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About this video: Sukie is a excessive vitality Yorkshire Terrier that’s reactive to folks, canines and noises when she is on leash. These coaching periods are serving to to desensitize her to outdoors stimuli, decrease her arousal stage, and enhance consideration to handler.

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Extreme barking is often associated to a physiological change in your canine (excessive cortisol, excessive adrenaline). Deal with coaching that makes use of leisure workout routines to get to the basis reason for the issue. Keep away from aversive instruments that suppress habits. You bought this.
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  1. You can see dramatic changes in leash reactivity in a relatively short period of time — this video was filmed over 4 training sessions, spread out over two weeks. For solid results it's usually necessary to practice consistently for 1-4 months (depending on the intensity of the reactivity).

  2. How long did it take you to get from the first videos (reactive), to the next ones where the dog is more calm? Or in other words, how long did it take for you to see improvement in that Yorkie?

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