producer signifies {that a} higher size may be left for rising kittens. 

It’s all the time finest to often assess the standing of the collar and readjust something if wanted. 


The Seresto collar for cats is a flea and tick collar that carries the principle benefits of lasting longer than another product at eight months, in addition to offering repellency in opposition to fleas and ticks, which many different topical merchandise can’t do.

Its long-lasting nature does make it a dearer product up entrance. Whereas Seresto does have a break-away kind of function in its design, collars ought to all the time be used fastidiously in cats, as they will current a threat of strangulation if the security function fails. 

The Seresto collar generally is a good possibility for folk who don’t need to apply a month-to-month topical product and in cats the place stopping flea and tick bites (i.e., cats with flea chunk allergy) is a precedence, making the repellency means of Seresto advantageous. 

Continuously Requested Questions

Are Seresto collars secure for cats?

The substances in Seresto collars are thought-about secure to make use of for many cats. Within the circumstances of each imidacloprid and flumethrin, the receptors in bugs have a lot higher affinity for them than the receptors of vertebrates lượt thích canines and cats. Any cát may develop pores and skin sensitivity to any topical product, so in case your kitty has delicate pores and skin, carefully monitor the collar’s location after first placing it on.

The security of utilizing a collar itself in cats is debated by veterinarians. The Seresto collar does have a break-away kind function in its design to forestall strangulation within the sự kiện that the collar catches on one thing. All the identical, there isn’t any 100% assure it will all the time work, and nice care needs to be taken utilizing a collar of any form on a cát.

Is Seresto an excellent flea collar for cats?

Whereas another topical merchandise, lượt thích Frontline GOLD for instance, have a a lot quicker kill time for fleas, the principle good thing about Seresto is that it repels fleas (and ticks), preserving them from biting the pores and skin. Most different topical merchandise don’t present true repellency. Seresto additionally lasts for eight months, in comparison with most different merchandise that have to be utilized month-to-month.

What are the negative effects of Seresto flea collar for cats?

Uncomfortable side effects of any topical product can embody hair loss, redness, or irritation on the web site of utility or the place the collar sits on the neck. 

The aspect impact of utilizing any type of collar if a kitty will not be used to at least one may very well be some occasional scratching on the collar web site. This nonetheless shouldn’t worsen and shouldn’t present any indicators of adjustments to the hair coat or pores and skin. 

Is Seresto well worth the cash?

The Seresto collar for cats in all fairness priced in comparison with related merchandise. On common, the Seresto collar that lasts about eight months prices about $60, generally much less relying on the supply. Compared, an eight-month provide of Frontline Plus prices about $85 to $90. Frontline GOLD prices about $85 for less than a six-month provide. Benefit II (which doesn’t deal with ticks) prices about $60. 

So amongst related merchandise, it isn’t the most costly, although different merchandise typically have quicker kills occasions for fleas and ticks. However the different merchandise don’t present repellency and so they require month-to-month utility. There are all the time benefits and drawbacks to creating any flea/tick product determination. Be certain to debate any questions you will have along with your veterinarian when attempting to determine which product could also be the perfect on your kitty.

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