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Worlds Smartest Cutest Puppy Misa Minnie 31 wks – The Dog Lovers

Misa Minnie is a 31 week previous (7 month) Yorkie pet on this video that loves treats, coaching, and California sunshine. 🙂 It has been awhile since we uploaded a brand new trick video so look out for all the brand new issues I discovered! I am so happy with my little Misa we each cannot wait till she takes her remedy take a look at when she turns 1 12 months previous.

I nonetheless assume she’s the worlds smartest Cutest Yorkie pet! However I’m additionally nonetheless bias LOL Watch the unique video right here and see what she’s been studying at

18 wks previous
19 wks previous
20 wks previous
21 wks previous
22 wks previous
23 wks previous
24 wks previous

The tips proven on this video are

be unhappy
sit fairly
roll over
bang (playdead)
be unhappy
Knock it down
wave (say hey/hello)
go round
shut the door
and extra….

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  1. I recommend that Misa Minnie share her wonderful and adorable talents as a hospital therapy dog. She would certainly bring smiles and good feelings for patients, staff, and hospital guests! Thank you for letting us experience the joy Misa Minnie brings!

  2. I had baby girl yorkie of 13yrs 6mos, she was oh so smart too, but on Tuesday 5/3/22 I had to put her to sleep with the Angels. I will get another Yorkie Girl , but right now I am grieving, I wanted to let you know you brightened up my Day. Thank You So Much, and Iam sending lots of Blessings to you and Misa.💖

  3. How could you not fall in love with this dog!!! If you ever breed her, I would be interested in her pups. I'm in Oklahoma, but I would pay for getting an offspring of hers here. She is wonderful.

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