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We Almost Lost Izzy the Yorkie After Her Vet Visit – The Dog Lovers

Sappy the Yorkie, now generally known as Izzy had a really shut name after he leg was amputated. We received an opportunity to meet up with her and her mother to let you know her story.

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  1. People have mentioned gofundme and while I don't like to ask for such things for myself, I was thinking that in the future when/if Izzy needs major surgery on her front leg we will do a gofundme. This current emergency vet bill was $1700 but my understanding is that surgery on that front leg will be quite a bit more expensive. In the meantime I will pass along any donations I receive over the next month via youtube superthanks or paypal.
    Here's our paypal link:

  2. Awww… Izzy. She's moving around well it seems. Thank you for the updates. I just try to imagine what that would be like not havinga vet for my dogs. I just pray she continues to be alright until she can get a veterinary. I love little Sappy like she's mine. You shared her with us and she has a lot of fans that care. Idk, maybe someone can set up something like a GoFundMe for the vet bills. Just a thought. Be well Izzy 🙏❤🐾

  3. I use to have a girl!
    Like the one in the video?💖
    But my little angel die next to me¿
    Icry alot!cause I love 💕😊
    Animal and cat's alot!
    I cant see a!
    Pet 🐶🐶🐶🐶
    Hurt 😂
    It makes hurt like seeing 🐕🐕
    Person should take care of them?l hope they didn't remove he's little?
    Leg? May god bless you always¡!? from the USA

  4. I think at some point as with many human doctors, they become a bit insensitive and some, as with any profession, just don’t take the time to update their education and to do things the right way. In this case, you didn’t have the option to “vet” the vet but when we move to a new area, I’ll take mine in for a check up, even if they don’t need it to get a feel for the place. We are lucky to live in a dog friendly area that supports a lot of offices and it still took me a bit to find our current provider.

  5. I’m so glad Izzy’s doing better!!!
    I couldn’t help but wonder if the overdose of anesthesia wasn’t on purpose seeing as how they wanted to euthanize him to begin with…but I hope I’m wrong.

  6. It was always my opinion you were the best family for Sappy. Yorkies require knowledgeable owners and your wife is a vet. You loved her and didnt want to see her go. Unfortunate all around that she didnt stay with you.

  7. I love the name Sappy more than Izzy. She looks like a Sappy lol
    The insurances for human's don't pay for all hospitals. They will hit you with a bill if you go out of network. Same for our 4 legged friends.

  8. So glad this baby is better again. It is disgusting how the veterinary community has deteriorated into a mostly money grabbing occupation. We found Animal Samaritans in our community through our Yorkie breeder. We were AMAZED at the difference in care and DEFINITELY in cost. The regular vet would have charged us $800–1000. To spay our little 5 lb. girl. A.S. Charge was $264. For spaying, pulling a baby tooth and chipping her!! She is tiny like Izzy so we wanted to be sure the vets understood her special needs…something the vet who worked on Izzy did NOT understand! So glad that she is well again. Let’s hope her sweet life will be problem free from now on.💖🙏🙏💖

  9. I love how Porter and Polly have matching flop-ears. So cute.

    Glad to hear Izzy made it through the trauma. She looks super happy which is all that matters❣️

  10. Well then what the Hell you supposed to do? That's just stupid. I get it the town/ city is limited on Vets employees. But man that's just crazy. Limited Vets to seek treatment or treatments or pets has gotta be, not a luxury. But necessity. That's just crazy. Hugs for all of yall. Izzy, Porter, Polly & white furbabie. Apologies can't think of pets name.

  11. My area is also undergoing a vet shortage. There are several large-animal places, but only two clinics for pets, both of which don't take new patients. The only emergency pet place is a good forty minutes away. My vet used to provide emergency care and in-hospital overnight care, but no more. They're down to 2 or 3 vets from 7-8. Where did the vets all go?

  12. My heart was in my throat as I watched this. I wondered if Izzy would have made it through the surgery alive. She is such a precious little bundle of love. Thank you, Andy, for letting us see Izzy and it's always a treat to see Polly Dog and Porter.♥♥🧡

  13. Is there a way to start a fund to help Nikki with that bills I mean I don't know if people can give something ,anything! I can't do much myself but even if I could put 5 or $10 in many other people could do at least that much you know 5 or $10 from 1,000 people is 5 or 10,000 that can go to a vet bill I hope that maybe something like that can be done for her thank you Andy for the great video Izzy looks great just hopping around with that leg not even a memory to her she don't care she's just happy to see Porter and play with him and she loves her mommy so she's doing really well and she still loves you of course okay have a good one Love you Porter and Polly And of course Izzy too.

  14. Made a small paypal payment for Izzy. Sorry it isn't more.
    If you find a good vet stick with them. I went to a large practice with several vets and had to put up with several lectures on overfeeding my fat, balding dog before I saw my usual vet who took one look at her and said I think that dog has a thyroid issue. He was right! When he left the practice it was worse than my marriage breakdown for heartache and tears. I have never had as good a vet since. If you live in the UK and need a new vet (he is a cardiologist) Simon Swift is the man to see.

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