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Cats exhibit many behaviors that we discover unusual, however your cát climbing up you as if you’re a tree will not be solely weird, it’s painful, too!

Though this undesirable habits is mostly seen in kittens as they discover their environment and burn off a few of their boundless vitality, grownup cats generally climb up individuals, as nicely.

Fast Overview


Cats instinctively wish to be up excessive in order that they really feel protected and have one of the best view of their environment.


Cats may additionally climb up their house owners if they’re craving consideration, or are bored and don’t have any different method to specific their pure climbing instincts.


To assist cease the habits, present extra enrichment and alternatives to climb by buying a cát tree, and be sure you spend extra time together with your cát.

This odd feline habits has many potential causes starting from an instinctive should be up excessive, to attention-seeking or boredom. Learn on for extra details about why your cát may be climbing you lượt thích a tree, and what you are able to do to cease them so your poor legs get some respite.

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Intuition To Climb

Home cats inherited their need to climb excessive locations from their wild ancestors.

Home cats (Felis catus) are a part of the Felidae household, which comprises 37 acknowledged species all thought to have advanced from a standard ancestor in Asia 10 to 12 million years in the past. The Felidae household additionally consists of a number of species of untamed cats, and enormous cats lượt thích lions, leopards, and cheetahs.

DNA samples from pet cats throughout the globe have been proven to be almost similar to the DNA of the African wildcat (Felis sylvestris lybica), which nonetheless lives in Asia and North Africa at present. Our home home cats additionally share greater than 95% of their DNA with tigers!

Though not all species of cats spend a lot time climbing bushes, a lot of them do, and it may be these instincts handed on from their wild-cat ancestors that make cats so eager to climb. Cats have sturdy hind legs, good steadiness, and pure athleticism, which mix to make them glorious at climbing up issues lượt thích bushes.

Getting excessive up supplies cats with a greater view of their environment, that means they’re safer from risks resembling predators and have a greater vantage level for recognizing prey. When cats reside in social teams, dominant cats often declare the very best resting spots.

You may discover it a bit insulting that your cát thinks you look just like a tree. In actuality, it’s not that they assume your legs look lượt thích a tree trunk or that your arms look lượt thích tree branches. Individuals are typically the tallest factor in a room and that’s the reason cats might climb up us, appearing on their instincts to seek out the right excessive spot.

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Does Your Mèo’s Age Have an effect on How Possible They Are To Climb You Lượt thích A Tree?

Kittens are liable to climbing up human legs utilizing their claws, however most finally outgrow this habits.

Utilizing their needle-sharp claws to scale up your legs is way more frequent in kittens than older cats. Kittens are curious, like to play and discover their new environment, have a great deal of vitality, and are additionally testing out their talents and expertise.

All these elements, mixed with an intuition to climb to excessive locations imply that your legs present the best location to observe their expertise. Though no one is disputing that it actually hurts once they climb up you, it’s actually necessary to do not forget that they don’t notice this and will not be doing it maliciously.

We’ll talk about strategies to discourage the habits later on this article, nevertheless it’s necessary to recollect by no means to punish your cát as it would simply make them petrified of you and spoil your particular bond.

Fortunately, most younger cats begin to study some boundaries as they become old, and in addition discover it more durable to climb up you as they get larger and heavier.

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Boredom And Consideration-Looking for

Cats which are feeling uncared for may climb up your legs to will get a few of your consideration.

As a cát proprietor, I’m positive you’ll agree that it’s a delusion that cats are aloof and don’t need consideration from their house owners. Though some cats hunt down affection greater than others, a examine has proved what most of us already knew: that cats form strong attachments to their house owners, and depend on us for safety and affection.

In case your cát feels that they don’t seem to be receiving sufficient consideration from you they could begin searching for methods to make you discover them. Climbing up their proprietor’s legs could also be their greatest wager, as there isn’t any manner anybody can ignore these needle-sharp claws and they’ll undoubtedly get your consideration!

Cats which are affected by boredom may climb up individuals’s legs as an outlet for his or her extra vitality. Indoor cats with out environmental enrichment to offer alternatives for pure behaviors resembling climbing and chasing prey can simply get bored and begin climbing curtains, partitions, and legs.

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How Can I Cease My Mèo Climbing My Legs

In case your kitten begins climbing your legs, detach them and redirect to one thing extra acceptable lượt thích a cát tree.

