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Earlier this 12 months, a canine in Melbourne, Australia gave new which means to the time period alcohol overdose. When Cloe, an American Staffordshire Terrier, acted disoriented her household turned nervous. The following day she stopped consuming and started crying out in ache. At that time Cloe’s household rushed the 9-week previous pet to the emergency hospital and the veterinarian, Dr. Matt Pascall, instantly suspected antifreeze poisoning.

It was too late to induce vomiting so Dr. Pascall thought up of a reasonably unconventional remedy. He knew that pure alcohol would neutralize the results of ethylene glycol, the poisonous ingredient in antifreeze, however the hospital didn’t have something available that might match the invoice. Then Dr. Pascall remembered that there was a bottle of vodka in his automobile. He reasoned that the alcoholic drink would mop up the toxins destroying Cloe’s kidneys.

Dr. Pascall put Cloe on a vodka drip through an IV tube that led from Cloe’s nostril into her abdomen. Over the course of two days, Cloe consumed a couple of third of the bottle of vodka, the equal of an individual downing seven or eight pictures each 4 hours. Amazingly the remedy was profitable and Cloe is now wholesome and again at dwelling along with her household due to Dr. Pascall’s resourcefulness.

Cloe was a fortunate pup, however her story underscores the significance of recognizing the indicators of antifreeze poisoning. Signs embody drunken conduct, vomiting, extreme urination, diarrhea, fast coronary heart charge, despair, seizures, and fainting. The toxin works rapidly, so in case you discover any of those conduct adjustments, it’s necessary to get your pet to the veterinarian as quickly as doable.

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