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Final fall, we had been canine sitting for a pleasant canine known as Marley. His breed is finest described as “Hmm, laborious to say. I’d guess he has some hound in him, however after that I’m mystified.” (Take a look at the weblog Canardly Marley to see what folks have guessed about his breed.) Anyway, whereas spending a stunning 4 days with Marley, I realized quite a bit about him. It’s at all times a course of attending to know a brand new canine, and most issues about canine don’t shock me.

Marley has one extremely sudden trait. He isn’t the slightest bit delicate to sudden loud sounds. He was so unresponsive to loud sounds that I’d be frightened about his listening to besides that he comes operating to the kitchen at even the quietest trace of the crinkling of a bag of treats. In a home with two younger kids, there may be ample alternative to confirm that loud sounds don’t upset him, although it was one thing I did that basically confirmed that loud noises don’t matter to Marley.

Our smoke alarm went off at some point. In our home, that normally implies that I’m cooking pancakes. Nonetheless, on this specific day, the smoke got here from our woodstove as we first lit the night’s hearth and did not get a very good draft up our chimney. Because the obnoxious however probably life-saving beeping of our smoke alarm started, Marley regarded up, cocked his head, after which went again to his Kong, utterly unconcerned with the noise. In the meantime, the remainder of us had been operating round opening home windows, fanning the smoke alarm with a cookie sheet, and grabbing a chair in order that we might attain as much as make it cease alerting us to the smoke. I make pancakes usually, so our system for coping with the smoke alarm is a well-oiled one.

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On one other event, Marley was taking part in with a balloon leftover from my son’s celebration the day earlier than. (By the way in which, I don’t advocate this as a toy for canine as a result of many canine do get scared after they pop and in addition as a result of canine who habitually ingest issues are too prone to choke in the event that they take items of balloon into their mouths.) The balloon popped, and as you may see within the video under, Marley’s response was minimal within the excessive.


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It’s fairly pleasant to dwell with a canine who isn’t bothered by loud noises, as anybody who has ever had a canine who panics in comparable conditions is aware of. Marley isn’t reactive to any loud noises, together with energy saws, as you may observe on this video:

Care to share any tales of canine don’t care in any respect about loud noises, or about canine who get alarmed in response to the sound of the proverbial pin dropping?

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