Let’s face it, cát claws are sharp, and regardless of how a lot we love them, it’s inconceivable to indulge them on this habits. So what’s the answer? Punishing your cát isn’t advisable, and can solely make them scared and scared of you. Optimistic reinforcement by rewarding good habits is a significantly better method for our feline companions.

Fortunately, many kittens appear to develop out of climbing up legs as they attain maturity, but when your cát wants a serving to hand to cease listed below are some choices to contemplate:

Present one other outlet for his or her climbing instincts. Present excessive locations in the home to your cát to climb as much as resembling a cát tree. In case you don’t have a number of house in your trang chủ you can put up some excessive wall cabinets to your cát to climb as a substitute.

Use catnip and/or pheromones to encourage your cát to make use of the cát tree. It’s additionally a good suggestion to place treats on every degree for them to seek out as they discover.

Learn extra about methods to encourage your cát to make use of a cát tree in our useful article in the event that they don’t appear to lượt thích it immediately.

In case you see your cát within the traditional crouched pose about to leap onto your leg, rapidly transfer out of the best way to keep away from the scenario occurring, or distract them with a toy.

In case your cát is climbing your leg, gently attempt to unhook them and place them on the ground.

Preserve some cát toys helpful and use your cát’s pure playfulness as a distraction if they give the impression of being lượt thích they’re planning to climb your legs. Wand, fishing, and feather toys typically work nicely for this, however by no means go away your cát unattended with toys that include lengthy strings.

In case you assume your cát is affected by boredom, guarantee they’ve loads of environmental enrichment resembling toys, scratching posts, and a cát tree. You could possibly additionally think about getting them a cát harness and leash to allow them to safely discover the outside with you.

In case your cát appears to be climbing up you as a result of they’re craving extra consideration, make sure you spend as a lot time as potential bonding, taking part in, grooming, and fussing over them, which is able to hopefully clear up the issue.

Indoor cats can have their claws clipped to stop it from being so painful in the event that they attempt to climb up you. This may be completed by a groomer or veterinarian, or you may get some clippers and do it your self at trang chủ if you happen to really feel assured. Out of doors cats shouldn’t have their claws clipped except they’re very overgrown as they want them for cover and to flee hazard. Declawing is a mutilation that’s by no means really helpful.

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Last Ideas

Taking some easy steps can cease your cát from making an attempt to make use of you as a tree-top lookout.

Having your cát climb up your leg as if you’re a tree generally is a painful, disagreeable expertise. In any case, these claws are sharp!

Cats have an instinctive drive to be up excessive in order that they really feel protected and have one of the best view of their environment, so if you happen to occur to be the tallest factor in a room you may be a goal. The habits is most typical in kittens as they race round burning off their boundless vitality and testing out their climbing expertise.

Cats may additionally climb up their house owners if they’re craving consideration, or are bored and don’t have any different method to specific their pure climbing instincts. It’s necessary to by no means punish your cát for this habits, even when they harm you. Be careful for the indicators your cát is about to leap onto your leg and both transfer out of the best way or distract them with a toy.

Present extra environmental enrichment and alternatives to climb for cats that may be bored by buying a cát tree, and in case your cát appears to be craving extra consideration be sure you spend extra time with them, and hopefully the habits will cease.

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Steadily Requested Questions

Why does my kitten climb up me as if I’m a tree?

Kittens are naturally curious and inquisitive, and spend their time exploring their new environment and testing out their expertise and talents. Cats instinctively lượt thích to be up excessive, and plenty of kittens sadly see their house owners’ legs as an excellent path to get to a chief location. Fortunately most kittens cease climbing legs and curtains as they get older.

Why is my cát meowing at me and climbing up my leg?

In case your cát is meowing at you after which climbing your leg it’s doubtless that they’re making an attempt to get your consideration as a result of they need one thing. Sharp claws in an proprietor’s leg are a assured manner for them to get our consideration.

It may be that they want some meals or water, or it may be that they’re craving some additional consideration from you—attempt taking part in a recreation, grooming them, or giving them a fuss, and hopefully, that may fulfill them.

Why does my cát lượt thích to climb up me and sit on my shoulder?

Home cats are very intently associated to their wild cát ancestors and share a lot of their behaviors and instincts. A excessive level resembling your shoulder supplies a protected place with an excellent view of the encircling space to look out for potential prey or threats.

Dominant cats additionally are likely to attempt to get to larger factors so it might be an indication that your cát thinks they’re in cost. It might additionally simply be that they take pleasure in being as near you as potential!

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